March 5, 2017

Ramping Up

Moving forward and upward without end

I have already described that, after we entered the new Creation, I saw a path leading gradually upward that appeared to go on indefinitely and led me to appreciate our journey as being without end. That helped me to embrace the journey itself as a process and THAT led to my letting go of any sense of waiting for some kind of event, even while I could appreciate the many different “events” that collectively defined the process itself.

As I reported in “Bits and Pieces,” on February 3, 2017, I was told “April will be the transition month.” Around 2 weeks ago, I was shown a tube of light leading from where I was standing and proceeding gradually upward and onward through linear time until (what felt like) November 23, when it totally and abruptly ended inside a sphere that FELT metallic.

I saw a tube of light that came to a complete and abrupt end inside a sphere that felt metallic to me.

The only interpretation I can make about what this represents is to assume that this path is MY path, but also the path for the “op,” and that the metallic-feeling sphere is Midway Station. Please note that I was NOT told anything about this. I was just shown it and am interpreting it to mean that at least my husband and I will be aboard Midway by around November 23, but it could also mean that the entire evacuation was complete by that time, and that everyone and everything associated with Operation Terra who is going to be heading to Terra will be physically on board Midway by that time.

Then, sometime during the past week (I can’t remember which day it was), I was shown a narrow tube that went forward and upward from where I was lying in bed and began to become larger in diameter during the transition period, which feels like it’s somewhere around April 12 to 16 (hard to estimate the exact date). It continued to expand in diameter, looking a lot like the flower of a morning glory, until it reached June, after which it began to expand much more dramatically through the rest of the summer until it blotted out everything else except the flared tube itself.

I saw a tube that began to flare in mid-April and blotted out everything else by the end of the summer.

I interpret this experience as showing the amount of activity and the scope associated with Operation Terra, although it may also be accompanied by a great deal of activity in the outer world in general. I say this because of how the flared “trumpet” part of the tube blotted out my awareness of everything else, including time itself.

During the past week, my husband found out that he had NOT gotten a job within his department that he had applied for the previous week and would have been the perfect job for him and for us IF we were going to remain here on the ground much longer. That experience catalyzed a tremendous release of buried sorrow that we were both carrying, and at one point, I recognized that at least part of it was the surfacing of many tears that I had stuffed inside instead of crying them out at the time of the injury, and we have both been experiencing many intense and relentless clearings that were triggered by that event.

Clearing “all of the tears for all of the years” spent in 3D

In the Message, “The Best Medicine,” the Hosts had told us:

“You are going to return to the land of your dreams, and you are being cleansed of everything that would keep you bound to this plane and level of reality. You are acting like lightning rods to ground the higher Light into the atomic structure of the planet, and your bodies are going though many changes as a result of this function that you perform, not all of which are pleasant and some of which can be quite frightening because you do not feel in control.

The best “medicine” we can prescribe for all the “ills” of these changes is to increase your depth of SURRENDER. Turn all of these things over to God (however you conceive of It), and deepen your connection to Source. Deepen your trust in the journey, and surrender up all resistance to what you see going on around you and within you. Surrender up your fears, also.

…We have said it before and we will say it again: “Let go and let God handle the details.” You are shedding all of the debris you have acquired during your many lives on the face of this planet. It is not comfortable at times, but remember that you are losing only that which is not part of your essential self. You are being cleaned of all the barnacles and slime that you have taken on in your voyage through this ocean, and will be lifted into “drydock” to complete the process. Then you will be all clean and shiny and new, and will embark on other journeys in other seas, for this Earth and this sea will have passed away and be there no more.”

Many years ago, I was told, “It isn’t until you have cried ‘all of the tears from all of the years’ that you will be able to receive what is coming next.” It seems like this accelerated release of carried and buried sorrow is connected with “crying all of the tears from all of the years” spent in 3D, but the cleansing is going on in the outer world as well.

In the latest message from the Hathors (through Tom Kenyon), they said:

“In February of last year, we gave a message entitled Destabilization. As you enter 2017 the global destabilization we discussed in that communication is accelerating at a much more rapid rate.

… From our perspective, the entire physical universe is illusory in nature, a holographic projection of light.

Your physical body is also a holographic projection and is part and parcel of a greater hologram you call the cosmos. Thus, there are strings of energy that connect you to the universe as well as to the highest realms of light. These connections between you, the cosmos and the realms of light are part of your innate nature.

When you attain higher states of consciousness the illusory nature of physical existence and your reality as a being of light becomes more clear. But as an embodied being your consciousness is anchored in sensory perception. Thus you live in two worlds simultaneously—a world of exquisite freedom, unbounded by time or space and your embodied existence that binds you to Earth.

As your Earth morphs into new realities and enters more chaotic states your body/mind complex is being deeply challenged.

Even those of you who are clearly on the upward path to higher states of consciousness may, at times, find the challenges of global destabilization difficult to contend with.”

There is clearly a battle going on in the outer between the entrenched power elite, assisted by their minions (such as the mainstream media), and those who want to bring change to the status quo. Opinions differ as to whether Trump has already been castrated (Paul Craig Roberts) or whether the Deep State is dying and Trump will prevail, but the timing Clif High gives in that latter interview (chaos from mid-March through May) meshes well with what I am being shown in terms of this spring and summer. All of this is in keeping with what the Hosts also said in “The Best Medicine”:

“The entire process that is unfolding now on the planet will expose the underbelly of the “ship of state,” as it were, and the “creatures” that have been hidden on that underbelly will be seen more and more openly as the days proceed toward the conclusion.

… The purpose of the awakening is to set one’s heart and mind toward seeking in the right direction — toward the Great Thimble-maker — for solutions. The cause of everything you see that is “wrong” with the way people conduct themselves on the planet — including their reproductive behavior — is a lack of connection with Source. To make the connection with Source, one must first perceive the need for that connection. As long as one’s material needs are the primary object, one is not very inclined to seek a higher Source. So the material underpinnings will be stripped away from the many and placed in the hands of the few, and the suffering of the many will increase. In fact, that is already well along in the process.”

A job I was working on last week terminated unexpectedly and the next book I will be working on isn’t fully written yet, so I decided to not seek new work and instead, to work on learning the computer graphics skills that I had intended to learn. When I made this decision, it felt like I was making a shift from focusing on bringing in more money to focusing more on what I will be doing for the “op.” It was like turning from facing in one direction to facing in another, and moving forward on faith that we will somehow be provided for.

When I was in massage school, at some point in my training, I was told that I was not there to make a career out of doing bodywork, but to learn about energy. That certainly turned out to be true, and I think I am being asked to learn these computer graphics skills to learn how to use my mind in ways that I have not done since I was a young child. I don’t expect this to be something I do to bring in income, but rather to increase my ability to “see” with inner vision and to relate what I see to other structures and occurrences and communicate them to others in ways that are beneficial for everyone.

In closing, I would like to say that, while there is certainly more chaos unfolding and there is likely to be even more as we move on from now through the summer (Northern Hemisphere reference), I do think that it’s all good news for the “op” and for a better world on the other side of this shift. In the meantime, I intend to enjoy what I can of each day and look forward with a certain curiosity to see what comes next.

I can no longer relate to the outer world drama or news except in passing (and not very often, even then). For me the “inner news” is the most relevant and both my husband and I are very encouraged by the intensity and frequency of these clearings, because (for us) they signal that we are very much near the end of them and close to something else much more enjoyable coming our way.

Love to all,
Sara/Adonna/Oriole aka Traveler

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8 Comments on “Ramping Up

March 5, 2017 at 5:43 PM

I am in the midst of my fourth illness/virus since December so Ramping Up is music to my ears. It has also been a really unseasonably cold winter here. We usually have temperatures about 14C starting in February and it was minus 1 last night.I am starting to wonder if HARP technology has assaulted this area all winer. On top of these virus’s a back spasm two days ago (my first every) has left me in a great deal of pain. The sound of Midway and getting out of a world built on deception is something to focus on.

Whether the deep state is dying or not, I am happy for the exposer so far to their schemes and just the fact that more and more people are learning about the deep state now. It is as the Hosts said and we are seeing it in real time.

As far as my inner world, there is nothing to report really. Between the illnesses (and I have to wonder about Chemtrails and what they have to do with it as we see tons of those out here) I am trying to put one foot ahead of the next knowing this world needs to go down, go up in flames, just go.


March 5, 2017 at 7:03 PM

Thank you, Adonna/Oriole/Sara for this enticing description of our trajectory toward Midway Station. I look forward to seeing some of these barnacles scraped away.


paul joseph
March 6, 2017 at 1:58 PM

Thank you as well Sara/Adonna/Oriole aka Traveler for this latest post that seems to indicate to me at least that we may not have to wait much longer and the final chapter in this 3D reality is coming to a close very soon.

Love, peace and happiness to all until we meet again!

paul joseph

March 9, 2017 at 6:08 PM

I cry the tears of the ages along with you and yours, Traveler.

There is a battle I have fought for a very long time. It is ancient beyond measure. The being against whom I have fought this battle is a great enemy of mine. She is also my mother in this life.

I should say that she WAS my mother in this life, because she dropped her body in the early morning hours of March 7, 2017. A switch flipped somewhere within my being and that which I NEVER could see up to that point was revealed to me when she departed. The blinders of design fell away.

It was not until the very moment of her passing that I came to realize she is not my greatest enemy. In fact, she is my greatest friend. She is not the villain. She is an angel of the highest calling who agreed to carry the greatest part of the burden in this life so that we could accomplish what we came here to do.

We achieved our goal. We accomplished the unraveling of all the strands of conflict that had bound us together throughout eons, a weave of frustrating complexity. Certainly, we had much assistance from upstairs, but it is the boots on the ground who must do the work of third density in the final analysis.

Through the mystery of how things are put together, how they are designed by our oversouls, I was required to care for my mother the last seven years of her life. The last four years she was totally debilitated and required complete assistance to perform all the necessary functions of life.

The tears of the ages now flow from my eyes. I rarely was kind. I rarely gave my help with gentleness or understanding. Conceptually, I realize that my current makeup was designed by my oversoul so that I could act ONLY in certain ways that would lead to these tears. Practically, I am in agony. It is as if every life of pain in third density is gushing out of me now. This will pass — eventually.

Such is the clearing. Such is the scouring of the barnacles from the hull so that we are made ready for the imminent transition. I feel as if I am being sandblasted down to bare metal. It is all necessary, appropriate and unpleasant in the extreme.

In a daze, I stumbled over to AUV the afternoon of March 7 to see if there was a new post. Watershed events in my life have always correlated to events in Operation Terra over the past sixteen years. Naturally, I found that Traveler had posted her experiences in “Ramping Up” on March 5, the very day that my mother’s medical condition declined precipitously in advance of her imminent exit.

Yes, it is often traumatic in the way it must play out as we experience it. It is also beautiful beyond compare in how it all fits together, because it cannot be but by design.

My mother is still with me. She hasn’t gone anywhere, but rather only dropped the dross of third density. I begged her forgiveness. She indicated that she will remain with me to help me through this process. She sees with clear eyes at a higher level now: there is nothing to forgive because we planned it all beforehand. This helps, yet the tears must still flow.

Truly, I believe that the pieces of 2017 are falling into place for completion of the Op. We’re in the pipe, five by five. If past experience is any indication, it will be both wildly exhilarating and fundamentally terrifying, vastly fulfilling while completely gut wrenching. But that’s just me and the way I have always taken my ride: screaming, upon the verge of falling out of the roller coaster, yet still wanting to do it all
again once it is over. Maybe others will experience it differently. Boy, I hope so.

I love you Traveler. May the tears of the ages usher all of us to our destiny.

— Parallax

March 9, 2017 at 6:14 PM

Well, I see that my paragraph formatting did not transfer during the cut and paste. Sorry about that.

March 9, 2017 at 7:33 PM

Fixed it. Thanks for sharing that experience with us.

Traveler, aka Sara/Adonna/Oriole

March 11, 2017 at 9:48 PM

Thank you for this post and the continual work that you do.

I have seen the seemingly endless journey that awaits us , in my own way. Also, Something that fundamentally changed for me when we entered the new creation was that I was no longer waiting for ” something” to show up. I am content to live the journey. In fact, the thought of being down here for months does not phase me.

Yet ,like Lin, I look forward to these “creatures” being revealed and the barnacles of our Journey removed. However it all goes .

Parallax, thank you for sharing that. It touched me deeply.



Daniel Novotny
March 13, 2017 at 5:32 PM

Hello all,

Now reading “What If This Is Heaven” from Anita Moorjani. Several bits clicked into place. You can google the author for more info.




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