Status Report

As I reported in “Bits and Pieces,” on February 3rd I was told, “April will be the transition month.” Around 2 weeks later, I was shown a tube of light leading from where I was standing and proceeding gradually upward and onward through linear time until (what felt like) November […]

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She Walks In Beauty

A couple of days ago, when I was contemplating Kris’s comment and Nancye’s question regarding Midway, I felt connected to the experience of self that I am moving toward, and I heard the phrase in my mind, “She walks in beauty.” I immediately grasped that this was a very succinct […]

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Yesterday when we were in town, my husband said, “I feel like I am leaving all of this behind,” referring to the area we were passing through and currently find ourselves in. This morning, I realized that this was why I don’t even want to look at Zerohedge or USAwatchdog […]

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