December 31, 2016

No End In Sight

We have crossed the Null Point. We are now experiencing ourselves within the new Creation. Now I know why I experienced myself alone at first, waiting for the rest of the picture to be filled in. The merging of realities was complete.

Yesterday, my husband and I went into town for our weekly shopping trip. As we were driving back to the house again, I was curious to see what I could see about the time that lay ahead. I looked and saw/felt a continuous process of rising and moving forward that felt like it was “all good” and contained only an increasing sense of well-being and abundance for us.

However, unlike the period leading up to December 16, when I had perceived a wall that I felt blocked further progress on that path (and within that Creation), this road ahead seemed to stretch out further than I could see and dissolved into the kind of mist that objects at a great distance dissolve into. It seemed to literally have no end, which I would expect to experience when trying to see over a period that covered billions of years.

Because my husband has a 3-day weekend right now and this would be the end of the holiday period, we decided to splurge and go to see Passengers again (this time in 3D) and to see Moana on the big screen, because it makes us laugh and we felt so joyous after seeing it online. (We saw Passengers last night and plan to see Moana tomorrow.)

I expected that seeing Passengers in 3D would make it have an even greater impact on expanding my awareness, and I wasn’t disappointed, but the effect didn’t kick in until after I had gone to bed, fallen asleep, and then reawakened to spend the next 3 hours processing all the information that was flooding into me. All I can put into words about that massive experience is that I felt fully connected to the planet as a starship, moving through space. The movie closes with vistas of moving past nebulae and stars, and when I asked whether we would be able to see such sights, the answer came back “Yes, and much, much more!” I look forward to that.

Earlier in the week, there was a moment (actually lasting around an hour or more, in clock time) when I felt my higher body entering my 3D body and beginning to connect with it. For the past few days, I have been integrating the download I received regarding my identity as one of the Hosts, and had progressed to the point where I felt almost “normal” again and there was not much sense of anything more happening.

However, this morning, after processing all that had been stimulated by seeing that movie last night, I was once again feeling the effects of merging with (what I assume is) my Host self, only even stronger than before. I am even more “that” and “there,” and yet I find that I can function here as necessary, except that my mind is experiencing and processing information as elements floating in space, an experience often reported as part of the condition that is labeled “dyslexia.” Many years ago, I came across an article that suggested that the increase in dyslexia was actually a sign of more people becoming attuned to a multidimensional reality. My present experience seems to confirm that hypothesis.

There is something else I feel to mention. Back in June, I began to experience physical symptoms that I interpreted as an autoimmune condition, one that I have become familiar with over the years since 1984, when my immune system collapsed and was in overdrive, causing me to react to almost everything in my environment. In fact, the name for the syndrome was “environmental illness,” and it’s still being debated even now as to whether it’s a physical illness or a psychosomatic condition. It wasn’t until my doctor performed the right lab tests that a physical ground for my symptoms could be proven, but even now, most conventional medicine is very much behind the curve in dealing with environmental factors and their effects, including food, air, textiles, plastics, additives, and a long list of untested chemicals we are putting into our bodies every day.

In thinking back to what had changed to cause these symptoms to reoccur, I realized that I had become very stressed from having to go back to work for a living again, and thought that might have been the trigger (and it may have contributed in some way), but now I am thinking differently about the entire scenario. My first “aha!” was that I was reacting to my body as “foreign tissue” because, for my higher expressions, this body IS “foreign” to them. I had begun to experience needle-like pains, particularly on my scalp, and had kept them at bay by using an extremely gentle “baby” shampoo and body wash for my daily hygiene.

However, yesterday, I had another “aha!” because I was experiencing these pinpricks as rushes all over my body, similar to how it feels when your “hairs stand on end” and/or when the circulation comes back to a limb or part of your body that has “fallen asleep” through lying in an odd position or being pressed upon by something that cuts off the circulation. I realized that these symptoms might be the sensations caused by my light fibers being reconnected to my DNA, and that might also be the reason that all of this new information has begun to flood my awareness.

“The DNA, which carries the codes for the operation of all the bodily processes, must be restored and elevated back to its original frequency of Light. The “shadows” cast by the interlopers must be cleansed and purified out of the system, and all of the entropic thoughtforms of separation, disease, and dying must be cleansed from the cellular memory patterns, which are carried in the DNA. Those portions of the DNA that were rendered inactive will have to be restored to full functionality, which carries with it the gift of full consciousness. If one could see the light bodies of animate forms, one would also see a web of infinitely delicate light fibers interconnecting all things, all the way back to the Source.

… You will have to “die” to your idea of how small and powerless you are in order to become a “true human.” You will have to ACCEPT the information that begins to flood into you as your light filaments become reconnected to the Source.” (from “On Becoming a ‘Human’ Being”)

“This is why we have told you to give your spiritual practice the highest importance now. It is of the utmost value at this time to create as much “quiet time” as you can. You will need it to calm yourself, to integrate the many new experiences and insights that begin to flood into you as your light fibers are reconnected. A great deal of your transformation will take place now, on this side of the Null Point. All of these separate “you”s will be merged with your soul, and you will begin to access their awareness and experience. Your apparently solid reality will appear to be melting and you will begin to exist more and more in an “altered state” of consciousness. You will need these periods of quiet to integrate all of this.” (from “The Merging of Realities”)

Other signs of my receiving and merging with the higher aspects of my being came when I tried to work on editing the book I was just hired to work on. It took discipline to set aside all of the impressions I was being flooded with of how her mind was structured and operated. I “saw” chunks or blocks of material floating in space, with no obvious connection between them, acting like different voices that were competing to be heard. This particular author’s mind was operating that way, and it was a challenge to create the connections in the written material (which reflected that fragmentation) so that it flowed and would make sense to the readers of the book. It was seeing those elements floating in space that was different for me. I often have to untangle people’s way of processing language, but this was a new way of seeing and working. I have to say that it also took me out of the spaciousness I was enjoying and it took effort to re-enter 3D thinking and engage with doing the work I had agreed to do.

In general, with each passing day, I feel less and less aligned with 3D ways of thinking, seeing, and acting. When I read the headline about Obama announcing that he was going to put sanctions on Russia for hacking the US election process, I “saw” him as holographic image that was made up of thoughtforms that came from another level of reality. His behavior simply made no sense to me.

I knew the Russians were not behind the release of the information. There is not only no evidence to support that claim, there is anecdotal evidence (from several individuals who are in a position to know) that the material that revealed all of the information that was pejorative for Hillary Clinton and the DNC was actually an internal, domestic leak of information handed off by US insiders, not something gained through external hacking. I could sense that there was another agenda operating through the hologram we identify as “Obama,” but it still makes no sense to me and seems to be something that is not really part of my path and reality. I recognize it as part of the illusion that it is — someone else’s “story,” not mine.

I am mentioning this only as an example of how I am having to translate these multidimensional, holographic streams of information into words and linear thinking processes, in order to tell whether they are something I need to concern myself with and/or to communicate them to others. Just writing this article has been a challenge because my mind is not working in linear ways the way it used to. I have had to re-order parts of it, go back and edit it, and then go back again, because yet another piece needs to be added or is out of place. All of the information is available simultaneously, and it takes effort to structure it so it flows in a linear and orderly way. I also do not retain anything that I have said, as if it had never happened, so that makes it difficult to answer questions, too. It’s all turning into flow, and retention of details gets carried away in the flood.

I see this as yet another piece of evidence that I am being re-connected to the “Mind of God” and the way it operates. It is a process, and I for one am glad it is not happening any faster than it is. It would be a struggle to retain a sense of sanity if it wasn’t as gradual as it is. I am having to integrate this way of being “on the fly,” and that’s one of the reasons it becomes harder to either communicate what I am experiencing and to answer any questions about it.

The bottom line of all of this is simply this: We are now living in the new Creation. Everything that the Hosts told us about this shift is happening to me, and for me, that means it will eventually happen for everyone who is part of Operation Terra. It does become harder to function “down here” as this progresses, but it appears to come in waves. I fully expect that this current movement upward will require me to integrate that before the next wave arrives and I move up to a new level of experience and understanding.

I will continue to report on my experiences as I can, if only to offer encouragement to everyone reading this who is part of Operation Terra that the time we have waited for has finally arrived, and we are now in full motion toward the playing out of everything that is left to play out within the 3D portion of the Operation Terra story. Anyone who is reading this who is NOT part of Operation Terra will probably experience something else, but EVERYONE is moving steadily toward the destination that was written for them by their Oversouls, before they came into the bodies they currently occupy.

December 16 has come and gone and now, even though everything proclaims that we are about to enter the calendar year of 2017, we are actually a little over two weeks into Year 1 of the new Creation. Happy New Creation to everyone!


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18 Comments on “No End In Sight

Klaus Lathe
December 31, 2016 at 1:14 PM

happy new creation to you oriole and …. let the light…shine……..I v
just spent……8 days in Florianopolis…. where now 1.5 million people have gathered most of them from out of town and out of the country……to party….nothing for an old wolf… I am now new years eve…..about a thousand miles…..away from that city….with a handfull of ….naturfreeks….in our hamaka….just let it flow ..let it flow…. would nt be surprised if I wake up into a co-pilots chair…..and morpheus sits next to me….welcome homeKlaus….because that s exactly …what we have to exit…the interloopers..matrix………love to all……have a smooth trip….

paul joseph
December 31, 2016 at 1:36 PM

Oriole thanks for your update it is greatly appreciated and helps me to continue to stay over my feet and continue to LGLG direct.

Love, peace and happiness.

paul joseph

December 31, 2016 at 2:54 PM


Thanks for this post. In regard to the first part of your post and the title, just this morning in my meditation I saw a red carpet rolled out that went on for so long I could not see the end of it. Of course red carpet is for celebrity or royalty, at least to me, and the fact that it had no end was noted by me as well.

As far as environmental disease I knew someone back in the 90’s when I lived in Toronto who had what the hospital labeled 20th Century Disease and the hospital in Toronto sent her to a hospital in Texas which was better equipped, having all natural wood walls, no plastic of any kind, cotton sheets, etc, etc..

I find the news of your ongoing transformation very positive and feel excited, feeling I will be going through something somewhat similar very shortly.


A Man Called Da-da
December 31, 2016 at 5:10 PM

Phew. That’s a relief. The exact same thing happened to me early this morning. I thought I was having a problem. A million thanks, Sara.


December 31, 2016 at 6:03 PM

Thank you, Oriole for this latest sharing of your journey. I hope we of the Operation Terra Family will soon come to have direct contact with each other!



December 31, 2016 at 6:28 PM

Me, too!


December 31, 2016 at 7:26 PM

Y al despuntar el año “2017” estaremos abrazando a nuestra familia de sangre, pero en realidad será un abrazo de despedida.

El alumbramiento de Terra me hace muy feliz y el encuentro con “los nuestros” más porsupuesto.

Hasta la vista!!

[Google translation: And at the start of the year “2017” we will be embracing our blood family, but in fact it will be a farewell hug.

The birth of Terra makes me very happy and the encounter with “ours” more of course.

See you soon!!]

December 31, 2016 at 10:06 PM

Oriole: Thanks for taking your time on translating, I understand English but not all.


2+0+1+7= 1

January 1, 2017 at 11:08 AM

Oriole and Everyone: I am so glad you are here! Thank you all for sharing your visions and interpretations, and your “steady as she goes” stance. It has saved my heart and mind. So reassuring to know others are seeing and feeling the same.

Happy Creative Loving 2017! I think it is going to be a wild and wondrous one!

January 1, 2017 at 11:15 AM

I am glad you are here to explain the process you are experiencing or psychologically it might prove very difficult for the rest of us!

January 1, 2017 at 11:48 AM

Oriole….I am curious about how you felt about the movie Passengers. From the reviews I read it is a romantic story with the message if you don’t have the life you want can you love the life you have. I am sure You viewed it from a different perspective than the average movie goer. I was disappointed in the Arrival. I thought the premise that time is not linear could have been presented in a simpler way. Actually time doesn’t exist at all except in a few dimensions which is why I think downloading
A time frame to us is pretty must a waste of “time”

January 1, 2017 at 8:01 PM


I was disappointed in Arrival, too. From the trailer, we knew we didn’t want to pay to see it, but I was able to find an online streaming version of it and watched it out of curiosity. It took me a while to sort out what it was trying to present, and it struck me as someone having an idea that just wasn’t effectively carried through to the screen. The scene where she is drawing straight lines between points in the ink blot to try to find a pattern seemed to exemplify the entire approach — namely of something complex that was trying to be understood with inadequate tools.

As for Passengers, we almost didn’t go to see it because of one negative review that blasted the moral choices presented, but I felt a strong inner urge to see it and was totally immersed in it on the first viewing. The theme you mentioned is the common perception, just like some people saw Field of Dreams and thought it was a baseball movie. I think that what one gets from a movie is in part a reflection of what they bring to it. In Field of Dreams, I saw a spiritual side to it, one that focused on healing unhealed wounds by bringing together different people (both alive and dead) who somehow interacted in ways that enabled the healing process to complete itself.

In Passengers, I experienced a quintessential sci-fi story, the likes of which I have not seen in way too many years. It had all of the elements I could wish for, including presenting a moral dilemma that different people could have different judgments about. However, if it had gone any other way than it did for the two main characters, the entire mission (all of the passengers and all of the crew) would have perished. The choices that one man made saved them all in the end, but at a certain cost to the two people who form the center of the story. I almost never see any movie twice in a theater. The only other time I had done that was when the extended cut of Avatar was released, a year after the original had come out. The fact that I wanted to see this one again and was willing to pay for it twice is testimony to how much relevance I found in it.

That being said, I want to also offer that the experience is very much dependent on the theater where you see it. The first time we saw it, it was the 2D version and played at the Epic Theater in Hendersonville, which has exceptional equipment. Sound, picture, and seating were all that you could hope for them to be, and the experience was totally immersive. The second time we saw it, we went to the Carmike 10 in Asheville (because of showtimes and our schedule), which had older equipment and inferior sound, picture and seating, so even though it was in some kind of 3D, it didn’t have the presence that we experienced the first time. It still had an effect on me hours later, but the first experience was over the top satisfying.

What lingers for me after all is said and done is the sensation of floating through space and the idea that a life well lived is a life worth living. I am very glad I saw it on the big screen and am very glad I saw it altogether. However, it kicked off a desire in me to be out there among the stars, too, and not just on “spaceship Earth.” I look forward to being part of that larger landscape, hopefully soon.


January 1, 2017 at 6:50 PM

Happy New Year/Creation!

January 2, 2017 at 9:26 AM

Oriole. Thanks for you’re thoughts on the movie. I totally agree you get out of a movie what you bring to the table like just about everything else. I never saw field of dreams as a baseball movie and I am sure Kevin Costner didn’t either. If you ever visit his small memorial museum in Deadwood SD to Dances with wolves you get a small glimpse into the real man an impressive human. avatar thrilled me like mostly no movie ever has. Watching it I knew I had really experienced a similar life somewhere. I used to think that everyone who looked up at the sky at night knew they came from out there somewhere. Guess most folks don’t feel that way. Lol. Thanks again. I think I will go see it. I am living back in Morganton now and there is very good state of the art theater near me in Hickory.

Mark (Caleb33)
January 2, 2017 at 12:12 PM

HI Oriole,

I had an experience, the first of its type on New Years Day morning.

I lay in bed eyes closed but awake, and then I was a third person onlooker in a dialogue exchange between “myself” and my higher self which also looked like me…!

The metaphor was obvious in terms of the setting. I was watching myself stand in a level in a multi storey car park. My higher self was balancing squatting on the car park wall high above the ground. (The level I was on I intuited to be the “level” I am at spiritually, which will undoubtedly relay to the reality construct I experience. I intuited I was about two thirds up in the car park).

Then I watched as myself asked a question to my higher self, “Will there still be A**holes there?”

At this point, had I been able to use my hand to facepalm my viewing self I would have!!!

Then as I inwardly grimaced, I watched my higher self (who was clearly entertained by this candid question), reply “yes” while smiling warmly.

Then, as I lay there there in bed I felt I was hit with the most intense blast of love from my higher self, It was crazy beautiful. It didn’t last long, but in truth I am unsure how long I could have endured such a feeling?

As I opened my eyes, I thought that maybe we ARE about to go somewhere else, AND that the question a part of me asked, was in all actuality quite an important question, although lacking in eloquence LOL.

I have never had such a transaction like this, which incorporated my higher self, I hope I begin to have more…

January 3, 2017 at 12:35 PM


Thanks for sharing that with us. (My idea of how it will be “there” does not include A**holes. I assume that once our processing is complete, we will be fully functional again. In my experience with those I would label a**holes, I generally consider them dysfunctional and lacking in awareness, so I would expect that to go away once we are “made whole again” and in full connection, but that might not happen right away.)

Between elementary school and high school, I went to summer camp, as I had each summer since I was six. One afternoon, I was seated on a bench in the recreation hall, watching a movie with the other campers. All of a sudden, I found myself up at the ceiling, looking down at my body that was still sitting on the bench. It startled me so much that I tried to tell my counselor about it, but she just said I probably had indigestion and sent me back to the cabin to rest. I never told anyone about it again, but once I got over my fear, I began to experiment with leaving my body at will. Eventually, I was able to split off two aspects of myself, have them debate each other, and watch them both from within my body that was still on the ground. There was no emotional content to it, more like a pleasant mind game to play without having others know about it.

In my junior year of college, I took some art classes as electives. One of our models in the Life Drawing class was a powerfully-built black man named Charlie. Charlie’s girlfriend was a tiny white girl named Mary Lou and she happened to live in my dorm. She and I were talking one day, and when I told her that I could split myself into three different selves, she told me that Charlie could split himself into five!

I continued to experiment with this, but when I was 25 and in a coffeeshop on a “blind date,” I suddenly found myself across the room, looking at my body sitting at the table with my date. I didn’t like it happening unintentionally, vowed to never do it again, and so far have limited myself to sending my mind somewhere else to “see,” but the only time I am aware of leaving my body is when I am asleep. When I wake up, it feels like I have been somewhere else, but I have no memory of where that was or what happened there.

However, now I am beginning to have other perceptions and experiences, so I am working my way back to trusting myself to come back when I have gone somewhere else. I do have experiences where I identify with the “observer” part of me, which is what sounds similar to what you described, but I have not split myself into more than two places since that incident when I was 25. If it happens naturally, I am fine with that.


January 3, 2017 at 8:13 PM

I regularly “split” myself into two entities. I allow debate/ conversation often; but, I’ve never “split” more than that. I don’t even know if I could. And, honestly, I really don’t care to try. If it happens, it happens.

I didn’t start doing this until maybe a year ago. It started happening without any effort on my part. And, it’s only sometimes that I do it on purpose. I’m even surprised when it happens arbitrarily. I’ve never thought it had anything to do with OT. I’m just interested to know others do this too. Thanks

Love, Roshanna/Jean

Hocine Eternaltraveler
January 5, 2017 at 9:38 AM


Hi Oriole,

it’s always nice to read your post i always wait for them with anticipation. The process that you are going through right now as you pointed out in your posts will happen sooner or later to everyone of the first and second wave but it’s different for each person how it will happen. Thank you for all your posts.

I was nicely surprised to read about the pinpricks you experienced and still do now. i experienced them and still do since the mid nighties. all these years i thought it was a physical condition. i thought it was coming from my spinal cord because of my early nineties cervical vertebra arthritis but my arthritis (erosion of the vertebras cartilage) was healed (a miracle literally) and since then the pain was totally gone. All the scans i had in the hospital,the late one in december 2015 showed no arthritis, no any sickness except my prostate and my oesophage acidity. i experience the pinpricks sometime for one month or more for few minutes and they stop for few months or even many years and then they come back like now. i experience them all over my body but mostly my torso all my back, my hips and my upper legs.

I’m going through a rough time lately which is very deconcentrating. i have to read every line of the posts many times. Like Carlos there is nothing i find interesting, films, music, talking to people or even the nature. everything looks outdated, maybe because like everyone else of the OP i am vibrating higher than everything what 3d has to offer.

Thank you all of you.


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