Newsletter, June 6, 2017

Today is my 76th birthday. Those of you who have known me for any length of time know that I am fond of finding numerological significance in such things. This means that I have completed 76 years and am beginning my 77th year. 76= 7+6 = 13, which reduces to 4. Four is the number of physical foundation. 77 = 7+7 = 14, which reduces to 5, the number of movement.

I was called to this path on March 9, 1981, which was also a 4 number, just before I completed 40 years (foundation) and moved into my 41st year, a 5 (the number of movement). A number of developments have converged and shown me the shape of what I believe with be the final chapter of my personal life in 3D.

I don’t know what name to use anymore because I recognize that I simultaneously occupy bodies at several levels of reality and know that none of them define me, but do serve to identify me in each of those contexts. In 3D, I still use Sara. In referring to my 4D self, I use Adonna. In March, I discovered that my name as one of the Hosts is Oriole. I am all of those, and yet none of those, so I often sign my name as Sara/Adonna/Oriole, but any of those will do.

I have been using different email addresses, too. I had been using my account for personal and OT/AUV correspondence, including emails sent to people with accounts because AOL treats email from my AUV mailing list as spam. However, in my last mailing effort, all of the accounts also came back as undeliverable, so I am going to stop using the account and begin using for all personal communications related to OT and AUV. Please change your address books to reflect that.

Most things in life have an arc in which they begin, come forth and grow, and then recede again. The public communications from the Hosts began in June 1999, peaked in 2005, and essentially came to an end in October 2016. The various online forums began in September 2001 and ended at various times, also. I was inspired to begin the AUV blog in April 2016, and now that has run its course, too. Apparently, my next (and last) 3D effort for Operation Terra is going to be a final book, entitled Operation Terra: A Journey Through Time and Space.

This will be a totally new book. It will be a hardcover edition, illustrated in full color. This book will be a narrative of the entire arc that describes Operation Terra, told through my personal lens. It is intended for the three audiences for whom the OT material is intended: those who are making the trip to Terra at this time, plus those who will die and incarnate on Terra in the first generation, and those who will die and incarnate there later on, from the platform a future incarnation. It will also serve as an item for those who are left behind when we leave.

I am aware that people who have been following OT for a while do not need ANY book for themselves, and most have gone past needing to leave a book behind for others to know what had happened to them, but what is forming up now is a totally NEW book. I intend to write a new narrative (based in my present understanding) to lay out the entire landscape. The Messages will probably come at the very end, illustrated in full color as near-replicas of the web pages (as a sort of Appendix), while the narrative will be a form of commentary on the entire sweep of OT and will probably incorporate some of the material from the AUV blog, as well. It is my wish to create new images and illustrations for the new narrative and one thing I hope to depict is how people look at different densities, which will be quite a project on its own.

Since people on each timeline will perceive themselves as the survivors on their timeline, while “we” will have died or otherwise disappeared from their experience, my husband had the idea of having people donate the book to libraries, in addition to leaving copies behind with/for people they know. He thinks the new book will be carried forward on other timelines, and even if libraries don’t end up keeping it in their collections, they would sell it at their book sales and someone would end up carrying a copy forward in time. He likened it to the early copies of manuscripts that ended up being in the Bible, seeding a new perspective for coming generations.

There will be a lot of new material and illustrations/images. I believe this is the reason I was told to get a new computer and dive deeply into learning how to create computer graphics. The new computer arrived on April 28 and it has taken a full month to get it working smoothly. I wasn’t able to really begin my training until the end of last week, and I am still finding places where I need to spend some time and considerable effort in organizing files across such a large storage capacity.

For example, I discovered I had more than 32,000 fonts that I had been collecting since I got my first Windows computer in 1993. They were scattered across many folders, and many were duplicates of fonts in other folders. It feels important to me that I get all of those organized and accessible in meaningful ways before I approach doing the layout for this final book. I have two programs that enable me to do that intelligently, and I have already begun working on this.

Now it is time to begin the larger task of writing, organizing, and illustrating the material. This will be my final “opus” and I still have to learn how to create the images I want to use, so I will not be doing much else in the foreseeable future. Given my expectation that I will be tucked away on Midway by late November, I have a lot to do and not a lot of time in which to do it.

I do not expect to add much to the blog in terms of content, but I will probably issue an occasional update through the newsletter format and make use of mailings to deliver the news to those who have expressed interest in receiving it. The general mailings will still go out from, but I will use the to communicate with those who have or accounts. I still need to keep a list server in place so people can sign up to receive the news and spam accounts are rejected.

In the meantime, if you don’t hear from me, know that I am at work on this final project, and I think it will be worth the wait when it’s done. From this and other developments, including my total loss of interest in outer news beyond what’s on sale at the local grocery stores, it does seem that we are nearing the end of the 3D road, and for that I am very grateful.

All the best to you and yours,