July 31, 2016

The Apocalypse

If you ask most people what they think of when they hear the word “apocalypse,” many will associate it with “the end of the world,” although they may not know what that means or how it applies to them.” It is often closely associated with Armageddon, although most people aren’t sure what that is, either.

“Apocalypse” is a Greek word that means “to uncover” or “reveal what is hidden.” The biblical book of Revelation (English translation) is referred to as Apokalypsos in other translations. “Armageddon” is taken from the Hebrew “har” (mountain) + Meggido, an archeological site in present day Israel. As used in the Bible, Armageddon is where the armies will gather for the final battle before the end of the world.

The entire body of information that the Hosts have given us has identified our present times as the times referred to as the apocalypse. In the Message, “The Best Medicine,” they said:

The entire process that is unfolding now on the planet will expose the underbelly of the “ship of state,” as it were, and the “creatures” that have been hidden on that underbelly will be seen more and more openly as the days proceed toward the conclusion.

In looking at the American political arena, one can see that Wikileak’s release of 20,000 emails that clearly revealed that the DNC had rigged the election primaries, as well as the release of the movie, Clinton Cash, which documents the extent to which the Clinton Foundation engaged in “pay to play” tactics (both timed to the evening before the DNC convention) were certainly fitting with the definition of apocalypse and are in keeping with this exposure of “the underbelly of the ship of state” the Hosts refer to. They continue:

This is all part of the process of the planet completing with this level of her being, and because she is like your own child, you feel anger, rage, and perhaps impotence at what you see going on. Those of you who don’t like feeling impotent are feeling either desperation or determination to DO SOMETHING, depending on the degree of powerlessness or empowerment you have achieved, but it all comes down to the same thing.

This final desecration WILL play out, and it has as its purpose the experience of the desecration and the suffering that will result from it. It is easy to blame the Creator and be angry about the suffering, but how else can the “lesson” be taught? The greater mass of people will not get the “lesson” with less drastic means. They would rather stay asleep and let someone else do their thinking for them, so they need a “rude awakening,” not unlike Thimble in our story.

The purpose of the awakening is to set one’s heart and mind toward seeking in the right direction — toward the Great Thimble-maker — for solutions. The cause of everything you see that is “wrong” with the way people conduct themselves on the planet — including their reproductive behavior — is a lack of connection with Source. To make the connection with Source, one must first perceive the need for that connection. As long as one’s material needs are the primary object, one is not very inclined to seek a higher Source. So the material underpinnings will be stripped away from the many and placed in the hands of the few, and the suffering of the many will increase. In fact, that is already well along in the process.

One can also observe tremendous divisions and rising emotions that are being triggered by the sense of betrayal that many people are feeling as these revelations come bubbling forth. The current US administration is doing everything it can to spark a war with either Russia or China, both of which have nuclear capability and neither of which will be willing to back down if pushed hard enough. In the Message, “The Coming Storm,” the Hosts tell us:

STS is always trying to enslave others; STO wishes to be free and to throw off the yoke of oppression, wherever they find it.

And so a clash between these two opposing forces — those who would enslave and those who would be free — is inevitable. It will take many forms, not the least of which is your familiar “war.” However, there will be “wars” fought in other ways and in other fields of endeavor. Truth will battle with falsity. Love will strive with fear. Each person will have many opportunities to choose — moment by moment, day by day — and in so choosing to make their collective choice for one path or the other.

…There are many “slices” that will be cut off the single “loaf” that constitutes your present reality. The most beneficial thing you can do for yourselves is to focus entirely on yourself and your choices. Whatever you do, feel into those choices in each and every moment of the day, each and every day, and choose what seems “right” to you to do in that moment. You are dealing with a wave of change and the discipline is to “surf” that wave by remaining totally present — neither in the future or the past — so as not to lose your balance by leaning too far forward or backward.

It will be a time when you will find yourself remembering all that led you to the present moment, and you will have faith built upon remembering all that you have already gone through, but each time that you have followed that thread of the past to a natural completion point, gently bring yourself back into the present moment, just like a dog shakes itself off after a swim in a lake. Just so, if you find yourself drifting into daydreams of the future — when they have come to a natural end, bring yourself gently back into the present and focus on what is squarely before you to do in that moment. This is the way you will walk: one step at a time, moment by moment, learning to live in the NOW.

I have just concluded an interchange with a woman who is a long-time client and who has given me work when I most needed it. I tried to speak with her about these emerging revelations and she basically responded the same way my relatives did when I was two years old and “said what I saw”: “Please don’t make me look.”

In the Message, “About ‘Vision’,” the Hosts talked to us about how unpleasant it can be for those of us who are waking from the dream and seeing it more clearly:

Seeing more clearly can be uncomfortable at times, for what you could ignore in the past, you can no longer ignore now. It is a little like coming out of a dream and waking up to a world that is not quite as comfortable for you as the dream state was. This is why many people in the world refer to this process as “awakening.” However, we would say you are awakening from a dream that is an illusion and waking up to the dream that you have always carried within you, throughout all the lives that your Oversoul has created.

Think back, if you can, to 4.5 billion years ago, when you joined with others to dream this dream together. You have all been dreaming and now you are awakening, and there is a certain discomfort with what you are seeing as you awaken. It is a world that is clearly out of balance and not in keeping with the dream of what you had hoped her to become.

…You have a saying about there being good news and bad news. The good news is that you are much closer to realizing the original dream than ever before. That dream will culminate with the manifestation and realization of Terra, the new world where all of your dreams will manifest as reality for you. We think you will be surprised at how much of yourself has already gone into the creation of Terra as an idea. It speaks to your heart’s deepest longings, now that you have had your fill of experiences on 3D Earth.

You will appreciate Terra all the more for having been through everything you have been through, and once you have completed your transformation in form and consciousness and re-attained your former way of being, all of what you have traversed in the past will indeed seem like a dream, even though you still think of it as real right now.

…Terra is the world of your dreams, and it is actually your creation just as much as this present planet is your creation. You are projections that can be traced back to the elohim themselves, who are the progenitors for this portion of the created reality. Terra is the culmination of your time together as elohim, of your agreement with each other, and of your time as an earthly human being.

From the time you complete your ascension back to what you were before you entered the time loop, only a glorious future awaits you. It will be full of adventures and discoveries, to be sure, and it will also be full of the peace, joy, and love that you ache to have again. It will truly be a joyous time for all, and you will know exactly what it is that was missing while you were dreaming this other dream.

Terra is there, awaiting you already. You can feel how much closer you are to her now than when you began to be aware of her as your destination. You can feel that she is just out of reach, and we are saying that that is NOT a “dream,” but rather an emerging reality. You can “see” her through the lens of your heart. You can feel her in your heart. You already “know” the joy that awaits you and you already know how much closer you are to that joy than you were before.

…So if you don’t like what your “vision” shows you at this point in time, be patient. The mere fact that you can “see” it so much more clearly is a good sign. It means you are waking up from the dream — coming out of the trance you have been in — and are moving into full wakefulness, the realization of your other dream — the dream of Terra. So much good awaits you! And yet there is this time that must be traversed while everything is sorted out and made “straight” again. If you can continually release all resistance, this time will be much more comfortable for you. You really don’t have to do much else. Just work on releasing resistance whenever you become aware of it.

There are times when the energies are very uncomfortable. They can feel chaotic, or like an electrical current that is unpleasant — a sort of “buzz” that is unsettling. However, if you can remember to release resistance to what is not pleasant, it won’t be so unpleasant anymore. You do have a little choice about the relative smoothness of your journey. You will all “make it” to where you are destined to go. If you choose to focus on releasing resistance, things will go more smoothly, although they may not be what you would prefer.

I find that I am having some discomfort along the way, but I am also comforted by the fact that the Hosts told us in advance exactly what would happen, and that is very reassuring now, when it actually IS happening.

Now that the financial void has arrived in my life exactly when I saw it would, I am waiting to see what happens during the period of August 10-20, which is when I saw that brilliant ball of light. Today is the last day of July, so that is not very far from now. In the meantime, I stay over my feet, deal with what presents in each moment, and let go of both expectations and resistance as soon as I become aware of them.

Until the next time …


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21 Comments on “The Apocalypse

White buffalo
July 31, 2016 at 10:48 PM


Thank you. That was so well needed by this one. It was accurate fro A to Z and the
” About vision ” insert really added understanding and reassurance to my own reasoning.
I can’t believe I forgot about so much of that message. It felt unimaginably warming as I read it. So fitting for my moment.

The lady didn’t want to look. I spent from 2003 forward for the next 7 years trying to get people to ” look ” . They didn’t want to. Gave up my self installed ” Please look ” mission in 2010 , signed off and told my fellow Americans , Good luck.

I didn’t agree with the Host at first when they said that there wasn’t any other way to make people ” look ” but have since then realized they are sadly correct . There is no other way.
How sad when a hand full of humans determine the fate of an entire planet and its life forms.
Kinda crazy.

75 years of political charade sums up the entire history.

I am sure with you on the discomfort.

Remember, the beast developed compartmentalized deception and categorically deceived the whole world. The saddest story ever told

Travel in peace,


August 1, 2016 at 8:41 AM

Bill, I think this has been going on a lot longer than 75 years, and I would remind you that all of this is by divine design. If you are going to be angry about any of it, you have to be angry at Infinite Beingness for wanting to experience these intense scenarios. Been there, done that, am over it.

Move into your anger, sit with it, and then let it go. You’re only creating more wear and tear on yourself through your resistance. It’s resistance that creates heat in the wire the current passes through. Be like that hollow reed the Hosts speak about, resisting nothing.

Have you read Eckhart Tolle’s book, The New Earth? It might help you recognize when you are coming from ego and when you are engaging with your pain body. I found it very helpful myself.

Peace be with you,

White buffalo
August 1, 2016 at 7:33 PM


I was only referring to the recent political scene here in my country. 75 years is as far as I looked back. You are correct. The election charade does go back eons and I could write a small book on how glad I am that it’s coming to a close for us and I have you for an advisor. I am going to get Mr. Tolles book. Thank you.

It is precisely infinite beingness that I do blame for all of this . I am going forward with exactly that in mind and I think I agree with you on that. I don’t think the problem is not that I don’t understand what your saying, it’s just that I don’t agree with a life creating force that is willing to allow any amount or depth of human suffering to keep from being bored. I certainly agree with you on how it is, but it is just difficult for me to accept it as okay.

Everyone keeps saying over and over, ” All there is is love. The creator is nothing but love. What I have witnessed is a strange interpretation of the word love. Very strange. When you consider the public will repeat anything it hears over and over
and it doesnt make any difference if it’s even possible much less probable it just makes one ponder the accuracy of everything you’ve have ever heard.

I do have the ability to remove myself from all of it and view this as the creator does and sometimes I view it like that because it gives me another perspective of creation and the human domain that is unorthodox and difficult to achieve. I stop and view all of this like that and I enjoy it but I just don’t consider the creator correct even though if there was a creator at all he would have to be correct. Doesn’t mean I have to agree with him.

This toying with 3D lives like you would movie actors and referring to it as a God game comes across to me as an ice cold, totally removed life creating force. It just seems encredibly detached even knowing we are all part of creation. Like you are willing to accept any amount of suffering just to keep things moving.

I think I understand what your saying about infinite beingness but I’m just having a very difficult time accepting it as a correct creational theme and standard operating mod for a loving creationist. I would be inclined to leave the entire manifest universes void of any 3D life for eternity before I signed off on the madness I have seen , studied, lived, dissected, witnessed and monitored. As of today I am completely detached from it and do not get emotional discussing any of it.

Until I found a way to create human beings to be able to evolve without the ” ” seeking harmony in insanity ” experiment part I would leave all of creation totally void of 3D life. To allow life forms that you love to be used as trauma toys for millions of years, get tired of em and just slaughter em all with a pole shift when your through with em . Really ?. I mean, what am I missing here ? Is there a more callous detached form of creating any where ? I think the greatest tragedy other than the suffering its self would be to forget it.

If I am absorbing one of the messages correctly I am to speak my truth first and foremost. Nobody said anything about agreeing with the creator automatically because at that point you are no longer a sovereign being. You are a follower.

I was with the understanding that the there were a few people put here in Chaosville to note and absorb some of the emotional suffering associated with certain aspects of the human domain so it could be noted and healed and corrected in the future .I am in agreement with that but don’t much care for carrying my portion of the suffering . That is why I want our advisors to please get on with the show.

There is no question as to you being correct on how it is and why it is. We are in complete agreement on that.

I have certainly turned into that hollow reed. I have worked all of my life only to have my country, communitys, currency and constitution destroyed while I was at work. You can search from Portland to Plymouth Rock and not find a more disheartened crushed American patriot than me.

Looking back at my life and what I have witnessed, what happened to my country , the repeated near death trauma I have lived through and healed from I consider myself a Herculean walking miracle just to have survived it.

I did found some interesting material in the Indian archives. Some of their prophecy included advise from the creator asking all of the nations to not resist the madness of the heathens but to allow it. The creator also told them that not all of them would be able to allow the savagery. He knew some of them would resist but wanted them to know that the whole transformation from Indianhood to fire waterhood would be coming and it would just be easier to allow it instead of resist it. I found it interesting. Might be relevant.

A shaman once told me that you have to keep coming back until you like it. Please tell me that’s not true !

With Nothing but love,

White buffalo

August 1, 2016 at 8:05 PM

White Buffalo, it seems to me that your projection onto Infinite Beingness as “loving” is what creates most of your angst. When you begin with the premise that Infinite Beingness is a “loving Creator,” you deny Its true nature. It just IS. It creates just to create.

Yes, It wanted to experience all of this pain and suffering. The first Creation was rather dull, if totally pleasant. It wasn’t evolving and apparently the next desire that arose was for more drama. Hence what we see now. The bright spot in all of this is that apparently it’s gone as far as it can without destroying everything, so we are at the turning point (and Terra is the central seedpoint) for it to return to how it was before the negative polarity was created. That will take a very long time, but the outbreath is now complete and the inbreath is about to occur.

Today I have been working all day at editing and have not had time to look at the insanity around me. I am too busy helping others fulfill their dreams. I am at peace and feel I am moving away from whatever is going to play out. I really like having dropped out from participating in it. It gives me peace.


Monique O"gorman
August 1, 2016 at 1:16 AM

Can you tell me if this ‘Ball Of Light’ you saw was in a dream or a waking vision and do you believe it pertains to this current year of 2016?

Thank you,

August 1, 2016 at 8:36 AM

Monique, I saw this ball of light as a waking vision. When I first saw it months ago, it was just a brilliant ball of light that lit up everything around it. It reminded me of the very first flash of a nuclear explosion, before the shock waves ripple out and form the mushroom-shaped cloud. Time is usually difficult for me to pin down because much of this comes from outside of time. My sense of the period in which this would occur was August 10-20 of this year.

When the financial void appeared in my life on July 20 (as expected), I looked at the ball of light again and the information in the vision had progressed slightly, something like including more frames of the movie clip. Now I see it as a ball of light that does indeed unfurl to illuminate the surrounding area, something like that nuclear explosion metaphor, progressed a little further in time. I want to emphasize that I am NOT saying this is an indication that a nuclear explosion will occur. I am just describing the way it looks to me, and that is the closest example of how it looks.

Also, while the financial void was personal to me (I only “saw” it when I looked at the spreadsheet I use to track my cash flow), this ball of light seems to be related to a larger scope, perhaps the entire world, or perhaps just to the “op.’ In the past, when I have seen something occurring on a particular date or within a particular timeframe, something always occurred at the expected time, but it never has taken the form I thought it would, so I have learned to hold all of these things lightly, remain rooted in the present, and travel the wave forward until whatever it is reveals itself for what it is. As I often say, “Time will tell the truth of all things.”

— Traveler

Monique O"gorman
August 2, 2016 at 1:22 AM

Thank you for the reply and explanation of that. I can’t help but wonder if it is POSSIBLY some type of forwarning of something more serious on the horizon? I certainly will stay in my neutral zone with regards to making too much of a WORRY about it but it sure makes me wonder what that was about?

Do the ‘Host’ ever give individual readings to the public that would be interesting if so.

Also, can you tell me if anyone you know (or your self) is still feeling a sense of detachment to pretty much most EVERYONE around them? I would have hoped this would have gone away by now but it is still there….:-(

Thank You Again,

August 2, 2016 at 6:37 AM

Monique, I have wondered what it meant, but let it go, as it is impossible for me to do anything but speculate until the time arrrives and reveals what it’s about. I am so tired of speculation and I feel so much better when I remain rooted in the present, I am not willing to go further than to report what I see and wait until the rest shows up. Experience has shown that NOTHING takes the form I thought it would when it actually occurs, and I just don’t engage with dates of any kind any more. Things are moving too fast on the inner, anyway, and nothings persists. Memory is not reliable, either, so I just take one day at a time, try to stay in balance and at peace as much as possible, and allow everything to unfold in its own way and its own time.

I have had two basic thoughts regarding this ball of light. One was that it indicated a major event on a global scale and the other that it might mean things kick in for the “op” in a major way. At the moment, I am suddenly receiving lots of invitations to apply for freelancing jobs and have been so busy with those, I have had to let go of even paying attention to how close we are to that period of time. I have simply decided to deal with whatever shows up when it shows up.

As for the detachment, I still can engage with others when the need arises, but when it’s over, it’s really over. It’s as if it never happened. There is no continuity, and I feel that so much that I can observe going on around has nothing to do with me that it all takes on the feeling of just watching from the sidelines, at a distance.


White buffalo
August 3, 2016 at 9:50 PM


Nice to meet you.

I am with you on letting the event show itself. There is not much logic in us trying to guess.

I share the detachment feeling with you. It’s something inside of me is not allowing me to take anything to far as far as worrying. I also feel as though I am talking to people that I don’t feel as connected to as before. Don’t know if it’s good or bad. Just kinda going through the motion feeling. It’s difficult to get me to argue about anything. I think it’s because my soul knows it’s over so it’s just wanting to drift until lift off and honestly I feel like I’ve earned it.

Nice to meet you.

White buffalo

Monique O"gorman
August 6, 2016 at 11:39 PM

White Buffalo,

Nice to meet you as well.

I am with you on the ‘you have earned it’feeling. It’s been a VERY LOOOOOONG road in deed. I remember some 22 years ago, not long after my mother past, I heard her tell me…’Monique…’You have a very long road to go before you return home’. Little did I know what it would entail. For some ( if not most) it has been UNBELIEVABLABLY rough and I hope we do see some light at the end of this tunnel soon!

Take Care,

August 1, 2016 at 2:03 PM


I have several things to say but for the moment I wanted to concur with your “ball of light”.

When you first mentioned it I seen it in the exact way you are describing. The nuclear simile and all. Including it affecting a larger area such as you have described. I for the same reasons (not trusting and not ‘catching’ things that I ‘see’) I missed several of these including not asking you (duh, lol) to further describe what and how you seen this the first time around.

I might further suggest that I it might be a burst of some sort for those of us involved in the OP. Possibly a jump start of energy of sorts to put into motion the last scenes. Tying into some of the last thoughts I posted about your ‘ball of light’ and jump starting your friends journey.

Just some thoughts!

Will send more later… if I ever have time lol

~ Rinda

White buffalo
August 1, 2016 at 10:30 PM

Taveler and friends,

After I finished my sun gazing course several years ago there were evenings when the sun would be about 3 diameters above the horizon on a crystal clear day and if the energy and ambient area around me was quite enough there would be a very bright light appear from behind my right shoulder . No matter how fast I would try to turn around and see it – it would be gone. Then I would have to turn back around, face towards the sun and wait for everything to calm back done again before it would come back. Everything had to be right before it would show up and it was rare when it did.

In the evening I would stand between two huge pecan trees about 20 feet behind them so I am looking at the back side or shaded side of the two trees and directly west towards the sun at the same time standing barefoot on the dirt. When the conditions were right a light would shine so bright from behind my right shoulder that it would light up the shaded side of the tree twice as bright as the sun was lighting up the west side of the trees. Because trees have crude circumferences there were always a few limbs that the west sun were hitting and the side the mystery light was hitting simultaneously to make the comparison of brightness of the two light sources.

It was fascinating to view it and I never could turn around fast enough to see the source. It felt good to see the light. Haven’t seen it in a while. I may look for it tomorrow.

When I come home from the tarmac this time of year, Ra is not my friend by sun down. I have seen Ra until I’m cooked. I usually get 50 to 60 hrs a week of Ra . Every day I stop once in the morning and once in the evening and thank him for the day but I’m not interested in staying out in heat talking to him long enough for the mystery light to show up this time of year. To hot .

There is no life on any planet without a Ra. That is why I thank the creator every day for Ra. It was as if the message in the light was that there is a source of light some where that makes the sun seem like a flash light. Hope to see it again.

Do you understand the mystical and spiritual aspects of why Bear Heart had to
walk up to a coiled up grand daddy rattlesnake and pet it on the head three times before he received his medicine man degree ?

Just curious.

Love Bill

White buffalo
August 3, 2016 at 3:28 PM


I think the bright light will show up early and it might be nuclear.
Things are happening at our base in Turkey . Horrible situation.
I don’t think we have ever been closer to complete war.
What a crazy planet.

White buffalo

August 4, 2016 at 12:05 PM

After re-reading this post several times, I still have the same paragraph swimming through my head for several days now:

“Terra is there, awaiting you already. You can feel how much closer you are to her now than when you began to be aware of her as your destination. You can feel that she is just out of reach, and we are saying that that is NOT a “dream,” but rather an emerging reality. You can “see” her through the lens of your heart. You can feel her in your heart. You already “know” the joy that awaits you and you already know how much closer you are to that joy than you were before.”

This particular quote really pulls on my heart strings and my entire being says “Yes!” in every way. I love when I read something and it goes straight to the heart. It feels more real than a lot of things do lately.

I can understand how this is all working and I am detached from nearly every single thing I have read or heard about. It just … it’s almost like I have a hard time reading/listening to any of it. Like the printed word/spoken word from some, especially strong STS polarity people and articles are written and spoken in another language. They are not of the vibration I am heading towards and it has become so far removed from my reality, that I have a hard time comprehending at times. Which for an instant makes me feel stupid when I am looking at someone who has just spoken and they are awaiting my response and I just feel like “duuuh, which way did he go, which way did he go?” Does anyone else remember the cartoon for that? I don’t. It was funny though. I have even gone so far as to have the person repeat the sentence/question and even the second time, it’s like they are talking through water.

In other news…

I have to admit I was pretty grouchy one day not so long ago and told the hosts in no uncertain terms that this is a hell of a lot harder than I had signed up for. It is not, and I am only experiencing things as I am supposed to. I’m sure enough of us have had those moments lol. Growing up I have said the same thing many many times although I was never talking to God, though I was raised Christian. I now realize that it was the hosts I was speaking to and that they have done so very much to help support me through out the years that looking back, I don’t know HOW I didn’t realize it was them! It is what it is and I am aware NOW, and that is all that matters.

My most dearest memory of them, before I knew who “they” were was when I was 19. My boyfriend at the time had been playing mind games with me so badly that when we broke up and the subsequent fights and spiteful things we did to each other had me so out of balance that I was having a hard time functioning. I could hardly go to work, shop, speak with anyone or really just basic functions. Laying in my room one night I sent out a sos of sorts and this was my reply…

I was walking into a log cabin type of house into a room that was empty except for a table in the middle of the room. I knew it was not a dream, I was aware and conscious during the entire situation. I felt nothing but peace and the sense of ‘home’. I knew that I was to lay on the table, which I did. There were 12 tall, white energy beings immediately standing around my entire body.

I knew them! This was a revelation to me… that I would know such incredible beings!? It was beyond my scope of understanding at the time.

I only knew that I was in need and they were there to assist in what ever way they were needed. Looking around at them, I could not make out facial features they were simply light beings of love. Each one in turn placed their hands around the edges of my body. I knew I had asked for this and they were responding to that query so I simply let myself go and the room grew so bright I had to closed my eyes. I awakened in my room the next morning. I felt none of the anger, hatred, anxiety, frustration or any other negative emotion towards my ex or anyone else for that matter. I felt like I was starting over. I was in so many ways.

My only regret is that I was so blind to all of this for so long. I no longer pretend that I don’t know what is going on or try to hide myself… which is something I used to do. Just a few short years ago I would never have shared of myself the way I do here. It is a beautiful thing and I appreciate everyone who does the same, in what ever way that happens to be all the more.


August 4, 2016 at 12:44 PM

Rinda, thank you so much for sharing all of that! When I was 25, I woke up one morning and recognized that I didn’t like how my life was going at the time. I wasn’t suicidal. I just didn’t like how my life was going. I looked back over my life up until then and tried to see if I could have done anything differently at any time. After looking deeply into that, I concluded that — given what I understood and what was impacting me at any given time — I could not have done anything differently.

I had always done the best I could when all factors were taken into consideration, and from that moment forward, I have been free of ever having ANY regrets about anything, whether or not I liked what happened. I have ALWAYS done the best I could and that kept me from having any regrets. I DID end up going into therapy to address what I didn’t like about my life at that time, but I have never regretted anything, and I truly believe the same is true for you. You did the best you could. Therefore there is no cause for regrets.

I wish I could have the body I did when I was in my twenties and the understanding and wisdom I have now that I didn’t have then, but it seems it wasn’t supposed to be that way just yet. Nonetheless, even though I feel sad about some of the physical deterioration I have experienced, I wouldn’t want to be in my twenties again if it meant giving up what I have gained from the journey.

Much love,

August 4, 2016 at 2:49 PM


Really, your first paragraph has happened to me several times throughout the years, with nearly the same dialogue. Although with regard to the boyfriend situation I was suicidal at the time, in my own mind. I have not, nor would I ever attempt such a thing.

It really gives me the giggles how we seem to think so similarly at times.

Indeed, I do not believe that anything in my life is truly regrettable since I happen to also believe that each person does their best in every moment, no matter how awful their ‘best’ appears to be in that moment. I wish I could say that I have not suffered from regret since several of these self-talks. This is not the case, though I do not usually suffer regret for very long. Just another theme for me. Thank you for pointing this out when I needed it!

I would neither go back nor trade the past for now if it meant losing what I have gained. It is simply not worth it. While I don’t know your particular situation I do feel for the physical issues. They are the most difficult at times. I have several to deal with myself and I believe if this journey does not wrap up soon, my teeth will be taking a detour to the garbage can lol.

With love,

White buffalo
August 4, 2016 at 4:43 PM


I wouldn’t want to be in my twenties again if it meant
giving up what I have gained from my journey . Amen. Amen.

Are you referring to the fact that now that we have served our sentence , why would you want to go back in time ?



August 4, 2016 at 9:25 PM

No, I meant that I would not want to go back to BEING the person I was back then, even if it meant I could have that body again.

I don’t look at myself as having been punished (what else is a sentence but punishment) by being here. I see it as an extremely difficult journey that had to be made, in service to the planet. I think if it could have been done in any other way, it would have. It is my understanding that we had to come down and operate from within the planet’s aura to do the service that was needed. I am equally clear that, if the need arises again, they’ll have to get someone else to volunteer — at least if I can remember what it’s been like enough to say no! Much of the pain I was carrying has been cleared, and while I can remember the details, I do not carry that pain anymore as far as I know. I do not think we could have done any of this on our own.


August 4, 2016 at 10:41 PM

I dont agree with every word of this, but it happens to be one of my favorite songs:

Jo Knox
August 5, 2016 at 9:25 AM

Thank you all for sharing…it is a most comforting connection! I am now 79 years on this planet and aging as not been as difficult as I imagine it would be when I was young. We are becoming more and more into our own expression of Creator…using our understanding with nudges from our upstairs team, I have been able to rid myself of asthma and arthritis, and some accompanying pains that go with it, I share with you the lack of interest of most of 3d but am able to feel love for my backyard and all of it’s inhabitants! My chickens, geese,parrot,dogs, cats all seem to be so much more than the specie they inhabit. Don’t know if this makes sense as I cannot find the right words to explain my feelings.

I can still paint but now small canvasses for friends and family and even that activity wan in interest. I am so wanting to be with you all in Terra but wonder if I am ready?! Stilol have these preferences.

love to all
standing oak

White buffalo
August 13, 2016 at 6:52 PM

Standing Oak Joe,

My wife and I have always wanted to retire on small farm miles from the common human domain. We live very quite reserved lifes. My time alone in the forest as a hunter and woodsman is measured days not hours. My love for the forest has always been an extreme. Starting at the age of 5 through today. Many many forest days. I can only find my deepest sense of peace in the deepest woods. I really feel at home in the woods.

When I go out into the wild every day to do my job I can tell from the daily dialogue that meaningful conversation or talk of Terra is totally out of question. They don’t have a clue and if your only going to fill my ear up with what you have, what you’ve done, what you can do , or anything you’ve heard on TV I would rather be in the woods listening to nature.

My wife and I have discussed your serene habitat and we can only say we’re jealous ! She loves animals and so do I. Some souls require a lot more solitude than others. Some find softness and tranquility in the animal kingdom domain, some seek it within the human domain. I shared with Cindy the wild deer story. We view wild deer story’s and animal storys that we find in the cyber world. The storys are usually a lot more soothing than the rest of the stuff.

We share your desire for fellowship in earnest and it will happen. Before long we will be talking in person.

Thank you for adding your views for us to ponder.

White buffalo/Bill/Traveler


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