Newsletter, June 12, 2016

In the past week, the two paths — the inner and the outer — appeared to diverge even more from one another. As the outer world revealed greater dis-integration and unraveling, my inner world moved toward greater cohesion and integration, as more and more of the “big picture” actually came to reside within myself, as part of my own experience.

In the outer world, disharmony, division and fragmentation continue to escalate. OPEC’s second failure to agree on oil production targets signaled the internal breakdown among nations that had previously worked together toward common goals. The NATO war games being carried out by 10 NATO nations in Poland are the biggest since the end of the Cold War. The claims that they are a response to Russian aggression are patently false and appear to be a smoke screen to cover over the fact that the global economy continues to deteriorate.

As trends expert Gerald Celente says, “When all else fails, they take us to war,” and sad to say, the U.S.’s greatest export right now is war. If they succeed, that will provide the mechanism for many to depart through the gateway we call “death,” and that appears to be one scenario that necessary as this world comes to an end in preparation for something else to emerge.

This is totally in keeping with what I posted this past week in “Shopping for Shoes” regarding the multiple chaotic nodes and the choices that present themselves to us in terms of what we focus upon. I wasn’t sure where to go next, and after a series of false starts, I decided to “Go deeper,” a theme from Jean-Claude Koven’s book, Going Deeper, so I posted an article with that as the title. THAT led me to deepen the exploration of the nature of the True self vs. our “costume,” and I have just put up two articles about that: “The Costume Party,” Parts 1 and 2.

My overall sense is of a gradual acceleration in both of these paths — the inner and the outer. My sense of time is totally unreliable. If it weren’t for clocks, calendars, and planners, I would not be able to know what to do and when. I am in an expanded state much of the time, which makes everything seem quite surreal and dreamlike.

I am beginning to appreciate the role of the ego and its focus on perceived danger in keeping us somewhat “functional” within this frequency band. As Aldous Huxley wrote in Doors of Perception, we would probably not be very interested in doing the ordinary things of 3D life if it weren’t for the filters that keep out that larger reality that he tapped into with the aid of psilocybin.

I am grateful to those who are actively participating in AUV, either through posting comments, making a financial contribution, or both. If you know of others who might find this material of interest, I encourage you to share the site with them, as I am not presently doing anything to actively promote it.

I suspect that there are not many who are ready to embrace these musings of mine precisely because they ARE so “unorthodox,” but I am sure there must be others who might resonate with them at this time. I don’t know who they are or where they might be reached, so perhaps some of you can be the means of connecting with them. If you haven’t read the new articles this week, I encourage you to do so now.

Love to all,