December 23, 2016

Coming Home

Well, as the saying goes, “The hits just keep on coming!” Last night, I had yet another download that took me quite a while to register and to “connect the dots” from all of the other clues and breadcrumbs that have been laid before us to help us find our way back to the way we really are.

This drawing is the closest thing I could find to depicting the crystal city I saw last night — not even close!

It began with the experience of being lifted up and into what I can only label as a “crystal city.” The drawing above was the closest thing I could find in the stock images I have access to, but it’s only the barest hint of what I saw and felt, and the colors are not even close.

I recognized that this crystal city was where we — as the Hosts — live and it’s in our “home frequency band.” It had a quality of such extraordinary and PURE beauty, it exceeded even Terra, and that observation helped me see how all of the pieces finally began to fit together.

Let me begin by quoting something that I told my teacher as I was describing what I was seeing in that original vision in 1982. This was actually called to my attention this past week through an email that one of our readers sent me and wanted to know what it meant:

Most of the people who had been taken off the Earth were carried to other parts of the solar system and Universe to complete their lives. After the Earth had time to heal, about 10% of the people were brought back to a large planet to be equipped for their return to Earth. This included reprogramming of their consciousness, as well as equipping them with clothing, supplies, and technology. None of the “old” pattern was to be reintroduced to the “New Earth.”

Keep in mind that this was received when I was just learning to access other realities and describing what I saw to my teacher, who was writing it down as notes that he later gave to me. As I have described, I receive things as impressions, and then have to interpret the impressions, so this might not be totally accurate, but it was the best I could do at the time.

Over the years, I have read a lot of material that talked about ascension as moving up to the “5th dimension” and skipping the fourth (which many confuse with the astral plane) as an undesirable place to end up. I have also directly interacted with people who “knew” they were not going directly to Terra at this time. Some were here to help the “op” and some felt they might visit Terra later on, and some simply wanted to “go home.”

If the above quote is accurate (as my reader pointed out in his email to me), then around 60 million “Starseeds” are going to leave the planet, and around 10% of them (around 6 million) will be “brought back to a large planet” (that’s how I interpreted what I saw and what I now know is Midway Station) to be equipped for “their return to Earth.” Only the “Earth” to which they would “return” would be the “new Earth,” which I now refer to as Terra.

As I tried to express in “Hidden in Plain Sight,” WE are the members of the Hosts who came down to act as human lightning rods and transform certain portions of the energies that had been absorbed by the planet, to assist the PLANET in throwing off everything that would prevent her from ascending and becoming the “New Earth” that we refer to as Terra. We have always been about the planet and we still are.

However, the planet’s destiny is to move up from 3D to 4D. WE are projections of the elohim that reside at the topmost layer of existence — vast, almost infinite formless fields of self-aware, intelligent energy, that have created everything else from within their beingness. Each one expresses at a slightly different “angle,” so it only can create a certain range of the potential possibilities contained within Infinite Beingess. The elohim are the products of the First Thought. They are the first iteration of “differentiation” from Infinite Beingness, the “sons/daughters of the Beginning” (they have no form or gender) that give rise to everything else.

In their very first Message, the Hosts told us:

The elohim are here. They have incarnated as ordinary humans in order to act as lightning rods, to draw down and anchor the energy of change, and to assist in the birthing of the new age. It will be necessary to evacuate those who are destined to inhabit Terra, for the necessary cleansing will render the present body of Earth uninhabitable for a time. The evacuees will be taken in their physical bodies to another location, where they will prepare themselves for the colonization of Terra, the “New Earth.” The remainder of this information will deal with the details of that process and paint a vision that those who can “hear” will be able to hold in their hearts and minds and that will help them to understand the necessity of the cleansing that is soon to take place.

WE are those elohim. We also express as members of the Hosts’ soul family. The Hosts occupy a certain frequency band and that is where I ended up last night. In the Message, “Moving Into Unity with All That Is,” they told us:

“You have already made it “up the scale” through the various densities of experience, and from the higher densities, you responded to a call for your participation in the present drama. Then you came down again, accepted the partial amnesia that accompanied your “fall” down through the levels to arrive in a body on 3D Earth, and now you are finding you way back up to where you were before.

By the end of this entire process, those of you who are our soul family will find yourselves back in the experience of being vastly expanded consciousnesses again. Some of you actually sustain entire creations. But before that occurs, you have a certain job to perform and that is to re-attain that state of unity with all things and from that platform of higher consciousness, carry out your tasks for the evacuation and the colonization of Terra.”

All of this is “old news” for almost everyone here. What was NEW for me was to realize that all of my linear thinking (i.e. that I was going to go from this 3D body directly to a 4D body that I was going to use to express on Terra) was incorrect. The trajectory seems to be to first “realize” myself as one of the Hosts (this is where the breaking of that “glass ceiling” has taken me), re-attain “that state of unity with all things” and “from THAT platform of higher consciousness” to “carry out my/our tasks for the evacuation and the colonization of Terra.”

So, I do not go directly to becoming 4D Adonna. Instead, I am identifying strongly with being “Host” Oriole and am anchored in the frequency band where the Hosts naturally express. In point of fact, the “home frequency” for the Hosts is higher than that of Terra, and we will have to move down the spectrum of beingness in order to express as the beings we are going to be on Terra. In point of fact, Midway Station is at an even lower frequency than Terra will be, and so I think I have to throw out nearly all of my preconceived pictures of how this will come about and accept that my first step is to embrace myself as Oriole, re-attain full connection, and then move down my spectrum to express as Lady Adonna of Sirius star system.

This process is clearly unfolding now. What this MAY translate to is more time on the ground for many, if not all of us. I am very much changed and continue to progress into merging with my Host self, but I also realize that that is also just a step along the way, with more to follow. I am still expressing through this body “down here” and learning to operate down here while integrating the experience of being more “there” (where I am anchored in my Oriole body) at the same time.

I just accepted a short job to edit a book that should only take around two weeks to complete. It is not a difficult edit, and yet it will require me to function here while integrating being there, so I choose to see it as “training wheels” for being able to function anywhere along my entire spectrum. I don’t interpret it as re-entering or re-engaging with 3D, but rather an exercise in being able to function across a broad range of frequencies and learn to be in both places at once.

For the other millions of starseeds, their experiences may be quite different and follow a different process overall. Suddenly, all of the pieces are starting to make sense. When I have read of “crystal cities,” I rejected that characterization as having anything to do with me or my path. We will certainly NOT have crystal cities on Terra, but I did not know that I would experience such joy upon seeing the crystal city that is my home among the Hosts.

I have often said that I would not be content until I had “the whole enchilada” and this seems to be the beginning of a wonderful new chapter in our collective story. It also places the creation of Terra into a vastly different perspective, one that I am still receiving, “grokking” and adapting to. I expect I will have much more to say on this subject, but for now, I need to stop, let all of this sink in, and go into town with Galen for groceries.

Love to all,

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13 Comments on “Coming Home

paul joseph
December 23, 2016 at 1:38 PM

Traveler/Oriole great picture of the city and I for one noticed a couple of “cloud ships” on the top right hand side of the picture.

Also thanks for this update and yes this is an incredible journey.

Love, peace and happiness.

paul joseph

Robert Duval
December 23, 2016 at 2:13 PM

Wow, what great disclosures and insights. This is so exciting Oriole. It is really going to take some time to digest and absorb, but it is so uplifting and makes such good sense. Thank you for sharing.


December 23, 2016 at 2:58 PM

Hi, I just want to say that your crystal city looks like the “Emerald City”. Google that and you might find a picture closer to what you are seeing. Hope this was some help. Roy

December 23, 2016 at 6:37 PM


Thank you, but no, none of those come even close to what I was seeing. Now that I know I am going to be here for a little while longer, I am feeling into whether it’s appropriate for me to take the plunge and get a drawing tablet for my computer. I am being told that yes, I could do that, but I should understand it would be of limited use and I should consider getting along without it.

I might be able to create something by using the tools I have that would be good enough, or I just might let it go and let everyone discover it for themselves when they get there. I have a lot more to tell about what I am coming to understand from these revelations, and that seems a better use of my time and of more benefit in helping people adjust their thinking to these new perspectives on reality and what we can look forward to.


December 23, 2016 at 7:18 PM

Traveler (or Oriole, I don’t know what name you would feel to be appropriate now), this is all wonderful of course…BUT…What is the status of “The Operation” in general?

I hate to rain on your parade and say it, but my little “prediction” of late, that you kindly brushed off, is spot on! Moar time on the ground? Editing books? Oh well…

December 23, 2016 at 9:12 PM


MY little prediction earlier today (when speaking to my husband about all of these developments) was that “Storm’s next post will be asking the “when” question again!” I know that you can’t see what I see or feel what I feel, but given what I am experiencing, I would sum it all up by saying that the “op” is now fully operational and actively transitioning to manifesting everything the Hosts had told us to expect. Full connection is the next stop on this journey and from that platform, everything else that needs to occur will occur. As I quoted from “Moving Into Unity With All That Is,”

“… you have a certain job to perform and that is to re-attain that state of unity with all things and from that platform of higher consciousness, carry out your tasks for the evacuation and the colonization of Terra.”

You can’t “rain on my parade,” because you can’t take the joy from me that I felt when I saw the crystal city, recognized myself in the drawing, and otherwise came to understand how all of the pieces now fit together perfectly. If you are not FEELING any of this yourself, I can understand that you would fall back on what you fell back on, but it’s not that way for me. I feel totally “in training” to adapt to this new way of being and learning to operate “here” while I am aware of myself “there.” I see a perfection that you apparently do not, and my heart is full of joy at this discovery.

When I was presented with the crystal city, the doors of my heart flew open with joy and astonishment at being part of something so beautiful, pure, and exalted. As it says in “Across the Great Divide,” “… we don’t do the lifting. YOU do! It is through the energy of joy in your heart — the welcome you feel in seeing us — that the doors fly open and you naturally gravitate (or should we say, “levitate”?) to the fulfillment of your heart’s desire.”

There is nothing you can say or do that will take that energy and joy from me or close those doors that flew open in a natural response to recognizing my place in all of this and the place I call home for now. The journey to full connection is underway, and everything will follow from that.

I don’t care what name I use anymore. I am Sara, Adonna, Oriole, and more, and none of them are really who I am. I am just one facet of Infinite Beingness, interacting with another facet of Infinite Beingness and I am as true to who and what I am as you are.

It is part of your character to be disgruntled, play the victim, and complain about your circumstances, but it’s only one of the many costumes you wear and one of the many characters you play. You don’t fool me at all, and I find you quite predictable, now that I have come to know you better. That being said, nothing will stop either of us from attaining what was written for us to attain, and it doesn’t matter what I say or what you say. We are effect, not cause. I have enjoyed coming to know you here, and now my joy has expanded. If you can allow yourself to also receive it, then you can share in it, too.

Wishing you a joyous journey and hoping to share the joy with you at some point in time,

I am Oriole, Adonna, and so much more. Use any name that suits you.

December 24, 2016 at 10:43 AM

Traveler (I’ll use this name while at least some part of you is down here and writing on this blog), OK, but several moments.

First, I’m glad that you are finally going through a process of re-connection and heightening of awareness. This means things are progressing. I cannot fully consciously reconnect (aside from little rare instances that I shared recently and they are not being arranged by me). And I expect in fact not be able to do so completely until after evacuation is concluded (i.e. message “Density 3.8”, possibly “3.5” even). I also feel progression inside me that I only could call “further away”, it got to the point where ANY interaction with 3D causes different levels of “mental” pain and revulsion. I went through my own stage of “functioning within 3D tasks while operating from different mental/awareness/frequency band level” in June-July of this year. But I do not perceive any bi-location at all in waking state. Instead waking state feels less and less “waking”. In recent months some of my dreams feel more real and make more sense that this “waking state”. Sometimes there are little momentous glimpses of some other reality “bleeding through”, but again I had them in 2013, 2014, …, and they are not drastically increasing. Probably nothing important.

Second, my “prediction” (it was joke in comment) was not born from some ill intent to scoff you! It was actually born of inner feeling and deep assessment of how things are progressing in general (and not individually). I really do care for “The Op.”. And not only because of less than joyful situation I find myself in. What about thousands of others? Where are they, what are they doing, what are they going through? They are not commenting here. “1st wave” is just handful, OK. Third wave may be still (!) largely unaware, OK. Larger “2nd wave”? Thousands upon thousands of “SFs”? There are real hazards to going down to this world. And I’m not speaking hazards to health or physical body. Hazards to the “soul”. You are the Messenger, “The only voice for the OT”, and people who feel deeply connected to this whole undertaking, pay attention to what you say. And when you convey about ‘not be on the ground by Dec 16, 2016’ (!), ‘being told to dump your accounting spreadsheet’, ‘last husband’s paycheck on Wednesday’, ‘going up in a matter of days after concrete date’, people pay attention. Because many are tired and worn off. My personal “circumstances” are laughable and inconsequential compared to what some others are going through. Fact that some are delighted hearing about nuances of personal transformation is OK. I personally do not find it that amusing maybe because it was predictable and expected within a process of expanding awareness (which is natural function of density levels transition, isn’t it?).

Third, probably poor choice of words on my behalf. “Raining on one’s parade” I mean. English is not and never was my native down here (nor “up there”). And some nuances may escape me. For this I apologize.

Fourth, and the last, I do not in any way try to FOOL you (?!?). And anyone for that matter. Quite the opposite. And I do not try to be unpredictable or chaotic either. Quite the opposite. What you indeed meant to say about it, escapes me. I seek truth, knowledge and understanding of “how it is”, that is all. There is no hidden agenda or something along those lines (!?!). You can test me in any way you wish or ask any question.

December 24, 2016 at 11:16 AM


Thank you for all of that. I did interpret your remarks as negative (or at least expressing frustration with the process), particularly because you used the word “moar” — often used on Zero Hedge to express frustration or disapproval. Believe me, it is very difficult to be put in the “hot seat” of being asked to deliver information that I have no way of cross-checking or verifying except through the passage of time. I have gone through at least as many disappointments as anyone else here. The FIRST time I thought I was going to “go” was even before I was asked to deliver the Messages, and thinking back on it now makes me want to both cry and laugh because I was stressing out over what nightgown was nice enough to wear for the occasion. (I thought I was going to go to sleep and wake up somewhere else, and wanted to look nice on my arrival.)

I, probably more than anyone else here, can empathize with anyone experiencing frustration around information that turned out to be different than expected. Nonetheless, it is still difficult for me to step up to the plate and offer myself in service each time, without knowing the outcome in advance. The joy I felt upon seeing the crystal city was beyond words, and I have received new information from this download that I want to share with everyone, but it may only be of interest to me. I think what most people want is to BE there, preparing to colonize Terra, and get all of this waiting behind us. I am still putting pieces together because I want to “see” the whole picture and not be walking blindfolded through the fog.

Everytime I look at the little sketch I made of myself as Oriole, the Host, it opens my heart with love for her and for myself, and all of the frustration and anger against expectations made that were not met disappears in an instant. I wish with all my heart I could share with all of you what is in MY heart, but I am limited to words and images, and somehow those just don’t do the trick. I was wishing just last night that I could simply project what I am seeing and feeling mind to mind and not have to use hardware and software to do it, but that’s getting ahead of myself.

As for the editing job, it showed up as an invitation to interview. I didn’t seek it. It came to me. I asked if I should pursue it and was told to do so, so I asked to see the manuscript before entering into a contract on it. When I looked at the manuscript, I was looking from my place over “there,” and the manuscript showed me (with lines of light) what needed to be done — what parts needed to be rearranged, etc. This was a new way of approaching an edit and bypassed my 3D mind altogether, so I felt it had come to teach me something about how to operate down here while experiencing myself up there.

I go back to that statement about everything that shows up in our life being a gift that helps us to complete our life as intended by our Oversoul. I see these interactions here as part of that. Each of US is a gift to one another. We each carry a piece of the puzzle, and I am intensely curious at times to explore and know more. There are some people whom I have a natural aversion to. I also have suffered a great deal from my journey and do not have much patience with people who grumble and complain about having to surrender to the overall process of waiting for relief. It does appear to me that the longed-for relief from the waiting has arrived. It is STILL a process, and I can only say that it was all of those times when it DIDN’T happen that finally caused me enough pain that I was unwilling to engage with dates anymore and became willing to make the journey AS a journey.

In the end it all serves, and right now I am very glad that something this major has arrived. I did feel you were mocking me, and now I accept your explanation and am at peace.


December 24, 2016 at 12:19 AM

To me it does not come as any surprise that gaining full connection and reconnecting with the Elohim aspect of ourselves before stepping down in frequency to occupy other aspects. In fact this has been my understanding and makes so much sense. i also like the sound of it.

Seeing the crystal city must have been so awesome Oriole. Can’t wait to see it for myself.

Onward and upward never sounded better.

December 24, 2016 at 2:43 AM

I think there is a subsummation process ahead.
I believe was mentioned a glove being pulled off, inside out.

From FAQ

Once the linkup and the purification are complete, there is a sort of “roll-up” that occurs. The present body traverses an energetic membrane and is subsumed into the new body. It will feel a little like a glove being turned inside out. One can have a similar feeling doing a somersault. There is a feeling of rolling over or rolling into as one releases oneself into the new form. For those who are ready, the moment will present itself very clearly, and there will be a certain act of faith required in accepting the full consequences of completing the action. Once the change has occurred, it is essentially irreversible, and in choosing to make the change, one is leaving behind all ties to the former identity and life. For the first wave, this will not be as difficult as for the ones who come later, as they have already undergone a profound stripping away of their former identity, so little is left to “leave behind.” All is in Divine order, being orchestrated by each Oversoul, so one need not worry about the details. It is what you have been waiting for, for a very long time. 

At any rate, I do not see that we could stay indefinitely
here, at least not while the earth changes go cataclysmic.

From the FAQ

Q. What is the time frame for all of this?

A. We cannot give you a specific date or time frame, as that would infringe on your free will choices. However, we can say that the first wave is already past the “point of no return,” similar to the point at which the fetus is in the birth canal and there is no more turning around. One simply endures the process for as long as it takes and then one emerges into a wholly new reality. 

We are overseeing each and every one of you and are trying to minimize the discomfort you may experience. Each one of you is being personally tended by a team of beings who are dedicated to your successful transformation. For those who will transform in the second and third waves, your experience will be somewhat different. Those in the second wave will be directly assisted by those of the first wave who have completed their transformation, and may be lifted off the planet if they require a protected environment in which to complete the change. 

The second wave will be needed to receive and help those of the third wave, who will be lifted off the planet and make their change while the planet herself is completing her own transformation. It is an “event” that is progressing in stages. We can also say that there is an outer threshold in which it must all complete, for there are cosmic cycles and rhythms involved that are not subject to alteration. Earth has a date with destiny and HER schedule drives everything else about our efforts to harvest the seed stock to colonize the new world.

Klaus Lathe
December 24, 2016 at 11:33 AM

Yes we are the Elohim…the once who spread the Light….who cause the melt-down of all this material density….. actually I went through the Lightworkers process…..already starting in the mid 1980ties…..until one day…..maybe 15 years ago….suddenly the operation terra site appeared out of the blue….and I knew it was part of my process….its all individual….isn t it…so ? Now that this old world is coming to an end….our job is almost done…. nothing grabs me anymore..

There s this huge shopping mall I went to yesterday…..7 stories high or more…a huge christmas tree….many santa clauses…..a toytrain in the lobby…..a christmas theatre to entertain the kids…the ususal……hype ….last minute shoppings…..hundreds of shops…..vendors loudly promoting their….products….man did I feel out of place….Don t know if its my mission to be part….of a team colonizing terra…… there are enough galaxies out there and during the lightworkerprocess…in one of the many books I read it stated that there are over 3hundred educational planets like this blue planet….currently there are feelings of pain .. sorrow….and being tired….the tropical climate here in brazil does the rest…I feel like a cooked nudle…. but at peace…….. its the silence before the storm……in the canary islands they call me enrique… india krishna kishor…the ever young krishna…. for you i am still Klaus……..Let go and let God……merry christmas……praise the Lord…..Love to all…

Sheri Lee
December 26, 2016 at 6:20 PM

Hi Oriole,
Reading this post unlocked some visions/memories for me. I remember being in a council chamber in a “crystal” city. It is reminiscent of the photo you posted, but the buildings are more graceful, more curved, not flat on top. I was one of several tall willowy beings and we were discussing something important. Now as I hold this vision close, I can feel some of the the beings surround me, and the joy that they emanate. I know that I belong there, but I also knew that it isn’t Terra, so I didn’t know exactly how it fit into OT. And now with your recent uncoverings it makes perfect sense. Thank you for sharing and putting yourself Out There. Much Love, Sheri Lee

December 26, 2016 at 6:30 PM

Sheri Lee,

The city I saw had strong vertical lines to it, but I was seeing it from below, so do not have any idea what the tops looked like. It was filled with and reflecting light at the same time, like it was made out of fine crystal and illuminated from within and without. It definitely had mass and form.

Your remembering of being among several tall willowy beings matches well with my memories of being among “the tall beings” when we planned how we could come down here and how we would find one another again. The Hosts are quite slender and graceful in form, which is what your word “willowy” somewhat conveys to me. I’m glad that my putting the pieces together this way was helpful for you.



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