October 30, 2016

Just Cruisin’ Along…

It’s been a week since I last wrote something for the blog. As much as any of us would like something concrete in terms of what to expect, the most concrete thing I have is my own inner experience of the shift, and that does not allow me to predict anything except that I expect to cross a threshold of some kind that will take me more fully into the next phase of my existence. When I look at any source of outside news, I can see the chaos building and can identify many different places that are possible triggers for more of it, but nothing definitive as yet — just more of what has been going on for quite a while.

What I DO feel and sense is that the timelines have already begun moving strongly apart from one another, as Stone also reported 10 days ago. In my own experience, every night when I am in bed and have put my daily activities down, I am free to feel into where I have come to, and every night I find I have moved an increment closer to fully manifesting as my 4D Adonna identity. What is so strange about this is that it’s more a form of remembering than it is a discovery of something that is new to me.

This gives me a different perspective on the idea of a time loop, because the sense of remembering is an indication that I have already been that, and yet it is still in front of me as I travel forward through time. I am clearly returning to a prior state, and each night I can feel how much closer I am to being there, so it appears that it’s in my “future” as well as my “past.”

The other thing about this is how much more natural it seems for me to be her than it is to be this 3D expression. I can also feel so much of my former life and identity are receding to the point it’s as if they never happened and there is no impetus to reach back and recall any of it. The data is still there, but without the emotional charge, there is little reason to revisit any of it. I even draw a blank when my husband reminds about me something I myself said in the past and I have no recall of it. I take this as a good thing because I choose to interpret it as my moving more fully into that state where I will make no plans for the future and no reference to the past:

“On Terra, you will operate with “beginner’s mind.” You will create in an “as-you-go” manner, with no real reference to what has gone before and no real plan of where you intend to go. Each action is both a result of the one just before it and the seed of the one that will follow. Each moment contains within it everything needed for its completion, but it is an experience of constant movement without any external referent to tell you which way you are going.

Your entire process will be one of creating your reality without anything but curiosity to lead you. It will be as if there is an invisible finger always beckoning to you, “this way, this way.” And you will go that way without hesitation, because you will have a perfect internal sense of it feeling “right” to do so. You will not question where it leads or what the consequences will be. You will be a fully-conscious, fully-trusting point of awareness that is always discovering itself in the moment, with no fixed idea of who it is or what it is supposed to be doing.

In some ways that is not so different from what you are used to. The further one goes on the spiritual path, the less definite one’s self-perception becomes. You drop all of your accumulated “training” in how and who you are supposed to be, and instead become as innocent as an unspoiled child, totally authentic in each and every moment you experience.” (from “Supporting Your Transition”)

This is coming about naturally for me. Yes, I was aware that the Hosts had told us about this and I have often recalled that passage as support for moving away from the patterns and conditioning of the past, but now it is happening for me, all on its own, without my trying to make any of it happen. During the night, when I am most able to connect with myself as I currently AM, instead of the identity I have to use to interact with others during my work associations or the self I have to wear once a week when I am in town doing errands, I am much more at home with a self that pleases me to be, and I like the fact that I don’t have to work at creating that. It’s already there and I can just receive it.

I got some work for this week that is more like play than work for me, so I am using that to keep myself engaged in ways that I enjoy. I find that whenever I encounter anything that carries the vibration of fear, I either slough it off as irrelevant or I become so uncomfortable with the vibration, I have to disconnect from it by clicking off in some way. Inner peace, laughter, and living life fully are much more attractive to me, and I welcome them whenever and however they present.

In terms of outer events, for me the loudest noises of the past week have been the fact that NATO called upon its members to intensify their polarization and readiness to go to war with Russia plus the craziness that is going on over the US election process. I also have noticed that there is a martial law preparedness drill scheduled from today (October 30) until 30 days after the November 8 election. At least two prior false flag events (9/11 and the Boston Marathon) took place during a preparedness “drill” that closely resembled the actual events that occurred during them.

I don’t have much more to say at the moment and don’t know when I might have something more to talk about. All I can say is that it is clear to me that everything is proceeding in the direction that will hopefully also see our collective movement toward the next phase of the “op,” and that while these outer events are occurring in parallel with our own movement, they are not causal and we are not dependent on them for our outcome. They are the ingredients of the drama, but do not determine our course.

Our course was written a long time ago, and we are still able to witness these other occurrences, but there is coming a time when all of that will be nothing to us at all. Just as my own “old life” has almost totally fallen away, our collective “old life” will also fall away and we will collectively share a different way of being and creating than is presently available to us. The “shoe” WILL drop and is already in motion toward that conclusion.

I wish you all a pleasant week and will check in again next weekend, if nothing much happens before then.

Love to all,

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8 Comments on “Just Cruisin’ Along…

paul joseph
October 30, 2016 at 3:40 PM

Thanks Traveler for the latest post.

For me this past week has been one of short temper in dealings with others. I am not sure what is causing it but am very aware of it. Hope it doesn’t last long.

Love, peace and happiness.

paul joseph

October 30, 2016 at 4:02 PM

To all and Traveler,

Lately i am noticing that im much, much more sensitive to things that carry fear than i was in the past. I used ro shrug it off or tune it out, but it is seeming to be harder to deal with…

Anyways, i wish everyone peace and happiness,


Jo Knox
October 31, 2016 at 10:13 AM

Everyone…I have been also short tempered and focused on Standing Rock as that is where my feelings are focused…not sure why. It is a growing issue escalating into an international event that is diverting attention from even more violent places on earth. It is a trigger and I have to be in the moment to escape from its pull. I so long to remain focused on my own transformation…. I am going to take a few days off to reconnect to my purpose. Love to all
standing oak

November 1, 2016 at 11:58 AM

Thank you Traveler for your latest post 🙂

Hi all, it’s been a while. Back in the city of Edmonton helping out a friend and notice quite the energy shift in both the city and myself, like I was being recalibrate to be able to function here. I’ve had headaches here and I think it’s from all the electronics, as I’m not used to it being out on the Saskatchewan prairies, which I miss. I did notice a group of trees that remind me of a group of trees from the small town I live in felt like they’re here with me, we’re all in it together.

Waking up today felt very different from yesterday like time sped up again and the snow seemed to showcase that vibe, it softened the energy a bit.

Feeling quite emptied out these days, calmer even through the sometimes harsh environments. Looking Very forward to collaborating on Midway and seeing you all 🙂

It’s an odd feeling to really feel projected into a space, more and more like I’m really operating from somewhere els, interesting.

Much Love All Around,

November 2, 2016 at 1:42 PM

To All,

My experience of the last week is one of patient waiting. I am in no hurry, nothing is felt to be an emergency or imperative in any way whatsoever. The experience is of riding the wave the Hosts have spoken about in their messages. I feel quite safe and content with where I am at all times and with what is going on around me. I am feeling no need to be or behave in any way other than what I AM. Even through things around me may not exactly be docile. There have been a few upheavals in the past week or so and weathering them is more of an experience in allowing while at the same time recognizing that I am allowing things to unfold as they need to. The experience of recognizing that I am what I am and that I am being what I need to be is totally new in the way I am experiencing it now. In that it has never been this strong or such a lasting way of being.

This last week I’ve been able to see through what is going on around me in the world as a whole, so much so that all of it feels ‘right’ in someway. Even through things like what Jo Knox mentioned are not ‘right’. It as through my lens feels much clearer and more like the truth of each situation then I have ever experienced before. I do not connect all the dots and arrive at a conclusion. It is more of a sense of hey, this is how things are supposed to be, otherwise they would be different. There is purpose behind all of everything we are experiencing right now. We simply can not see until we can.

I am strongly sensing the shift to Midway and the splitting of the time lines. While I have nothing that is concrete to offer as evidence besides my own intuitive sense and physical experiences of being I am having, there is no doubt in my mind we are all feeling this in someway. I am getting glimpses of who I am on the other side of this veil and while I have no name or anything to identify with, there is a sense of being that is familiar. It IS a remembering as Traveler has stated. Recognizing the experience of remembering for me is familiar and makes my head spin when I think too deeply about it. It also, for me, gives me less reason to want to leave. I am thankful to and will certainly go when the time is right. There is simply no sense of urgency, at least right now. Which is a welcome relief after the month or so of being so darned restless.

One last bit about work. I have not looked for work and I was concerned at first that I was just giving up because I am a terrible, chronic procrastinator, but it has literally fell into my lap. I am stoked because it is more fun then work and this is not new new, but new in the WAY it feels like fun… if that makes sense. I also have no drive to look for more work. At all.

Many blessings and much love to ALL,

November 2, 2016 at 4:05 PM


Thank you for sharing all of that. Your experience mirrors my own in many ways. Two nights ago, the Hosts showed me a shape that represented how the rest of this journey will go. It started where I was (two days ago), then swelled up in a curve that topped off (literally a “screaming peak”) and fell off rapidly after that. It took more time to build up to the peak and was more intense the closer one got to the peak, and then the falloff occurred, the wave hit that barrier I have been seeing and feeling, recoiled back on itself and then the path went straight up, leaving this plane entirely.

Today I could see the acceleration of the wave building on itself, the noise levels rising, and it brought back memories of how it looked when I had the original vision back in 1982. We’re in the very last part of that process now, where the tensions and emotions are rising and whenever people try to escape, they slide back into the morass and chaos. The feeling at the peak was as if one more thing happened, there would be mass suicides all over the place, and then resolution came, the evacuation was carried out, and it was all behind us when the Pole Shift finally occurred.

Swoosha whoosha! Seat belts fastened and seeking the calm of deep ocean, indeed!

Love to all,

Lynn Trotta
November 2, 2016 at 5:24 PM

Rinda – I can relate to your comment “I also have no drive to look for more work. At all.”. All work seems to be ridiculous and a waste of time. I can barely wait to be living on Terra. I want to have fun and live in harmony with others. It is time for a new earth.

Thank you for the messages Traveler


Jo Knox
November 3, 2016 at 12:18 PM

A lot of comfort and confirmation in these posts and I am grateful! I meditated and left the world behind, even Standing Rock, for two days…refocused on the now and am very mindful of my thoughts and the feelings that accompany them,,,I can mostly accept without the old judgment patterns even though now and then they creep in…the difference being now, when they do, I recognize it and let it go. Everything also looks “off” to me and I wonder how anyone can take anything seriously from politics to ads, theater…TV all feels flat and unreal…
Lynn it is time for a new earth!
love to all
standing oak


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