Newsletter, June 3, 2016

This marks the second week of the AUV blog. I am finished with writing the foundational material as far as I know. I wasn’t sure where to go next, but at the moment I am experiencing a profound internal shift and described some of the aspects of it in the last two posts, “Shifts Happen” and “The Shift Goes On.”

It appears that I now have to wait to see what comes up to be expressed. Very few people are posting comments, so I don’t know how many others find value in what I am offering. It is clear that I am still going through “finishing school” experiences on an almost daily basis and it also seems that I have to stop questioning what I am doing and let it show me what it is that needs to be done.

The Hosts had given me the directive, “Write every day,” so I did that for a while, but now it seems like there is some sort of pause — an inbreath, if you will — before the next movement outward. Therefore, I am not expecting to write as often as I did last week, but if anything forms up enough for it to become a subject to write about, I will continue to do so.

I do sense that we have entered the first part of the capsule that I was shown, but don’t expect anything to be self-evident before June 20 or so. It is clear that a process is underway. What is not clear is what it will contain or reveal. I do feel this is a time of transition, and more will become clear with the passage of time.

Until the next time, I wish you well in all things.


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