October 9, 2016

Hope and Faith

In the past few days, I have been watching a meltdown of sorts take place in the US. The US has officially broken off diplomatic relations with Russia and Russia has responded by moving warships into the region near Syria. Putin saw all of this coming at least two years ago, and has been conducting widespread preparedness drills for the past two years.

When I read about the uproar in response to tapes surfacing in which 1) Donald Trump made lewd and sexist remarks about women, and 2) Hillary Clinton made speeches to Wall Street that are a total betrayal to those who backed Bernie Sanders, I “saw” a vacuum in leadership that could result in angry mobs taking matters into their own hands, similar to what occurred during the French Revolution against the aristocracy of that time.

When I had the original vision in March 1982, I saw the breakdown in the societal fabric from a distant and detached perspective. I experienced myself as safely floating above the chaos and only witnessed it happening beneath me. I was certainly not on the ground in the midst of it. In sensing where all of this could lead, I felt a certain amount of fear about it, and turned to the Operation Terra Anthem for comfort. In listening to it, and the story it told, I realized why the Hosts had asked me to create it so others could also hear what I heard. It speaks of our upstairs teams coming to gather us up during a time when we would need and welcome them, and then progresses upwards to a place of utter peace, where we are safely beyond the chaos unfolding on the ground. (It can be downloaded to your own computer and played whenever you feel the need for that reminder.)

In analyzing the Hosts’ most recent Message, especially the part where they say that the time for us to “set foot elsewhere” will be measured in months (as opposed to weeks or years), it appears that the ground portion of the “op” still has some time to go before it is complete. In response to my own specific questions regarding the amount of time I and my husband would remain on the ground, the answers I got seem to indicate that we would be here through November, but not beyond the end of this calendar year. That would certainly fit within “months,” but does not necessarily indicate that others — particularly those of the third wave and special forces — would not remain on the ground beyond that time.

In going through the stripping away of everything I had taken my identity from (to the extent I don’t even have a name that I feel identifies me as I am today), I also let go of ALL pictures and expectations of how this would play out. The only place I found solid ground was in the belief that my husband and I WOULD end up on Terra, because I have seen us standing there, at the center of the Array of the 24 Lords and Ladies that are the exteriorization of the Spiritual Hierarchy on Terra. Now, however, with the way things are playing out on the 3D stage, coupled with this latest Message from the Hosts, I am beginning to think that it’s possible that the original map for the evacuation being carried out in three waves might still be the case.

What IS clear is that the time has finally arrived for these events to take place and culminate in the different destinations that will emerge from this one shared reality. The signs are now unmistakable that we are in the final act of the drama for this Creation — the culmination of 4.5+ billion years, dating back to when 144,000 of the elohim (there are more than that) joined together to precipitate this sector of reality out of their beingness. I was there and remember having participated in that, and I look forward to the culmination of that partnership when my husband and I stand ready to take our leave of Terra and leave behind our children to guide her forward from there:

“To begin with, all things are now in motion that will lead to the conclusion of the arc of experience that began when the elohim came together to precipitate this portion of reality out of their beingness. As we have indicated, this conclusion will be complete at the point in time when the first generation of children born onto Terra is mature enough to take over the reins from that point on.

When that occurs, those of you who came together those billions of years ago will have completed your contract with one another and with the planet and galaxy as well. This point in time is still many years into your future.

Your children will not be born until the colonization is well established and running smoothly. All structures and personnel that are needed to be involved in the raising of those children need to be in place and harmonized with everything else that is going on, and that alone is a process of many years. Measured in your present time, we are describing a period extending approximately 150 to 200 years from now, and that is the time horizon we recommend you use as you think about the process you are engaged with right now.

… Once everyone is on board Midway Station and involved in the processes that will proceed from there, the difficulties will be behind you and the process will become much more pleasurable, interesting, and varied.

You will not fully grasp the gift that is Terra until the time comes for you to take your leave of her and you take your “last look around” at what you have achieved there. You will not comprehend your achievement until you see it in its fullest flowering by looking at your own children acting as adults in that environment, see the flow of individuals and information that passes between Terra and the rest of the galaxy, and look back on the journey that you went through in reaching that point in time. It is only then that you will fully appreciate what has occurred and what you have created.

Because those of you who are reading this are still on the ground, you also do not appreciate the vast numbers of beings who are assisting in this project. Once you are lifted and aware of your surroundings, that will also add to your experience and understanding. Eventually, you will lose your amnesia and appreciate who you are also, but that is something that you cannot grasp at this point in time, while you are still veiled and identifying with your present bodies as being who you are. That will change.”

(from the Private Message, March 23, 2009, pages 489-491, The Collected Works)

I have titled this article, “Hope and Faith,” because that is what Operation Terra offers and asks of us. It offers hope for a new and better world, where such things as nuclear war or economic enslavement simply could not occur. It also asks us to have faith that this will indeed come to pass while we carry out our part in anchoring the higher Light into the planet, supporting the cleansing, and transforming our part of the thoughtforms that the planet has absorbed, so that she may have an easier time in rising to become Terra.

It is very easy to get caught up in the death throes of the existing world. I know because I have been emotionally “hooked” more than once myself. Back in June 1999, I was intending to put up a web site that exposed what I knew about the elites and their plans, and it was at that point in time, when my fingers were literally poised over the keyboard to create that site, that the Hosts intervened:

“We suggest that, instead of focusing on the world that is dying, you offer a vision of hope that people can carry with them to sustain them in the days ahead.”

From the vision I had received in 1982, I knew exactly what was meant by “the days ahead,” and I resonated with that intent immediately. In that moment, the vision of Operation Terra was born although I still did not know exactly how I would proceed with it.

Two days later, they “rang” my ear again, and this time they made a specific request: “Would you be willing to deliver a series of Messages for us and to share them with others?” In all of my years of training, I had never been asked to share any of the material I received with anyone else. This would require another step of deeper faith in the unseen and the continued willingness to “put my neck up to the knife” in the service to which I am called.

For those who have never “channeled,” a little explanation might be helpful here. I am naturally reclusive. For most of my life, I have been much more comfortable “hiding” than being on the stage — although I do confess that the few times I have been “on stage,” I have largely enjoyed it (except for those compulsory childhood piano recitals!).

To be a good channel, one must open oneself up in a way that does not allow one to “preview” or “edit” what comes through. One must train one’s ego to step aside and be willing to say whatever is presented, even if it might seem “wrong” or “crazy,” or any number of other fear-based labels about how it will be perceived/received by others.

For me, this results in a form of “stage fright” every time I am asked to do this. Until the flow begins and I move fully into it, there is a certain amount of anxiety. For me, there is always the question, “Will it work this time?” no matter how many times it has worked in the past.

That initial feeling never goes away, so it’s a little like having to “kill my ego” each time I am asked to receive this information. Even after all of these years of doing this, I still have to work at quieting myself enough to trust what comes through. However, it’s also been a good tool for spiritual development. My natural curiosity and desire to know more was the thing that led me to keep doing this, in spite of what I had to overcome in my natural tendencies and my constant concern that I might bring through “false” information.

Given the nature of telepathic communication, there is no way to separate the source of the material from the personality, vocabulary, and biases of the person bringing it through. Not many people are well trained or suited for this kind of work, and there is no material that is not colored in some way by the channel. It is a skill, developed through a lot of actual work and practice and a continuing commitment to doing the required inner work as well.”

(from pages 54-56 in The Collected Works)

There has been an abundance of “proof” over the years, as well. Many have experienced “shows of presence” in the form of cloudships and I had one experience in August 1987, in which I saw a fully illuminated ship just a few feet above the roof of my neighbor’s house at 4 am, having been awakened and told to “go outside and stand in [my] driveway, facing north.” You can read about my experiences and those of others in the articles “My Close Encounters” and “Coming on the Clouds.” After I published the latter, readers responded with their own stories and photos, which I have put at the end of that article.

In closing, while there is a great deal of uncertainty as to exactly how and when the concluding events may play out down here, I think we have every reason to have hope and faith in the ultimate creation of Terra and the manifestation of that dream on behalf of everyone who will participate in that, and everyone who will follow in the coming generations. I do believe with all my heart that it will have been worth whatever it took, and is the only real task I can consider worth doing, even now.

Love to all,

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13 Comments on “Hope and Faith

paul joseph
October 9, 2016 at 3:23 PM

Dear Traveler

Thank you for the latest post and I agree with the theme of what you said.

Love, peace and happiness.

paul joseph

October 9, 2016 at 6:28 PM


Could you expand on your thoughts about “three waves” strategy again becoming relevant?

Or, if I misunderstood, and you think that it is just as relevant as it ever was, then what made you to point it out now?

Is there some new developments or changes in plans we should be aware of?

Because unless these “waves” are tightly packed together no more than days-to-1-week separated, I just fail to see how is there enough “time” for this. Everything by both polarities was pushed to the last second, so there is simply no “time” left for anything. And if current “time dilation” bubble will be extended (last 2 HOH’s messages do not point out this possibility, but I’m paranoid already), isn’t there a risk that “elite” will simply delay their moves again, because it may not look optimal for them even now. I just feel like we are wandering in circles with all of this…

October 9, 2016 at 9:04 PM


As I took pains to state in my post, I found that, in the stripping away I have experienced until now, I had to let go of ALL my pictures of how it would be. I had to let go of the idea of the three waves and special forces. I had to let go of the idea of a space war to cleanse the 3D airspace of the reptilian presence. I had to let go of the idea that the elites would have their day to play and the idea that the third wave would somehow be prepared to go with us onto the ships because of having gone through that time.

I let go of it ALL and was empty of expectations of all kinds. The only thing I clung to as a certainty was my belief that my husband and I would end up on Terra, because I had seen us there. I stopped trying to figure out what happened along the way, and have been living one day, one moment at a time, as best as I can.

However, after having been given the answers to the questions I asked about how long my husband and I would remain on the ground (principally so I would know how many months of supplies to have on hand) and then hearing what the Hosts said in that Message about the time “for you to set foot elsewhere” being measured in months, I wondered if it was possible that the original plan (three waves of ascension, third wave going through a time of troubles, etc.) was still in play. It was the word “months” that felt longer than one or even two months when I received the Message, and that took me by surprise.

IF it is true that my husband and I are gone before the end of this calendar year and the word “months” would span a longer time before the evacuation is complete (and this is my speculation, not something I have been told), then it would be logical to believe that the three waves would take place as described and the third wave and special forces would be on the ground beyond the end of this calendar year.

The only thing that has changed was the word “months” and the feeling that came with it. I had always understood that I was in the first wave and would be participating in the evacuation as part of the staff that carries it out, but I had let all of that go and surrendered up all of my identity, including my role and my name. That’s one reason I chose to use the name of Traveler here on this blog, not Adonna or Sara. I am making this trip along with everyone else, and I don’t have the map or the schedule.

I don’t have any information whatsoever about the time dilation. I stopped thinking about it after January 2016 came and went. In their December 31, 2014 Message, the Hosts had said, “2015 is “the year” that everything we have spoken about will come to pass — at least the portion of it that will be enacted within the 3D theater.” I don’t see any ambiguity in that statement and it clearly did not happen that way. I had to consider that a case of “jiggle,” whose purpose was to get us to let go of attaching to dates and let go of needing to know what would happen and when. I did not receive any information about a “change in plans,” and at least two people left the forums because of the expectations they had formed that weren’t met.

IF it is true that there are “months” left before it is all over (that’s anywhere from 2-11 months in my understanding of language — 12 months or more would be a year and less then two months would not be “months”), then it led me to think that the original structure MIGHT still be in play. This was my speculation. I don’t know what end date you are using to conclude that the waves would be “tightly packed together no more than days-to-1-week separated.” It sounds to me like you are working with a very short end point, and that’s something you came up with, not me.

You seem to be the one going in circles with this, chasing your own tail and your own thinking. I am thinking that I am moving straight ahead. All the evidence in my life right now supports my thinking that my husband and I are “short-timers,” but that doesn’t mean that EVERYONE has the same schedule as we do. It MAY still be that we are taken first and then help later on with the evacuation. It may also NOT be true, and only the passage of more time will clarify this. Let go and let God [handle the details} and Neither Hasten Nor Delay (NHND) are still operative maxims.

I can look back on my life and see how every detail was anticipated and prepared for. I can now see the purpose and plan, and I know that none of it was accidental. I was perfectly prepared and my life was even saved on several occasions, so that I could live long enough to complete this part of the journey. There is no other logical explanation that fits together except this one, so I am having to trust that the rest of the journey will complete as well. There is a plan for each of us, and if I am wrong about that, then I will simply drop my body, like I have innumerable times. However, I don’t think I’m wrong, and I still expect to carry out the rest of what I was born to do. Nothing else makes sense, including why I was brought together with my husband. There is just no other explanation that works.

Please do not read more into anything that I write than what I actually said. You are just increasing your angst by trying to figure all of this out the way you are. You’re going to have to wait to see how the rest of the story goes, just like I am. If I have anything to share, I do.

I wish you peace.


October 9, 2016 at 10:13 PM

Traveler, your approach to this is very clear, thank you!

As far as my “time dilation” and “tightly packed waves” supposition is concerned, it is procured from cross-correlating key points from other 2-3 other quite trustworthy (for me anyway) info sources. Whole bloody drama happened in what we business-as-usual covered as 2013-2014-2015-, and 2015 “didn’t work” primarily because of that developments. There are at least thousands of souls who got their lives un-synchronized because of this and this needs healing. Timing, as in relation between events perceived in liner time, is very important for everyone’s sanity.

While this extra period we got may be rationalized as “finishing school” and so on, and from higher perspective even be legitimately called that, there quite possible are levels that “made it happen” which in fact had not “our” best interests in mind. In other words there was “negative” polarity intervention, hijacking and abusing of this process for a while. Whether this is true or not, I don’t know obviously, but it fits for now, oh too nicely. I may expand on this if it is of any interest.

I’m sorry if I’m persistent with this theme, but it is a mystery I’m trying to solve little by little. Anyway what is there else for me to do? I can’t just sit for thousands of days staring at the walls, my mind would go dry.

October 9, 2016 at 8:54 PM

Beautuful article.


Jo Knox
October 10, 2016 at 11:31 AM

Thank you once again Traveler…The Terra theme has been playing in my head often for the last three weeks…especially when I am swimming and singing it out loud…I have made up lyrics for it and it gives me great comfort…thank you for that tune too!
love standing oak

October 10, 2016 at 5:03 PM

Thank you traveler.


October 11, 2016 at 12:25 PM


I still find a lot of peace and solace in this particular message:

I’ve read and re-read it several times between last night and today and it just feels so right for the times we are experiencing here on Earth.


October 11, 2016 at 2:46 PM


Thank you for pointing that out. It is a direct answer to a question I posed last night, namely how we get from “here” to “there.” I also appear to have answered my other question about whether this would be carried out over a longer period of time or all at once. “All at once” felt correct, so none of the pictures about the waves and special forces appear to apply at this time. This Message also explains to me why I felt to turn to the Anthem again. It really works to align me correctly with the “op” and that alignment and receptivity seems to play a part in our getting from “here” to “there.”

I do hope with all my being that this IS the time we have waited for and that the end is in sight. I am still expecting to be on the ground through November, and I assume that all of the work that is being done on me these days is facilitating my readiness for what comes next.


October 11, 2016 at 3:45 PM


Funny because I was asking the same question as well about getting from here to there. I’ve been lead to re-read this particular message several times over the last few months. This one in particular is very close to my heart in that I can ‘see’ what is described in the wording and know that it will come to pass soon enough. I am patiently awaiting what comes next that is of significance showing that we are continuing on our way to our final destination. Realizing that even when we are off planet, it will only be just another small step in the process that lasts into eternity. Each small step leaves us more ready and prepared than the last.

All at once feels spot on to me as well. The thought of the waves and special forces just didn’t quite jive but I didn’t directly ask for an answer to this either.

We are ready this time, Traveler. We are ALL catching up on our last bits of energetic ‘work’ and tying up the last bits of loose ends so our journey from here to there can be as smooth as possible and that we make it intact. Every single thing being worked on from here or through our upstairs team in every single way, every day is exactly what we are needing in order to transition to the next phase or plane of being. There is no idle work these days. It is all of great significance.

We are ready.


October 12, 2016 at 8:27 AM

I always liked “Across The Great Divide” pretty much too!

Rinda, Traveler, thanks for your latest feelings and thoughts about this “three waves business”. At least now it looks like all is integrated again 🙂

Curious, end of last week and this week I feel restless, can’t really relax or be occupied by any activity for long. Like standing at the precipice, anticipatory. There is feeling of urgency, but not for me to do anything specific, but more like to be ready to do if need arises. I surely also do hope “this is it”… Not necessarily tomorrow, but I’ll “give it” say two months anything significant to manifest.

Daniel Novotny
October 14, 2016 at 4:06 AM

Hello all,

In recent days, my body behaves strangely: I feel some kind of energies with “sour” (can’t think of any more appropriate word) qualities, sometimes I wake up early in the morning even if I don’t have to and it’s impossible to return to sleep, also I had some strange feelings of hunger even if I am well fed (blood test shows no sugar anomaly which shows luckily this is not diabetes, so this is probably more a symptom of ascension than medical condition, although if this persists, I will also seek medical help, just in case). There are also some shifts on personal level as well as synchronicities. I am quite curious what happens next 🙂

October 14, 2016 at 8:36 PM

Daniel, Storm & All,

Finally got an answer to the restlessness question:

So this message seem to be directly dealing with exactly what so many of us are experiencing what we are in the way of ascension symptoms. Above all it is imperative that we choose to relax into the speeding along of things instead of resisting them. For me, this is the hardest part! I have unsubscribed to nearly all of my news feeds because I just can not handle the information. There is nothing I can do to affect it anyways and so it feels like a burden of my time and energy when it would be of so much more benefit spent on myself and those closest to me for navigating the times ahead. I am not suggesting that anyone else follow suit with the news feeds, just explaining what I have done and why.

There is also an explanation in my mind for why it is taking what we here may feel like ‘too long’ to get us aboard the ships:

“We are working with a system of probabilities, and things are subject to change if new information arrives. We will do our best to keep you informed in all ways — through these Messages and also through direct inspiration, so keep your inner radio tuned to our frequency band as much as you can and pay attention to those subtle messages that seem to arise within you.”

Just some food for thought!



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