February 18, 2017

Structure, Self-reliance, and Sovereignty

Back in the early days, when I was creating the Operation Terra web site, I came across this image and it really spoke to me about how we think of our unseen helpers as being so far away, when they are really so close to us at all times.

We think of our unseen helpers as being so far away, when they are really so close to us at all times.

All through the Messages, the Hosts speak about being with us in our journey, and just two days ago, while I was wondering out loud why they kept playing the music from Moana in my head, I was gripped by an extremely powerful lifting sensation and the name of the hymn, “You lift me up” came to mind. When I discussed this with Galen, he recognized that we are being lifted, right now, but it’s a process of being lifted, not a magical single step from “here” to “there.” The music from Moana always lifts my spirits and puts me in an expanded, happy state.

The movie itself is about Moana discovering that her people are voyagers, whose heritage is to sail across uncharted waters to discover new islands, and somehow that touches a very deep note within both of us. We recognize that WE are “voyagers,” too, and our deepest longing is to be free to explore the cosmos and go beyond the limitations of our present environment and circumstances. I do feel we are heading toward that state, even now.

Two other things bear mentioning and relate to the present process and to each other. One is about my naturally adding structure to the formless world I found myself in when we entered the new Creation. Quite naturally and spontaneously, I have found myself noticing what tasks are best done at what time of the day and I have begun structuring my days around that so that I make optimal use of my time and energy each day. I have been able to accomplish so much more, without stress or pushing, it’s been a revelation. It has also made me aware of where I want to go in terms of what I want to accomplish, as long as I am still here.

I can see how these elements relate to each other and also form a framework for accomplishing certain goals.

I can also see how these elements relate to each other and also form a framework for accomplishing certain goals. And THAT led me to recognize that I DO have goals, which came as quite a surprise.

As I said in my last post, until now, I have always lived with “one foot out the door.” I was always ready to drop everything I was doing and move on, “in a heartbeat.” While that is still very much the case, I find I am able to fully function where I AM, and yet not form an attachment to anything that would keep me from moving on when it’s time to do that. I know that I could move on without a single backward glance and yet I am still able to fully participate in whatever I am doing now.

All of my goals are temporary ones that can change with time and new circumstances. I want to finish paying off our credit card debt (it’s now a third of what it was a year ago). Now that my teeth have been repaired, I want to become more fit and lose the 10 pounds that have crept back on over the past two years, as well as improve my overall health (a visit with our doctor is scheduled for April 4). I want to become more proficient in using the software I use for my work and be able to do more creative work, beyond just editing. I also want to spend more quality time with Galen and become closer with him.

All of these goals are being supported by adding structure to each day and each week. The last point I want to make about this is that this urge to create more structure and functionality is arising naturally from within me. It is not some kind of “should” that reflects how others think I should be and live. It comes forth from within me and is congruent with MY values and beliefs.

While the Hosts have given us an overall framework and remain close to us at all times, they have also said that they want us to be more self-reliant and become more like them — to be their peers, not always dependent on them for guidance and advice.

It is a process of growing our own wings and learning to fly…

It is a process of growing our own wings and learning to fly, not always waiting for the next time they speak to tell us what to expect and what to do about it. I will be surprised if they give us such guidance again, unless there is something we really need to know at a given time. They have prepared us well and have given us tools to navigate the troubled times as well as the times when things are quieter. It is now up to us to live our lives by using those tools and becoming more fully present, right where we are.

They have also told us we are never alone, even though at the same time they encourage us to become more sovereign. We have everything we really need, right here inside of us, and I am experiencing more and more of the Hermetic principle, “As within, so without.” As things are taking form within me, they are also appearing outside of me, in response to that inner shift.

For example, just yesterday, I wrote to a prospective client that I was working on improving my design skills and that “My longer-term goal is to be able to do more with images and create original composites.” Scarcely a half hour later, I got an email from one of the people whose tutorials I liked and had subscribed to, offering me a tutorial series that was exactly what I was looking for at a special price of $9, instead of the usual price of $97. I recognized that, not only was this a great opportunity, it was also a direct manifestation in response to my expressed inner longing. And, as a result of adding structure to the way I use my time, I am confident that I will be able to find the time to utilize this training and not leave it collecting dust.

On Terra, all things will be sovereign. All of the things I have mentioned above are about developing sovereignty — sourcing from within and bringing forth whatever is in keeping with the needs of the whole while remaining true to ourselves. I see all of these things I have talked about as elements in the overall journey. We walk as individuals, but we are never alone and we are created with everything we need inside of us to make the journey successfully, as it was laid out for us by our Oversoul. For me, the following image depicts it all: the journey, the sense of adventure in striking out into uncharted territory, and the sense of good things ahead. It speaks to me of the journey I am making, and I hope it inspires you, too.

Love to all,

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14 Comments on “Structure, Self-reliance, and Sovereignty

paul joseph
February 18, 2017 at 7:00 PM

Thank you Oriole for the latest post and I can really relate to your following statement:

“I find I am able to fully function where I AM, and yet not form an attachment to anything that would keep me from moving on when it’s time to do that. I know that I could move on without a single backward glance and yet I am still able to fully participate in whatever I am doing now.”

Love, peace and happiness.

paul joseph

February 19, 2017 at 7:19 AM


Thank you for that last image; it is so inviting and it really does say it all. As you said, it evokes a sense of “. . . adventure in striking out into uncharted territory, and the sense of good things ahead,” which I think is depicted in the brighter, blurred area just in front of the traveler. I also sense that the traveler is enjoying every moment, just where she is, as she progresses along the path: she is ever moving forward on the path to a wonderful future, but she is also enjoying the beautiful foliage and cool crisp air as she strolls along the way.

Love to all,


Jo Knox
February 19, 2017 at 8:00 AM

That was wonderful Oriole and as Paul Joseph wrote, “I find I am able to…” speaks to me too! This journey just becomes more interesting and exciting as I walk towards who I am. Thank you.
;love to all
standing oak

February 19, 2017 at 8:10 AM

I also noticed the depiction of our transition from 3D to 4D existence through the contrast of seasons. The fall scenery depicts that we are approaching the end of our 3D experience, and the bright warm glow that is directly ahead is our 4D experience blooming forth. Great imagery!

Puss in Boots
February 21, 2017 at 10:32 AM

It surely does, it gave me a lot of of inspiration – the picture at the end of a just as inspiring letter. I feel myself within and I sense the glowing warm amber shining inside. I sounds simple like “Every end is also a beginning.” Thank you very much, Traveler!

Love and blessings,

Joyce annis
February 21, 2017 at 5:22 PM

Ditto for me as well! I am truly amazed at the way things are appearing in my life now. I was always good at creating what I most desired but things seem to have picked up speed. A recent example. I am traveling with my partner in Texas the month of Feburary. When we reached the coast at Galveston Island it was very cool and windy. We are traveling in a motor home but use a motorcycle to get around the area we are staying in. I didn’t have a scarf with me to wrap around my head and face because I wasn’t expecting really cool weather. I remarked that I really needed one. We stopped to refuel a little later and a really pretty shawl scarf was lying on the ground by the gas pump like it had been left there for me. A very small thing but of great comfort the rest of my visit in the area.

I long ago lost a feeling of attachment to anything. It is a strange feeling n a way but I have always been this way to a certain extent. I have picked up and moved many times like a nomad. I have often wondered why my life was like this and I didn’t live like most people perhaps I was in training and didn’t know it. My Mom left this plane almost two years ago and I was her caregiver the last few years she was here. That event seemed to really sever ties here for me. I care deeply for my partner and we are very simpatico but at the same time my life seems strangely empty. We plan to travel a lot so I think my last years if that is what it turns out to be, will be spent looking around at this beautiful place we live. I am content with that or whatever else tomorrow brings. Live simply and appreciate the ability to do so.

This change is not what we thought it would be,right? But it is good.

Daniel Novotny
February 23, 2017 at 6:26 PM

Hello Oriole and all,

These times are also “interesting” and new for me: I live in a city, that is told to be this area’s version of “Silicon Valley”: there are lots of companies, where you can be employed in the information technology business. As a perfect match, I studied computer science on the university, so I was working in several of the companies through the last 10+ years. Rather than small companies with local impact, they were subdivisions of renowned corporations (I will not put the names here, this is public blog). It seems each quarter of the city has different energies and companies that are heading to different timelines: I was able to untangle with several “civilisations”, contribute to their code and sort of help them with their path, an exchange of energies and experience for both sides.

I lost my job during the “ball of light” period, there was one attempt to get another one, but it lasted only a month. Now I am sort of “in the void”. I exchanged some e-mails with a former girlfriend, who is now a friend of mine and she said that maybe I need some time to let things settle and think about my future.

I know the right offer will come in the right time. Now I have a sort of “period of transition”. Maybe my spiritual path, alignment and destination will also be more clear, after I will have more time for myself to meditate and focus.



May 2, 2017 at 10:28 AM

Hi everyone,

I’m finding it difficult finding people I can relate to when it comes to OT.

But Adonna /Oriole, and you others that have contributed make me feel less isolated,far away from the real action, here in South Africa:

Now here’s the point of my post. Adonna, I really love the pictures you have chosen/created throughout the original 3 volumes of messages then further in the additional messages and of course in your much appreciated posts. I find your illustrations are very creative, inspiring and enhance my overall feeling of the message. Also if I gaze at the picture in a meditative way, it improves my emotional state and helps me to be at peace. Even though I am male, the picture you chose or created with your new software at the end of this post,Structure, self reliance and sovereignty is a good example of this.

In love and light (I hope the great man Jean-claude Koven doesn’t mind me using the way he signs off articles this afternoon)


May 2, 2017 at 11:05 AM


Thank you for your expression of appreciation. I have always felt that the images were able to communicate far more than just the words could. For me, they were an integral part of what I was trying to convey. Perhaps that’s why the Hosts have guided me to get this new computer system and graphics capability in terms of my learning to make better use the software I have. One OT reader gave me the funds to purchase a graphics tablet and I hope to learn more by using it more.

One of the things I notice when I look at the OT site is how the nature of the images evolves as one goes further forward in time. That’s because the images I had to work with way back at the beginning were clip art that I purchased and they were very primitive. Then, for a couple of years, I paid for a subscription to a site that offered royalty-free images (around $300 per year) and downloaded lots of them to store on my computer for possible future use.

They served me well for a number of years, but now I am back to having to pay around $360 a year for a subscription, plus around $3 per image on another site, which is where I am getting the images I am using now. However, at least I have a great selection to choose from and a good deal of the time I spend on creating a post is looking for the right image that “says” what I want it to say and has the right tone/energy. I also feel good that by doing this, I am supporting other people who are creating these images for others to use. It makes me feel more connected to those who are trying to be creative.

I’m sure Jean-Claude wouldn’t mind your using his signoff. He’s a very generous and kind person.

Love and blessings,

Sara/Adonna/Oriole (I have no idea who I am anymore, and that seems to address my spectrum a little better)

May 2, 2017 at 1:20 PM

Hi everyone…. again,

I have been following OT from its beginnings, through the original radio shows into its current format.
I think that my personality WAS similar in many ways to Sarah’s. I say was in capitals as I too don’t feel the same person at all anymore :
But, Sarah, Adonna, Oriole, as you bought it to my attention , how did you receive your different names as I don’t feel much like Peter anymore?
In love and light.

May 5, 2017 at 2:38 PM


I was given the name Sara (no H) when I was born and my adoptive parents gave me that as my Hebrew name (something like the Chrisitian baptismal name). My adoptive mother wanted me to blend in and not seem “too Jewish” because of the terrible experiences she had experienced in Europe as a Jew, so they anglicized “Sara” to “Susan.” I went through the first 46 years of this life as a Susan, and have never liked the name, so when I got a free name change as part of my divorce from my first husband, I decided to go back to square one and use the name I was given when I was born: Sara Tovah bat Benjamin (Sara Tovah, daughter of Benjamin). I shortened it to Sara Benjamin. The surname changed as a result of subsequent marriages, but I kept the Sara part through them all.

In the summer of 1987, I was having a lot of telepathic experiences. My mentor Quaternicus (of Constellation Hydra) told me that my 4D name was Lady Lyara. I used the name Lyara and when I saw the first Chronicles of Narnia film in December 2005, I was activated and received an entire download about my home world on Antibula, a planet in the northwest quadrant of the Pleiades constellation. Lord Michael Adronicus of Sirius star system (whom I refer to as Andronicus) appeared to me daily from June through October of 1987 and told me that I (as Lyara) was his twin. I fully expected to be with him on Terra and I married the man who carried his identity, thinking that I was supposed to do that for the “op.” When we married, I made Lyara my middle name.

In November 2008, the Hosts told me that my “true love” was about to come into my life. I had no idea what they were talking about, as I was still married to my second husband, although we were not living together anymore. On December 20, 2008, I received a download in which I was shown that my twin was a man whom I knew from the Family Forums. We began to talk through email and then by phone and I was then given a download in which I was told that my 4D name was Adonna and his 4D name was Adir. This was very confusing for me because I still associated myself with Lyara and Andronicus. I later found out that Adir had been told that was his name well before we had met, so that was confirmation for me about Adonna and Adir. I got a lot of information about both of us and in March of 2009, Lyara split off from me and I couldn’t feel or communicate with her anymore. I began using the name Adonna exclusively around that time, but it was still hard for some people to relate to me as Adonna because they had formed a bond with me as Lyara.

In April of 2009, several people who felt they were connected with Operation Terra had a part of them split off, including my second husband and my housemate, Laura. Adir (Boris) had come from Slovenia to be with me in the US, and Laura moved on to other locations. Boris/Adir and I were married in June 2009 and moved to North Carolina in November of that year. I kept signing myself as Sara/Adonna until last December, when I found myself drawing (what turned out to be) a self-portrait and discovered my name as one of the Hosts is Oriole. I explored some of its significance in the following post, “What’s in a Name?” and began signing my name as Sara/Adonna/Oriole, which to me are my 3D, 4D, and 5D names respectively.

I am ALL of those and NONE of those. I have also been told my cosmic name is Zithra and I have seen that my name in the lifetime I will experience after I leave Terra will be Aurora. I am not sure what density that is, but have understood it’s on what is called “the causal plane,” which supports entire realities. I currently sign my name with whatever feels right in the context. I don’t really define myself by any of them, and for me, using all three symbolizes my existence on multiple levels simultaneously.

I know that’s a long answer to a much shorter question, but there it is. I appear to have been having an ongoing search for identity for a very long time and have been given these names by others over time. I never chose any of them myself, at least not consciously.

As for your situation, do you meditate or otherwise receive things for yourself? If so, you might ask and see what you are given as an answer. Adir asked and he was told his name. It was even spelled out for him and at the time, he thought it meant “a directory” because back then, he was working with computers and thought they were saying “a dir.” “dir” is code for “directory.” That didn’t make any sense to him, so he forgot about it until we met and I was told his name was Adir. When I got the name Oriole as my Host name, I asked about his and was told “Galen.” We both like those names very much and I like how I feel as Oriole even more than how I feel as Adonna, so I am curious to see how this will all play out now.

Love and blessings,

May 15, 2017 at 10:59 AM


It has been such a busy week at the flower shop with it being mother’s day weekend, proms, dances and more dances at the local schools I have not had a chance until now to address some curious similarities in our life ‘stories’.

Near the end of December 2008, my husband and partner of 7 years and I broke up. It was my decision at the time and I have been thankful for it ever since. Due to uncontrollable circumstances, he did not move out until of March 2009. It was at this critical juncture I had, in my heart, made some very clear cut decisions about what qualities I was going to have in my next mate. Shockingly someone showed up in what at the time felt instantaneous near the end of May 2009. We hit it off straight away and he was good with my kids like I had ‘decided’ he would be. As it turns out I ‘should’ have known who he was because we had so many friends and acquaintances in common. Yet we had never met. Although it was certainly one of those relationships you know instantly you are meant to be and we ended up moving in together in June 2009. We moved into his house where we currently reside around August of 2009. Before that we were living in the extra house on his parents property. Much to my happiness and dismay, my current husband is exactly whom I asked for. Exactly. Needless to say this has given me a LOT of change in perspective over the years.

Another point of similarity include me having this same feeling of having a part of myself split off (something I did not put together until I read your post here) from the rest of me in April 2009. I felt very much in limbo for awhile and while I am certain that this is something quite common for a single mother to experience I now have no doubt that it was also in relation to OT even though at the time, I knew nothing of OT.

One big difference is me never getting another name myself. I have not really asked though since I happen to like my name quite a bit.

Thank you for sharing this “long answer to a much shorter question” it has put together a lot of pieces for me and I humbly appreciate those pieces being put in place. I bet you didn’t imagine such a thing when you wrote this reply!

Looking back over posts and pictures it is interesting to me that much of what has come to the blog here in the way of pictures has stemmed from a simple question about weather you had a picture of the hosts or not and how you have taken that small thing and run with it so far. I am loving how all the pics you create are so well suited for each post as you write and how they have evolved so beautifully over time. I looked back at the post Exit Stage Left where I asked that and found in that post at least on my screen I goes ‘out of bounds’ in relation to the other comments for the rest of the page. It just goes to show how the smallest things can create some wonderful and exciting results. Especially when that was not the original intention and things just flow from one thing to the next until you now have a new computer for creating these wonderful images! I find a lot of joy in following those little things. Thank you for allowing such creativity in your life, I am positive we have all benefited.

Much love,

May 15, 2017 at 1:38 PM


As usual, your timing was perfect and very synchronistic! I had a few setbacks in setting up this computer. At one point when I was nearly done installing everything, Windows Update corrupted the installation and I had to spend hours on the phone with tech support, only to find out that I would have to go back to the original factory install and do it all over again. However, what had taken me a week the first time around only took two days the second time because I knew more about what I was doing and where the installation files were on my computer. I made some changes in what I installed because the whole process led me to develop more focus.

When I was going back to find things the second time, I happened to go into a folder where I had stored things related to my relationship with Adir. One of the items was a recording I had made off of YouTube of a song he had sent me back when we were just beginning our collective journey as a couple. I hadn’t played it in years, but when I played it back now, it brought back all of the feelings we had had when we were still getting to know each other and renewed them.

The odd thing is that I knew I loved him totally before I even knew him, and when I told him about that, he sent me another song that expressed that. That was then and this is now, and now I recognize that I know and love him totally apart from these bodies, which do not either define us or look right to me. I know him best through how it feels when we are together in a calm and grounded space.

Your timing is also synchronistic because I finally got to the point today of being able to formally start my training in Photoshop. Even though I have used it for many years, I never knew what I was doing and consequently learned enough to do a certain task, but never developed confidence in my abilities. I began using the program at version 2.5 (!) and stopped upgrading at version 7.0, so when I decided to come back and begin doing freelance work again, I had to get the latest tools. I felt like Rip Van Winkle, just waking up after a very long sleep. None of the programs I had been using were the same, so it was back to square one and now is the first time I have stopped doing paid work long enough to spend the time needed to get up to speed with the software.

I am finally taking the time to learn things from the ground up (instead of punting all of the time), and that feels very, very good. The Hosts are very close to me at all times, and so far, their guidance has been largely of reassuring me I’m doing fine and on the right track. I am learning a lot about myself in the process — noticing where I have outgrown old patterns and no longer need to use them is very freeing. I also am making changes in the times I choose to do things, which allows me to accomplish more and feel better at the end of the day.

I am not sure where all of this is taking me, but I do feel that the overarching theme for me is “Get ready!” (instead of “finishing school” like it was earlier). It feels like I will be in this mode of preparation for another 3 weeks or so, and I assume I will have more clarity by then about what this is all for and why it is unfolding the way it is.

I do try to convey things visually, and it will please me a lot to be able to create images to illustrate some of the things I haven’t really discussed in depth, but first things first. First, I want to become proficient with my tools, and I am choosing to focus on Photoshop and Illustrator, rather than staying with Corel Draw. I have chosen my courses and instructors carefully, and today I began diving in to the learning process itself.

More to come, I am sure…


May 7, 2017 at 6:48 PM

Hello Adonna, Oriole and everyone else(those who post and those who would rather just read and not get involved in posting their views because of previous bad experiences or because they would rather not put themselves out there, I’ve been there myself(it was a fear of mine) Adonna I would appreciate it if you whittled down or edited out what you feel is inappropriate in this post of mine

Yes Oriole, I do meditate. Don’t know if the people who were part of the family forums radio shows remember me or are even still on the planet as I write this tonight but here is a short history of mine, filling in some details that didn’t feel appropriate to add in 2009.

In 1997 I had a micro light accident where my leg was amputated and I landed up with a serious brain injury which left me with not much to do. I can’t even follow movies. From drinking no alcohol for 15 years or more , in 2008 I felt encouraged to drink alcohol What it does for me is stop the incessant chatter in my head and it helps me to be calm and stay rooted in the present moment. Most important, it helps me to listen and focus within as well as be in a meditative state too.There are many pros and cons but I’m not going to go into it here.

If I am right, the hosts said in We are the crucibles for transformation. Addictions of all types will intensify, as a way of bringing attention to what has not been dealt with yet, so if you have any places within yourself where you have been in denial or suppressing feelings by distracting yourselves, you will find the internal pressure for change building up until it is expressed and dealt with in one way or another.

In Love and Light.


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