March 26, 2017


Yesterday when we were in town, my husband said, “I feel like I am leaving all of this behind,” referring to the area we were passing through and currently find ourselves in.

My husband said, “I feel like I am leaving all of this behind.”

This morning, I realized that this was why I don’t even want to look at Zerohedge or USAwatchdog anymore. It isn’t just that they seem like they don’t have anything to do with me or my reality; it seems even more profound than that. I am leaving behind everything that used to define me and my experience.

For example, when the Hosts recently told me that I shouldn’t actively seek new (paid) work anymore, that made me aware of at least two places where I was still stuck in the current paradigm. One was that because my ego self still equates finances with survival, I end up in fear because of having gone through two bouts of bankruptcy and homelessness in the past and because of the deep scars those experiences left in me. The ego’s job is to keep “body and soul together” and if my ego equates finances with my survival, it perceives my not working for money as a threat to my continued existence. My husband currently brings in enough to meet our general daily needs, but my income helps us pay for “extra” things like eyeglasses, dental work, and reducing our credit card debt. To think of my not bringing in money through paid work requires a level of trust that I still have not attained.

To think of my not bringing in money through paid work requires a level of trust that I still have not attained.

The other is one that is hardwired into this body and psyche—the fear of the unknown. It is also related to survival, as the ego senses potential danger everywhere that isn’t already known and identified as safe.

In one of his books, Richard Bach wrote a parable about a city that lived inside the bottom of a river. As the river flowed by them, the people in that city clung to rocks so that they could remain in the place they knew. One person decided to let go of the rock he was clinging to and let the river carry him where it would. At first, he was bumped and thumped as the current carried him, but then he found himself lifted up a little and was amazed by the remarkable places he saw as the river carried him past them. He thought back to the people he had left behind, who were still clinging to their rocks and who never got to see the marvels he saw because he had let go, and he never regretted his decision to let go and let the river carry him.

Like my husband, I can FEEL that I am leaving everything I knew behind, and any leaving — even if it’s necessary in order to experience something else — carries a certain sense of loss, and loss brings sadness and sorrow, even when there is no fear present to complicate things. Even if I can remain fully in the present and consciously choose to keep letting go of anything I am clinging to, I still experience these emotions of fear, sadness, loss, and sorrow moving through and out of me. I am actively shedding the residue of everything I have experienced in the past, and much of what defined me and gave me a sense of self.

There are some things I will miss when I am safely beyond this place. In the movie, Starman, Jeff Bridges’ character remarks on some of the things he will miss from his experiences on Earth as he gets ready to return to his home planet — Dutch apple pie and singing cooks being among them. In thinking about leaving behind my experiences here, there are some things I think I will miss — thunderstorms, for example.

I welcome the idea of not having to work for others, but I will miss the experience of getting to know some of them intimately through working on their books. I don’t think I’ll miss the work itself, but it has been a way of connecting with others who are very different than me, and I have enjoyed that part of it. I won’t miss having to please others, though. The thought of only doing the things that please me is very attractive. If I can work through my fears about finances, I think I can really enjoy being free to just do the things the Hosts have asked me to do to prepare for what lies ahead.

In a sense, I am leaving one world and “job” and preparing for another that is quite different. In some ways, I have already left a great deal behind, but I do find that there are still some places where I am clinging to old patterns and need to move beyond them. That isn’t always easy to do, but I will keep working on doing that until it is no longer an issue.

I do find that there are still some places where I am clinging to old patterns and need to move beyond them.

I still have some work in progress, and we are going to take some time off from April 1 through April 9, so I don’t need to resolve every last bit of this immediately. However, when my husband made that observation yesterday, I became aware that I am ALREADY leaving, and I have to let go of every place where I am still holding on — consciously or unconsciously.

In the May 11, 2012 Bulletin I received almost 5 years ago (it’s appended to the bottom of the May 16, 2012 Update), the Hosts spoke eloquently about this process:

“You are quite correct in registering that the leaving will be TOTAL this time. No one who is directly connected with Operation Terra will be returning to 3D for other lives at that frequency, so while they might be glad to leave behind the struggles and sorrows, they will also be leaving behind everything else, including those things that brought them some degree of happiness as well.”

I am registering this leaving in many ways right now, and because there are still things I have not let go of, it can be a bumpy ride at times, just like the character in Bach’s parable, but I am also confident at other times that what lies ahead is wonderful, as in “filled with wonder,” and when I am not awash in these feelings of leaving, loss, and sorrow, I feel quietly elated because of what I know will follow.

When I am not awash in these feelings of leaving, loss, and sorrow, I feel quietly elated because of what I know will follow.

In closing, I just want to say that I am peripherally aware of where we are within linear time and, in terms of what I was shown and shared in “Ramping Up,” the time of a more active or dramatic transition should begin in a couple of weeks or so, and there may be some bumpy times as things proceed in the outer, as well. However, all of the clearings and all of these experiences are just part of getting ready for the larger transition just ahead. I welcome them, even if they are not always comfortable to experience.

“You are quite correct in registering that the leaving will be TOTAL this time.”

Love to all,

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March 26, 2017 at 5:41 PM

What a wonderful piece you wrote here Oriole, expressed so well. I have had the sense of letting go, in little quantities I already have, for a few months now and I cannot say it any better than you have. I do not have some of your other issues, like with trust regarding financial issues, I have been dealing with those but never homeless as I do have the comfort of knowing there are a few places that would love me to move in with them, family and friends, so that is not a worry. But I am almost too independent and do not ask for help. I would say leaving the good things I enjoy, like your Starman movie example, would be more of a sadness for me, facing the unknown in the act of leaving. But all that has been given to us about Terra makes me long for that more than the sorrow of leaving, even those people and those things I love. I have had a sense of really good things to come, a lifting of burdens, can’t really say why, its just a feeling.


White buffalo
March 26, 2017 at 6:05 PM

Thank you Oriole.

I have always admired your ability to express human emotions so clearly. It’s not easy for me to do. I too, don’t feel the need to follow most current news of any kind as you. The highly unusual seismic activity going on has captured my attention mostly from a science interest point of view but I have candidly wondered if the wave you referred to last time, that brings the end to this entire planetary madness was going to be war, total economic collapse, massive earth changes or all three. More from a curiosity perspective than real interest.

I basically ended up at this point with a lifetime of regrets and mistakes. My OT experience and the Host are probably why I am still here and I thankful for you and them them showing up. Of the millions of aspects of life I can state solidly and after an absolute massive amount of research into everything in, on and off this planet and 62 years of living that the only thing I will miss out of all of this is a hand full of people and the planet itself. That’s it. The creator
can have all of the rest of it.

If I had to pick the most disturbing thing I learned out of thousands facts it would have to be the casual Franenstienish use of 3D humans so a soul can progress. Very difficult to understand.

Between a lifetime of mistakes, wrong decisions and the ‘ process ‘ I don’t know if there is another human being on the planet more ready to go than myself. This exhausting journey has actually removed every speck of desire for me to be a point of concousness on ANY dimension , on ANY frequency in ANY universe for ANY reason for infinity. The journey has squashed every speck of life out of me. I am actually more looking forward to this ending than I am a new beginning.

Because we will still be dealing with the same leadership as we did in this mess, on this planet I don’t have any reason to believe that the ‘ seeking harmony ‘ on the new planet with the 28 types of humanoids won’t include a 1000 years of seeking harmony with 7 times the bickering and madness that has gone on here with these 4 races. I am writing this from a totally calm and grounded state of concousness but completely spiritually exhausted with creation. I think I have developed a subconcous fear because of the ‘ process ‘ that the ‘seeking harmony ‘on Terra won’t include a message at the end of every year like ‘ Change in plans ‘ and ‘ Time dilation ‘ type delays in ‘ finding ‘ harmony and I just won’t be up to it. I think this is more of a statement of my current state of mindset than anything else, not necessarily expressing rational thinking but a deletion of faith and tiredness in creation.

However because I so badly want a new planet for people who have chosen to try a new
beginning on a new positive polarity planet and after I have committed for so long to help with the evacuation and the new construction on Terra with all of my might I will keep to that commitment. But unless there is a change of heart during the evacuation and rebuilding process I will probably ask that my soul be completely disolved so finely that it can not ever be used in the future anywhere.

I have loved you and admired you throughout this entire journey and don’t think the Host could have picked a better messenger. I have always wanted to meet you and truly hope that the evacuation allows that.

I think your latest feelings of getting ‘ Getting ready ‘ and ‘ Leaving ‘ are accurate.

I have enjoyed all of my fellow traveler’s and wish you all the calmest and most pain free journey possible.

White buffalo

March 27, 2017 at 8:18 AM

White Buffalo,

It strikes me that you still haven’t learned the lesson of surrender. I can relate to your exhaustion and feelings about having been beaten down. I myself have spoken of my own “existential fatigue” and Laura (my former housemate and partner-in-the-work) and I used to talk often about “being bashed into surrender.” A strong will can be a double-edged sword that cuts both ways. It can keep us going through ongoing challenges and it can also be our biggest stumbling block when the lesson is to “let go.”

You continue to project your own 3D understanding onto those who are beyond such thinking and that is a great source of your discomfort. You are also projecting your pain from the past onto your future. NOTHING of the past can come with us into the new world, so it has to be shed at some point before we actually move onto Terra. Since you have identified with special forces, it fits that you would still be so mired in 3D ways, but there is no reason for you to continue to writhe under expectations formed from incorrect thinking and reasoning.

Just looking at my own life as my “specimen” to examine under the microscope, I have gone through the same “jiggle” as you have when it came to forming expectations around dates and events. I have now moved from an event- and outer-oriented perspective to listening within and remaining anchored in the present moment. As I have written in this article, I have not yet mastered trust in certain matters, and it seems that you also have that issue to deal with. All I can say, based on my observations, experiences, and listening/feeling within, this has all been planned and executed perfectly and in keeping with the stated outcome. I encourage you to re-read “Jiggle to the Max” and see how it might apply to your exhaustion from trying to remain in control.

I have said it before and I’ll say it again: Surrender is the way through. Surrender is the way out of your pain into peace.


March 27, 2017 at 3:19 PM

I just want to add something in connection to your referring to your having lived a life of mistakes and wrong decisions. When I was 25, my life was not going the way I wanted it to, and I looked back on everything I could remember about the various decision points I had met along the way.

When I was totally honest with myself about how I had been (my level of awareness) and what was impacting me at each juncture, I concluded that I had ALWAYS done the very best I could under those circumstances. I would have done differently if I had known more or if the circumstances had been different, but they hadn’t been, so there was nothing served by my beating myself up over how I had been and how I had acted, and further, I decided to live my life with no regrets, ever, because it was clear to me that even if hindsight suggested a different scenario might have been preferable, the fact was that I had done the best I could, and there was no need to regret any of it.

And THAT was MANY years before I learned about how things really are and about the script. Just recently, my husband applied for a job in his department that would have been really, really great for both of us. He had made some assumptions about the job (that didn’t turn out to be correct), so he had hesitated to apply at first. By the time he had checked it out properly, the window of opportunity had passed and someone else was hired. We both felt we had somehow missed the boat and it didn’t feel good at the time, but I can now see how it led to my having to face my fears about finances once again. If he had gotten that job, we would have been comfortable enough for me to stop working for pay without fear of negative consequences.

Was that a mistake or was it in the script to happen just that way? I am more comfortable with the view that the script called for it to happen the way it did, and there is no other option except to keep on keeping on, deepen my trust in the journey, and do my best each day. There is no reason that you can’t do likewise and forgive yourself for what you think were mistakes and bad decisions. They might have been just what was needed for you to get to where you are today.

“You must trust that whatever you need to complete your life’s purpose will be provided. That does not mean you will always like how it is wrapped, but every occurrence in your life is a true gift to help you complete your life in the way that was intended for you by your Oversoul.” (from “Calm, Grounded and Centered”)

These are words to live by. I think you would experience much greater peace if you made them part of your way of living your life.


April 3, 2017 at 10:56 PM

White Buffalo,

I did not respond to your post for a while, but the little “urgings” became even stronger and wouldn’t “leave me alone,” so here it is, finally.

I totally understand where you are coming from. I have been a warrior for so long, both on this planet and throughout the long history of “elsewhere” that surrender to a process was simply not within my repertoire. One does not surrender. One fights until the end. This has led to considerable pain as well as considerable insight, because whether one surrenders or not, one IS going through the process..

At a point decades ago, I determined that I would have no regrets, period. I was called upon to perform certain necessary actions and that was the way of things. This was quite a few years before I became acquainted with Operation Terra in this life. This was also during the time period that memories of my long existence began to turn on. Regret becomes more and more “unwieldy” when one realizes he/she is an immortal spiritual being who has done just about everything under the sun there is to do, both “good” and “bad.”

I cannot offer a big red “Easy” button you can push to move outside of regret. I can offer to you that you can release it if you choose to, and that is more difficult or less difficult depending on the being. Recent experiences have made this renouncement of regret even more real for me, because I went through certain things which thoroughly demonstrated (once again) that regret is useless because events in our lives unfold just as they are designed.

You may even be upon the verge of quite a large experience that will turn the key and release your regrets independently of any intent or action on your part. I know not what this may be or how it may unfold, but I was called to respond to your post.

I can offer one last thing, and this may be useful to you. It is somewhat outside the norm, but what is the norm when we have all lived the stories?

For quite a few years earlier in this life, I was up against the so-called “loyal opposition” on an almost daily basis. I am not going to go into details, because they are too specific and too long. These beings were Earth humans along with some other beings who were not Earth humans.

In the course of these close interactions with the opposition party, I came to understand that I fundamentally desired one thing: my reunification with the Source energy, which essentially meant dissolution as an individual being, but vastly more also. I did not fear it; I longed for it even though it might be far in the future. Like you, my life has been a mixed bag of mostly bad and all I wanted was for it to be complete. At least, that was the way I ONCE viewed it.

White Buffalo, when we are complete with this current life on this prison planet/slave colony/control matrix and we have accomplished what we needed to accomplish regarding the Op, I promise you that your outlook will change. It may change even before that. Miracles can and do happen when you least expect them and take totally unanticipated forms.

You will not need to request dissolution as a being. That desire comes from the painful experiences of this place and we will NOT be taking any of those things with us. I am not even sure that such a thing can be done or is ever done outside of actual reunification with the Source energy, something entirely different.

I will say trust in the process, even though I often did not in the past. Now, I do trust in it because great pearls are often constituted via great (and long-running) pain. This is pleasant neither to hear nor to live, but it is true. The strongest steel is forged in the hottest flame. We will get through this process and emerge with a totally different point of view after it completes.

Love, Parallax

March 26, 2017 at 8:39 PM

Once again, I sent a message that did not register.

Guess that It was not timely or appropriate for the time.

One of the frustrating issues I as a still experience as a 3-degree two-legged is being able to express my feelings/thoughts.

Whatever…there is a reason for this.



March 26, 2017 at 8:59 PM


I know I have already advised you to write your comments offline before you try to post them, so they wouldn’t get lost. I guess you haven’t done that yet, so I’m seeing that your frustration is partly based in your not valuing what you want to write enough to do it offline first. You might find it easier to express yourself privately first, and then share what you end up with with the rest of us.

For what it’s worth, even though this WordPress program allows me to compose posts entirely within the interface, I always write them in Word first and then copy and paste. That way I can think about what I am writing and revise it to my heart’s content, and then post it only when I feel satisfied. It takes me hours to put together an article/post, find the right images, prepare the images, and put it onto the server, complete with tags and metatags and I only do it when I feel I have something worth sharing, so it doesn’t happen as often as I’d like, but it’s as much as I can do.

I think that if what you want to express is worth sharing, it’s worth doing offline first. If you would like to try again, I would like to hear what you have to say. I always find it interesting to know what’s going on at your end and with your life. We each carry our piece of the larger picture and yours is important and interesting to me, so please try again.


A Man Called Da-da
March 27, 2017 at 6:40 PM

We’re not leaving so much as growing UP with Terra.

March 27, 2017 at 6:52 PM

Well, I certainly FEEL like I am leaving THIS world and all that comes with that. I don’t pretend to know how it will go. I just know that I am experiencing myself turning toward Terra and leaving this world behind. It’s a physical sensation and I embrace it, even though a large part of it is still an unknown for me.


A Man Called Da-da
March 27, 2017 at 7:05 PM

Don’t get me wrong: we are LEAVING, too, as well as growing with Terra!

Good riddance to fear and darkness and MONEY. And cars. And roads. And loud motors, jets. Meanness.

March 28, 2017 at 12:53 PM

The last few years have been the best years of my life: Both my husband and I are retired. We don’t have any financial worries. We are very compatible and have common interests. We don’t fight and argue with one another. We can now enjoy the simple things in life at our leisure. (The worst things that I must deal with are cleaning the house and doing laundry; ugh!).

Nevertheless, I’m not sad at the thought of leaving this life behind except for my concerns for my husband and dogs. I’m looking forward to the new life on Terra where I’m certain that we will continue to enjoy beautiful landscapes, animals, and loving humans. There will be adventure, too, and I look forward to exploring all that Terra has to offer.

I do experience a sense of loss and some fear of the unknow with respect to life on the ships and Midway while we’re waiting for Terra. I think my biggest sense of loss will be the absence of sunshine, flora and fauna. Life in space will be quite foreign to me, and I think it will be difficult to adapt. Oriole, do you have any idea what it will be like on the ships and on Midway? (And do you think we’ll still have to clean and do laundry? LOL)


March 28, 2017 at 5:23 PM

I enjoyed reading your latest post, Oriole. As for me, contemplating leaving is not something I feel comfortable with anymore. I trust in the process, I believe we are going on to Terra. I believe I know my name there. I Am aware of my higher self, as she is with me always, guiding me , lifting me up, making me laugh, etc. I only hesitate to think about leaving or to entertain dates because I have already been taught a lesson that hit me very hard recently, as it showed me just how ungrounded I allowed myself to get. It’s a long story, but one thing I learned is that I need to be more grounded in life — this life that I’m living now. I need to be here for me and for my family. I struggle sometimes with regrets, too, but I try not to dwell on them too long. As we like to say, it is all grist for the mill. We could say we’ve made stupid mistakes or unwise decisions, but we might not have the capacity to see how those silly mistakes fit into the tapestry of our lives. We never stop learning. We never stop falling down, either :-). One day at a time is all I can seem to manage these days. I really am grateful to be amongst you all here, as it is hard to really be with most people in a truly meaningful way. I can relate to the feeling expressed regarding the news amd not feeling a part of that world. I haven’t the slightest interest. I guess I’ll just have to be boring 🙂

Love to all and live well,

Jo Knox
March 29, 2017 at 8:25 AM

Traveler this post just flows from the former one and is so helpful to me. Graphics get even better and the cat clinging to the rope gave me a giggle!

The protest sign painter in me has retired although I am painting canvasses for friends and no longer charge money for my art. Many of my early people mistakes are now in the healing process and I am happily communicating with friends and family I thought were lost to me. My fear level is at it’s lowest and I am ready for whatever. I know that understanding who and what we are and being at peace with it all will carry the peace even as conflict happens all around us. If the land beneath my feet splits open and I fall in I am still the conscious being I have always been…an aspect of Creator experiencing form albeit underground!

Again I send my love and thanks to everyone.

White Buffalo I am touched by your post and understand to some extent that our “I AM” can be so strong and our disappoint so acute we retreat with part of ourselves so sick of it all we can’t even lick our own wounds. I have experienced this enough to be able to work through it. I wish for you that carrot that draws us forward with curious intent.

love standing oak

March 29, 2017 at 12:49 PM

Over the last few years I have envisioned a small beach cove. A sprawling forest of trees dotted by vibrant flowers reaching to the beach. The air so clean and the sounds of nature so perfect. It seemed a day dream, but now I find myself standing in the soft sand always. A small bubble of this 3D life floats in front of me. All my memories, the amazing and painful have become soft whispering thoughts now. I no longer feel fear of leaving family and friends. I loved with my whole heart and felt that love returned to me by the most beautiful family. This life has been an amazing adventure, I have learned and grown so much. I am thankful and finally at peace. I wonder, is this what it feels like to surrender.

I wish everyone much love and light where ever they may go.


March 29, 2017 at 2:22 PM


Thanks for sharing that. I think what you are feeling is because you are tapping in to where you end up. In a sense you are already there. I feel similarly at times, but it comes and goes for me. Nonetheless, this is part of what I am talking about when I say I feel I am leaving all of that other life/world behind. I haven’t yet anchored in fully to where I am going, but I can feel I am approaching it now.


Jo Knox
March 29, 2017 at 2:48 PM

very beautiful and wonderful view of the world and I thank you for sharing it
love standing oak

March 29, 2017 at 8:08 PM

Well, of course, nothing ever plays out the way I imagine; and, so it is now.. I found out last week that I have had 2 heart attacks- 1 in the OR about a year ago and a silent one a couple of months ago

I’ve been operating with about 20% of my heart for the last couple of months: and, I’m very tired all the time. I share this because I asked guides and others about OT, my involvement, etc because of a dropped body ( which easily could happen to me anytime).

I didn’t know how I would work – on it, in it, or how I could do anything in OT. I was told that I am part of OT and would perform my duties as expected. And, I would lose my body only due its physical limitations. But all of those limitations would all be gone when it is time for me to work

At any rate, I’m still here- barely interested in anything 3D and just putting one foot in front of the other feeling loss and acceptance with love and limited elation. Thank you all for being here

Love to all

March 29, 2017 at 8:20 PM


Thank you for sharing all of that. I can well imagine how tired you must feel with such low cardiac capacity. There have been others who were connected with OT that dropped their bodies, but I have no idea what your script calls for. If what I have been shown is an indication of the timing, then it should all be done before the end of this year, but I’ve thought that before.

My own inner experience indicates a whirlwind of activity such that the outer world seems to be operating MUCH more slowly than inner time, almost like listening to a record being played on a crank-operated turntable that has wound down almost to a full stop, so the sound is just a low growl and everything is stretched out and distorted. I’m holding a space for you to experience whatever your script calls for in a way that brings you peace.


John V milewski
April 2, 2017 at 9:46 AM

Sara and all, It is my understanding from my analasis of coming events that nothing big happens till after the Solar eclipse in the US this August 21 , It starts in Oregon at 10;20 AM an goes to Charleston South Carolina 2;48 PM. Then the big event is the North and South magnetic pole shift to follow during or after a visit from Planet X . This will cause three days of total darkness,which will cause most of the deaths by FEAR, those who have candles and water will survive. Those who survive and the earth too will be completly healed of any form of health problem from the very intence magnetic fields that will be form during the poles shifts . Dr John V M

April 2, 2017 at 10:03 AM


You are certainly entitled to believe what you choose to believe. I don’t resonate with any of that as being true for me or for the “op,” other than the physical fact of the eclipse. Planet X is nowhere near this solar system at this time, and the three days of darkness are a Catholic prophecy, based in the visions of several individuals in the 19th century:

“The prophecy of three days of darkness is not in the Book of Revelation but in the revelations of the end times provided by Catholic prophets St. Caspar del Bufulo, Blessed Anna Maria Taigi, Blessed Elizabeth Canori-Mora and Blessed Mary of Jesus Crucified. These holy Catholics of the 19th century, the last two of whom Pope John Paul II beatified, speak of a Minor Tribulation of the world (minor compared to the Great Tribulation of the Antichrist at the end of the world), as a time of purification leading into an age of peace.

… As for the three days of darkness, when it is said all light will be extinguished and hell loosed upon the earth, it is said to be the culminating event of the Minor Tribulation, and follows upon what man has reaped by his own self-will: war, violence, natural calamities and disease.” (source)

I am proceeding with my life on the basis of my guidance and my expectations are that the timing for OT will follow what I have been shown and shared on this blog. Right now, my husband and I are on vacation and I am expecting that we will actively enter a time of transition in mid-April, followed by a great expansion for the “op” beginning in June. I am getting ready to serve however I am asked to serve and am not seeking any new paid work at this time.

All the best,

John V milewski
April 2, 2017 at 9:53 AM

PS that intence magnetic field also super activate our spirit being and shitfs us into the 5th dimension where our good plant earth now converted into Terra which will be there for us Just my understanding of events no feedback from any Hosts or any body Just a life time of later day events studies. Dr J

April 2, 2017 at 11:44 AM


I hope you two are relaxing!

Lately, I have been seeing a lot of cloud ships. They seem to pop up and disappear just as quickly. I love when to catch them and then they are gone again. One more thing for me to enjoy while being here.

There has been a lot of internal movement for me as well, I have seen a lot of fears coming up. Some with housing, but those for the moment anyway have gone now. It has been replaced by a sense of flow and balance. While I do not expect this to never waver, I do feel a deep seated peace with it I have never in my life experienced. Having been on my own since I was 17 with no idea what I was doing it was a monthly battle to survive. There was a very real threat of being homeless, and I believe I came as close to experiencing this as is possible without truly being homeless. I can only imagine how hard it would have been to be in such a situation Oriole.

Being who I truly am, without regard to whom is around is still my hardest fear and is a daily challenge. It is really interesting to see how fears seem to cycle back around and around until they do not seem to affect/trigger me emotionally any longer. Similar to my fears around my family. For now, It is gone, no emotional trigger at all. Yet I am able to recognize that it will circle back around at some point. Being able to allow it without being caught up in it is always the goal for me.

I ran across a short video the other day from the group Anonymous that I wanted to share about Fukushima. In all my research I never thought to look this up and I never came across anything about it. This probably has much to do with the fact that on the scale this disaster has been created it can not be fixed.

It brought up some fears for me that I can not quite place. But seems to have something to do with my inability to control situations around me. There is more and I am not sure if it is possibly that this doesn’t really play a ‘role’ on OT, or possibly that it is only fear mongering on Anonymous’ part. Although I don’t think that I have run across much from them that is not just facts. As they see them anyways, since everyone has their own idea of facts and Anonymous seems to play a decent role in being a thorn in our governments side.

Well, that’s my two cents.


April 23, 2017 at 6:38 PM

I am one of those people who was apparently put here to help the truly “least of these” – animals. I’ve been a sucker with a soft spot for non-human creatures since I was a small child.

My husband and I have rescued horses, dogs and cats and a parakeet who only has one leg.

I move bugs that get into my house back outside, and have been stung rescuing drowning honey bees from a birdbath. I catch non-poisonous snakes and move them far away, as I do with mice..

With regard to planetary ascension, I am more worried about the animals than I am about myself. (Not just my animals, but all of them – well, okay, I admit I’m not losing sleep over rattlesnakes, but you know what I mean!)

The thought of all the beautiful horses in the world, and baby elephants, and graceful swans … all meeting a horrific end is almost more than I can stand.

I noticed a question about people and pets left behind, but the answer addressed only the people.

Is there any reassuring information about what will happen to the animals?

April 24, 2017 at 8:10 AM


I have thought those same thoughts more than once. There are many details I simply don’t know and like you, I have to wait to see how it all plays out. I HAVE “seen” a special holding area for animals, and I know Lord Amador (one of the Paschat “lion people” from Sirius) will be directly involved in caring for them.

I have understood that OT is a sort of “Noah’s ark” kind of thing and it has been my interpretation (but I haven’t been told this) that we will be bringing animals and plants with us that will be transplanted onto Terra when it is time for that. They, too, will go through their transformation and appear in their perfected state. They too, will be based in cooperation and not competition, and will not eat other animals for food. I think this is what was meant in the Biblical prophecy about the lion lying down with the lamb.)

However, just as we will only be taking SOME people, we will only be taking SOME animals and plants, so most will perish during the Pole Shift — on OUR timeline — but there are other timelines in which they will experience a different outcome. At least one of those other worlds is what I would call a “rubble world,” and I don’t think animals OR people will fare well there. There is what I call a “high tech, high touch” world, in which people and animals will prosper, and there will be a pre-technological world that operates similar to the Amish way of life, in which animals will be much as they were before the industrial revolution.

When I had the original vision in 1982 and came to the part where I was standing on (what I assumed was) a spaceship, watching the Pole Shift take place in real time, it was a very heavy moment when I registered all of the lives that ended in that cataclysm. There is a scene in the movie 2012, where they show a deer placidly munching some grass just before the Yellowstone supervolcano blows up. The implication was of a swift end for that deer and all life in that immediate area. All I can do is hope for a swift ending and no suffering for any of the forms that will perish in the Pole Shift.

If I get more details before the evacuation is complete and I am allowed to share them, I will. The one thing that I have carried with me in order to comfort myself about the prospects of the cataclysmic earth changes is the information I was given many years ago, about the earth changes being merciful, so the suffering and die-off would not go on over a prolonged period of time. There is a line in the Bible (Matthew 24:22) that says, “And if those days were not shortened, no flesh would live; but for the sake of the chosen ones, those days will be shortened.”

I would only add that it brings me pain every time we make our weekly trip into town and I see all of the road kill along the way. There is no time that there has not been any, although at certain times there is more than at others, possibly due to changes in the weather. It has been that way for all the years I have lived in rural environments (since 1997), and I assume it’s that way for stray animals and pets in cities. I want a different world, where animals will live in peace with each other and not be anyone’s property or food.

What’s directly in front of us is not easy to contemplate, but I comfort myself with the thought that we will be helping to create something else entirely, and I expect that the quiet joy in seeing that take form, plus the direct experience of full connection will erase all pain forever.

I wish the “end” could have been more gentle, but that’s apparently not what Infinite Beingness wanted to experience, so now we sit in our seats, waiting for the rest of the journey to unfold.

Love and blessings,


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