Newsletter, June 19, 2016

Well, another week has passed for AUV. Tomorrow is June 20, the day I “saw” that we would know we were “in it.” I received the following email from Steven Robbins that confirmed that tomorrow portends some kind of breakout energy:

“Sun in mental Gemini, building to the top of our seasonal cycle, Moon in Scorpio intensity, getting down to the bottom of things, with activating Mars (retrograde/internalizing).  Solstice full moon, a big energy shift, Monday.

Steven Robins


However, yesterday I began a clearing of what I can only describe as a “sickening grief,” a dull, noxious feeling that is coming up in intermittent waves. It isn’t connected to anything in the outer, but seems to be occurring from an existential level. From what I have witnessed in the past, I think it has to occur on the inner levels before it outpictures in the outer. “As within, so without.” There always seems to be a lag between the inner shift and the outer reflection of it from the environment, but the two are closely linked.

So, based on the shift I am currently experiencing, I would say that we are “in it” on the inner level, and the shift in the outer will follow, “as night follows day.”

There are any number of things simmering in the outer world: the British Brexit vote on June 23, the plight of Deutsche Bank with its $75 trillions’ worth of derivatives at risk and its plummeting stock prices reminiscent of Lehman’s pattern in 2007, the proliferation and ascent of Isis jihadists, the upcoming US electoral conventions in early July with tempers flaring and the potential for riots growing, the change in the pattern of gold purchases on the Comex that strongly suggest that China might use their position to bring down the paper pricing for gold so that they can then revalue their massive holdings upward, North Korea’s nuclear demonstrations, and the Exchange Stabilization Fund doing all that they can to maintain the US dollar hegemony—the list is long.

I do feel we are approaching a time when all of this will come together and come to a head, and that once it begins, it will escalate like an avalanche that begins when one final snowflake tips the balance and the rest snowballs down the hill, gaining speed and mass as it goes. On Thursday, I was guided to consolidate some of my credit card debt into a low-interest balance transfer being offered on one of my credit cards, and when I did that, it felt like something had “clicked,” and I found myself saying, “Now I am ready.”

It has been just over 6 months since the Hosts told us to prepare for the upcoming financial upheavals and to stock up on what we would need to carry us through what lies ahead. In the past week, I was also guided to put the Operation Terra web site back up on the web and you can see it again at The Hosts’ final message is at I do not expect to add anything further to the site, but it’s there as a reference any time you need to go there.

The home page directs people to the AUV site for the most current information and commentary. While there are still not a lot of people posting comments, a momentum is slowly building there, too, which I appreciate, as I also enjoy having a place to gather with others of like mind.

I don’t have much more to say, except to encourage you to read the latest articles and comments, if you haven’t already done so, and to thank those who are contributing through posting comments and making financial donations. Both of those encourage me to continue writing, and to know that others find value in what I write.

Love to all,