Newsletter, October 4, 2016

On Friday, September 30, I began to feel a strange inner peace, despite all of what I saw going on in the outer, particularly with regard to the US provocation with regard to Syria. On Sunday evening, October 2, as I lay in bed, waiting for sleep to come, clarity arrived. “This is it.” After all these years of waiting and dates coming and going, I deeply registered that this time it will all complete.

The next morning (October 3), the Hosts signaled me that they wanted me to take a dictation later in the day. I got caught up in the many tasks I had on my plate, and it wasn’t until I was “taken down” (could not keep my eyes open, so had to lie down) in the late afternoon that I realized I still had to receive the Message, so when I got up, even though I was still groggy, I received the new Message from the Hosts.

It’s up on the Operation Terra web site now ( You can access it from the News/Updates button in the navigation bar or from the link in the last paragraph of the “Current News for Operation Terra” section of the home page of the site. The tone of it struck me as being different than any other Message I have received to date, which only reinforced my feeling that “This is it.” There was an almost masculine, stern quality to it and yet the love is still there, comforting, protecting, sheltering and welcoming.

No matter what form things take, remember that this is what is needed for us to find our way home to ourselves and each other again and to be able to move on to create our dream of Terra. It may be a turbulent passage, but in the end, it will be worth it and we will be able to put all of the trauma and pain and sorrow behind us. We will be heading toward a world in which peace, love and a quiet joy will be our foundation and constant condition.

I expect to be asked to deliver more information as things proceed, so stay tuned for further news as it becomes available.

Peace and blessings,