June 10, 2016

Going Deeper

This above all: to thine own self be true,
And it must follow, as the night the day,
Thou canst not then be false to any man.

Hamlet, by William Shakespeare

After I wrote the previous post (“Shopping for Shoes”), I didn’t know what to write next. Yesterday evening, I looked at a lot of possible YouTube videos, and none hit the mark. Each had value to a degree, but it was like the story about the blind men and the elephant. Each person was describing what they perceived from the perspective of what was closest to them, but that was a limited view that missed seeing the entire elephant. So while these eminent pioneers into the nature of reality each described their own findings, they missed seeing the bigger picture that I have experienced directly.


In Jean-Claude Koven’s seminal book, Going Deeper: How to Make Sense of Your Life When Your Life Makes No Sense, whenever Larry (the principle character) comes up against the limitations inherent in his current thinking, his guide (in the form of his dog Zeus) tells him “Go deeper.” Larry goes deeper and discovers another layer of reality that he thinks is “it,” until the cycle repeats and he has to go deeper still.

In trying to find my answers in the descriptions offered by various researchers and thinkers, I realized that I had to go deeper within myself instead of looking outside of myself for my answers. And when I did, I realized that not only was I being asked to go deeper, I was also being asked to go higher and bigger. The ongoing stripping away of my personal identity was revealed as the stepping stone necessary to enter the direct experience of myself as a cosmic awareness that transcends time and space and just IS.

I used to think primarily in terms of transforming this body into the 4D body that I have been shown I will occupy on Terra. However, now I am not so sure about exactly what the process will look like and what steps it will go through before I am on Terra in the form that I have been shown.

This past Monday was my 75th birthday and, in response to some catalyst I received through a private email regarding my present role in connection with the “op,” that night I received a direct download of energy from Sananda that was difficult to balance properly until I made physical contact with my husband. What followed was a total confirmation of what I have been told and shown about our personal connection and place within the “op,” but it was larger than that. Two nights later, I was in touch with my existence as a vastness, something that had no personal identity at all. It was just a place in the cosmos from which I could witness everything else.

This led me to review some information I received in 1985 and 1987, during my training years. It was a channeled dialog with a particular being that I only heard from those on those two occasions. He talked about the light body and how penetrates and contains all forms, under the direction of the “soul” of the form. I did not begin using the term Oversoul until several years later, as my understanding increased, but this review of that earlier material led me to more fully understand that it’s the Oversoul that is expressing itself through this body, as well as through the other bodies it projects into the various space/time locations. The Oversoul is itself a projection from the elohim, and the elohim are the direct result of the continuous emanations from Infinite Beingness. So it is all a continuum, from Infinite Beingness, filtered down through the elohim to the Oversoul, and projected as this body as one of its expressions of itself.

I have already spoken about my experience with manifesting a cluster of amethyst crystals directly from “the ethers” and how the solid crystals formed up as a densification of the cloud of amethyst light that preceded it. The light came first, just as described in Genesis 1:2-4 in the Bible:

“2 And the earth was without form and void, and darkness was upon the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of [the elohim] moved upon the face of the water. 3 And [the elohim] said, Let there be light; and there was light. 4 And [the elohim] saw that the light was good; and [the elohim] separated the light from the darkness.”
(Lamsa translation, corrected to reflect the underlying Hebrew of “elohim” for the mistranslation, “God” — see the Lexicon entry for elohim)

Putting these observations together, I was led to grasp that the body I am walking around in is being continuously created as a projection from my Oversoul, and the Oversoul itself is a projection from my eloha (the singular form; elohim is the plural), and both of these exist in a direct, step-down relationship to the actual emanations of Infinite Beingness. There is actually some scientific evidence that our thoughts do not originate in our brains, and I have long asserted that our actual thoughts precede directly from the Oversoul that continuously projects this body.

Here is a brief video (15:00 min.), where Fred Alan Wolf cites an experiment that shows that what the brain perceives and responds to actually arrives BEFORE the brain fires the neurons involved. He likens our normal perception to riding an elephant, where we think we are guiding the elephant by touching one or the other of its ears, but the elephant is ALREADY in motion. The part of us that is riding the elephant and thinks it’s in control is our “ego.” The elephant is that which carries us and knows where we are going — that part of us that creates us continuously until it’s time to withdraw the projection entirely.

So, now my understanding has led me to a different perception and expectation than I have had in the past and it makes even more sense in the context of one of the Messages (see below). The Oversoul exists outside of space and time, as do the elohim and Infinite Beingness. The illusion of space and time is a projection, and everything that exists in a form is part of that illusion. It is all formed of Light as a substance (not illumination), and what we perceive of as solid “matter” is really densified Light.

This is what is meant when it’s said that the elohim precipitated this sector of reality out of their Beingness. The ships of the Hosts are also living beings, as we are told in the Message, “Across the Great Divide,” The Collected Works, p. 201-202:

“To begin with, our ships are made of living light. They are conscious beings in their own right, and come into being without being “manufactured” via some technology or machinery in a factory. They are precipitated directly from the matrix of being that we call the Creator. They are sentient and we travel in them by forming a telepathic link between ourselves and the ship we are on, and together — as a group mind — we teleport ourselves to the agreed-upon location.

We travel in what you refer to as hyperspace. We “blink off” from one location and “blink on” in the place we project ourselves into. The ship acts as a container for our bodies, which are still physical to us, even though they would not be visible to instruments or organs that are tuned to the light frequencies that you are familiar with as your present physical environment.


Jonathan, the command ship for the Sirian fleet, photographed on March 26, 2007 at 11:37 a.m. (local time). He is cloaked, but covered with an ionization layer, so he can be seen and yet blend in with the ordinary cumulus clouds beneath him.

These ships all have names, just as we do. They have personalities, just as we do. They come into being in response to a collective need for their presence, just as all forms do on Terra and in the frequency band that we occupy. As we said in our last Message, no form comes into being on Terra except as it is in harmony with the whole. The whole would be incomplete without it, and that lack is filled by the manifestation of the ship or any other form that appears in that frequency band. All are in conscious communion with the Creator, with each other, and with the planet, through the vehicle of a group mind.

Each being within the group mind has its own perspective and makes it possible for anyone else in the group to experience through that perspective if that is desired, but most of the time we are content to remain in our own “viewing chamber,” as we are always filled and never lack for anything. The spontaneous desires that emerge in our minds source from the Creator and lead us in the direction that fulfills Divine Will at all times. Everything is always aligned with Divine Will and therefore we are always filled with a sense of unspeakable joy and fullness, as we just live the “rightness” of our being as a permanent way of doing things.

So, when we say we will come for you in our beautiful ships, it is a group effort. We and the ships are united in our purpose and being, and the radiance of that can be felt by those who can join their energies with ours and therefore become part of the group and join with us in our location. Think about this for a moment. You probably thought we were going to use some sort of beam or technology to lift you into the ships, but we don’t do the lifting. YOU do! It is through the energy of joy in your heart — the welcome you feel in seeing us — that the doors fly open and you naturally gravitate (or should we say, “levitate”?) to the fulfillment of your heart’s desire.”

My feeling is that the events of this past week indicate that this homecoming is very near in time and my current sense is that everything will wrap up for the “op” within the next four months or so, well before any election might be held in the US. However, as I have said so often in the past, “Time will tell the truth of all things,” and I know better than to attach to any dates of any kind. The “future” has already happened, and is showing up like a movie that has already been made, one frame at a time, and I am content to wait to see what comes with each moment that arrives.

Love to all,

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10 Comments on “Going Deeper

June 11, 2016 at 2:31 PM

Hi Sara,

It’s good to see you writing again and see replies from people I know and love.

It’s been an interesting journey, and I use the word “interesting” in phlegmatic British fashion.

In one sense I am still immensely grounded and know myself well. I travel hugely all over the world and continue to run many clinical trials. (Travel still broadens the mind at so many levels.) In another sense I have become much more aware of the many realities I am simultaneously experiencing, and while they will play sometimes like a movie in a corner of my mind at other times I am there and my current reality is in stasis; it hasn’t changed but from my perspective I am out of it.

Fascinating experiences continue to happen….

About a year ago I had a bad fall with major concussion. In the period before I was in the ER I experienced a reality very much stroke. I was on the floor by the side of my bed, which is about 2.5 feet high. But I saw a huge cliff dancing in all kinds of energies. (I also experienced severe nausea but I won’t go into that.) I floated. It seemed timeless. Eventually I started to orient myself to a more “normal” physical reality and a sense of time. I do not know how much “time” passed; it one sense that is irrelevant. But, clearly my left brain was totally switched off and I was “out of my mind.”

Also last year, while I was in Taiwan—for a limited period of time—I was able to sense energy fields with my hands as well as seeing the fields themselves in the people I was with. I could also see a myriad of realities in each person. Extraordinary!

Last year I had another life regression a la Michael Newton School. Toward the end I had my therapist ask the question why I was experiencing neuropathy in my feet. My higher self replied: “You know the cause; you created the manifestation from a prolonged emotional feeling of numbness. You have mastered the creation of reality and can bring yourself into a reality of “normal” feet any time you wish. You think you are still searching for gurus or masters to teach you how to change your reality but the truth is, you are the “guru.” Accept that fact as a core belief and move on into realities you desire. Be careful what you think; your thought patterns will now create reality directly.”

Since that time—about 14 months ago—I have engaged more directly into reality creation and the majority of the time my experience is exactly as I wish. But, like the Creator, I like surprises, so I will ask the Universe to do just that as I get bored when everything turns out exactly as I intend through my intention setting. Sometimes the surprises are amazing. I rarely experience negative experiences and when I feel that I do, I shift energy and “look” into the process to see what I really need from it. This whole process is just a continuation of what started over 20 years ago but is becoming more transparent.

Intention setting is like breathing to me. It’s taken a long time to eliminate “negative” thoughts, confusing thoughts, and contradictory positions, but now I am “dreaming” my life away while having fun. I giggle a lot. Understanding reality is still a lifelong process but I now rarely feel frustrated, depressed, or angry in that process. And if I do, I know what to do about it.

One of the things I stopped doing was engaging with the “dark” side of the human energy matrix. I still have a few friends who spend vast amounts of time doing just that—endless conspiracy theories; illuminati sequiturs, etc.—but for me it seemed pointless. It was not “me.” The “timeline” I am experiencing is not an apocalyptic one, although it is turbulent because of the gradual ascension of mankind. I am not here to “fix” the world or its problems, but I am here to indulge my passion of helping those who are suffering from their own creations in a variety of ways, and grow as a result of that interaction.

I love you all and wish you all good journeys.


June 11, 2016 at 2:44 PM


Thank you so much for sharing all of that. It’s good to hear from you again. I was particularly interested in your statement about not engaging with the “dark” side of the human energy matrix. That is happening for me, also, although it’s both a gradual and natural progression. I am not actively seeking to change in that way (or at least not that I am aware of), but it’s my own comfort that guides me. When something feels “off” to me, I walk away from it, and while I recognize that there are those who are making plans that I would find unacceptable if I had to live in the world they seek to create, it all seems like it doesn’t belong to me or my path. It’s certainly there to create experience for Infinite Beingness, as does everything that exists, but I recognize that I don’t have to take part in that particular aspect of reality, and that is very freeing to recognize.


June 11, 2016 at 6:36 PM

Wonderful post! And, wonderful reply, Marissa. It is good to hear from you!

Eric L.
June 21, 2016 at 8:00 PM

Hi Sara/Adonna,

I enjoyed reading this article and other ones that I have recently had a chance to read so far. Thanks for taking the time to write all these. It helps me to recall past messages and all the interesting information describing living beings in 4D Terra and creation in general such as the living space ships that the Hosts use to travel with and are consciously connected with. Jean-Claude’s book sounds interesting also and I liked the cover art photo of the dry rocky environment.

Would you happen to know the location in the world shown on that book cover photo?

Love and Light,
Eric L.

June 21, 2016 at 8:20 PM

Yes, Eric. It’s a juniper and monolith in Joshua Tree National Park, in southern California.

William Haley
June 21, 2016 at 11:46 PM

Eric you will like the book. It shows a part of reality that is here right before but could not see. Very helpful in understanding the real depth of animal human interaction.


June 22, 2016 at 9:22 AM

If anyone wants to order Jean-Claude’s book, you can get it at . I have the hardback edition and loved it. I do not recommend the audio book. It isn’t Jean-Claude reading it, and the person who did it did not do a good job, in my opinion.

William Haley
June 25, 2016 at 10:28 PM

Traveler, thank you for the Going Deeper message . Much much truth.
So fitting for where we are. That is very close to how I view the current events and

To all travelers,

Just for thought.

Nothing happened in the Joshua Tree National Forest until the man took his shoes off and touched the ground. The earth is ascending, connect to it. Walk on the earth barefoot as often as possible. Don’t be afraid to stare at the sun as per instructions for the sun gazing course. It is okay to look into the sun and talk to Jesus. He knows your not worshipping the sun. Listen to your heart not your mind. Let your mind process everything you can find on any subject and let your heart decide what is correct and the direction you should go. Allow pure water to be as much of your fluid intake as possible.

When these storms of all kinds get to roaring and your fear rises think of the storms the events along the road home instead of an impossible situation. Know that this particular ending was necessary for a new beginning. Add as much quite time to your life as possible.

Know that this site can assist you in finding your balance after a shock. The Host have described the degree that everything important in everyone’s script was written into this ending when the acorn was made. Know that all of us travelers have questions like you and constantly wonder why there can’t be a helpful glitch less transition. You are mentally fatigueing your soul unnecessarily thinking your in charge. The oncoming calamitys will be so unique an unpredictable it will not be possible for a plan. Moses didn’t have plan when the main man ask him to go free the people. He would have loved for the creator to have shown him the whole plan so he would be more confident it would work before he walked all the way to Cairo ! But he didn’t get one and he succeeded. We will to.

I came to OT site like many and the messages softened me to tears and I live a rather rough life and don’t usually cry at the drop of hat. Reading the messages felt I had found a speck of sanity and sense out of massive galaxy of madness. Hope. Someone can see us, they know we’re here, and they have a plan. Because the messages soothed my heart , it felt correct to the core and resonated with my soul. In the beginning I didn’t know there would be glitches along the way because there were indications within the messages that they had an extremely advantageous viewing spot and illustrated that. The operational glitches that happened along the way were discouraging to tired travelers. I counted every hour of the 3 year time dilation. Keep in mind I had seen about all of the creators 3D show I could stand around 2003 when I lost all of my friends including my mom trying to convince them about how they had been utterly deceived about the September 11th fairy tale. So since then I have been solo without even having access to the OT forum. It has been a long long journey for this one. I never lost faith.

Know inside that the very success of this operation is based on sum basic operating ambient conditions of several kinds. When the conditions are correct we will proceed. Have patience. It is imperative that we wait for our advisors to proceed. We are not on a kamakazi mission and we have a job to do after operation is over. I consider our job after the evacuation the most important job we have ever had or will have.

If we try to lead ourselves without our overhead advisors we will not succeed. They love us, we mean more to them than we do to the people here using us for cannon fodder I can assure you.

I agree with the creator about very little pertaining to the human domain on this planet and have many many complaints to file. Iand have a lot of questions I will want answered when my mission is over.

All travelers are experiencing some similaritys as well illustrated on this blog but all of us are looking at this show from a different seat and under varied personal circumstances. A am a father and grandfather and it is an energy depleting journey as we do our daily jobs and ponder the future of the very loved ones we helped bring into this world. All I can say is that I am glad the creator is not going to repeat this experiment and I wish I was the only father going through this because of the painful emotions involved when pondering the future of everyone you love and this mind wrapping ending.

When you view the recent cloudship over Mt Etna know there are many reasons for not parking an un cloaked biosphere on top of a mountain where humans hang out. Those connected with the Christ concousness know what it is no one else needs to know. Know you are looking at the equivalent of an entire infantry of support for us for this ending. We are not alone and will be assisted. Don’t be afraid to ask for help on this blog.

Love to all travelers,

White buffalo

June 26, 2016 at 12:31 PM

Beautifully said.

Am in total understanding with the loved ones bit since we have quite the football team of children and I only have minimal support from DH. I am truly on my own and it pains me to see my children ‘taking his side’ as it were. The struggle of this weight has burdened me more than any other.

Alas, everyone and everything has their own journey and I have mine as well. I have had a great struggle to let go these last ties and the more I do the more I find that DH is somehow, unexplicibly, ‘seeing’ the truth, for what it is… without me having to ‘do’ anything!

It has been such a revelation for me to know from experience that there is nothing I have to do but speak my own truth… *wow* lol

Of course this comes in different ways for different folks. Letting go and simply allowing my words and timing to be as it should instead of always needing to say it like it is… Allowing the moment to be right instead of struggling to find the right moment.

With loved ones we always find that our hearts are struck the deepest in hurt and joy. When we are at peace with our truth, somehow that allows the space for their truth to come through as well.

It’s yin and yang, fire and ice, hot and cold….

I do pray for one and all to find this same peace. I am sure that so many share this dilemma. (its a daily dance to let go and allow for me!!) Once you stumble upon it take and and run with it… You will find that everyone is drawn to your light.

And so it is.

William Haley
June 26, 2016 at 5:37 PM

So true Rinda. It is true that there is not much time left.



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