June 11, 2016

The Costume Party—Part 1

1987 was a very juicy time for me. I was being asked to channel every day and being exposed to all sorts of ideas that had never occurred to me. That summer, I was given a mentor from Constellation Hydra, whose name I translated as Quaternicus.

It was Quaternicus’s task to gently help me to understand that I was not just the person I saw in the mirror, and that there was a much vaster reality of which I was a part. He taught me many things, but the most useful one of them all was his observation that “Life is a costume party. If you think you ARE your costume, that will lead to trouble, but if you understand that your costume is JUST a costume, things will go much better for you” (or words to that effect).

In my last post, I was trying to make the point that this body/personality I had thought of as myself was really a projection from within my Oversoul, made up of densified light.


The Hosts have talked about this in their Message, “Changing Into ‘gods’”:

“Your physical body is contained in a matrix of Light. This Light is a substance, similar to water vapor, but much finer. It is incandescent, self-luminous, and so is often referred to as the Light Body. It is a matrix of Light in which the denser material that makes up the gross physical level is suspended, like so many particles in a soup. To “call down the Light Body” is ridiculous, as you would not be able to walk around if you weren’t already “in” your Light Body. It is what shapes you, carries you, and forms you. It is the “template” for your form. It is the projection of your Oversoul, and without it, you simply would not exist in material reality. You are a hologram of Light, formed by Light. All holograms are formed by light, of one kind or another. You are made up of Light.

Each particle of matter is a densification of this Light. Each material object is floating in a sea of this Light. You can’t see it with your physical eyes, but for those people who can see into the finer regions of reality, they are very aware of this. Why do we mention this? Because very soon now, you will be changing your form to more nearly resemble the perfected model of your Light Body.” — The Collected Works, p. 113

I am beginning to think that this vastness I am currently experiencing as myself is either my Oversoul or my eloha (singular). It’s not something I am trying to feel. It just arrives on its own and it is coming at a time when there is very little left of my former ideas about who and what I am. This body is the “finger in the pudding” that the Hosts spoke about in the Message, “The Harvesting of Souls”:

“There is no such thing as “re”-incarnation. There is only “incarnation.” The Oversoul projects itself into a space/time locus and clothes the tip of that projection in a “body.” It is like putting a finger in a bowl of pudding. The finger is part of you. The pudding represents the space/time environment into which you put your finger. The fingertip can feel the pudding. It can tell if it is warm or cold, soft, wet, dry, or firm. Just so with you. You are the sensory tip of a “finger” of your Oversoul, thrust into the “pudding” of your present space/time environment. You interact with your environment, which includes the presence of “fingers” from other Oversouls, each sensing and interacting with the same environment, but from their own perspective.” — The Collected Works, p. 98


We are each a “finger in the pudding,” and generally each of us is a projection from a different Oversoul—so-called “twin souls” possibly being the exception. (I do think it’s possible that a given Oversoul has projected different lives into the same space/time location, but am not aware of any instances of that being the case.) Since we are each a projection of our Oversoul, it could be said that we are to our Oversoul as a finger on our hand is to our entire body, but it is more complex than that.

The above image has a rainbow in the background, behind the depiction of a family of fingers, and for me, that rainbow symbolizes that there is an entire spectrum of being available to express through. Each frequency band in that “spectrum of being” has its own particular parameters, which determine the kinds of bodies that we can express through in that particular frequency band.


There are also instances where “human” entities are clothed in “animal” bodies, and it’s clear that they are not “just” animals. In addition, not only does our Oversoul have other “fingers” in other “puddings,” any given finger interacts with the fingers that other Oversouls create. Oversouls appear to be related to other Oversouls in groupings that we might think of as “soul families.”

In my previous post, I also referred to the fact that the Oversouls themselves are projected by the elohim, so in that sense, a given Oversoul is an extension of its eloha, just as the fingers/lives being projected by the Oversoul are an extension of the Oversoul. That might be why, in their very first Message, the Hosts said, “The elohim are here. They have incarnated as ordinary humans in order to act as human lightning rods, to draw down and anchor the energy of change, and to assist in the birthing of the new age.”

I wrote at length about this relationship between the light body, the Oversouls and the elohim in a Commentary that I appended to the Message, “Changing Into ‘gods’” (The Collected Works, p. 116-117). It also bears on some of the earlier discussion about the concept of karma and why that is a product of thinking in terms of linear time and a linear progression:

“There are many people on the planet who are promoting the idea that you need to DO something to get to where you are going. Some of them claim to have techniques that will call down your Light Body, adjust your DNA, erase your “karma,” assert your personal will to “manifest” some outcome or another, etc. Many of them ask you to pay them money to be able to benefit from these techniques and forms of doing.

Much of the information given to us by the Hosts is contrary to these assertions by others. You don’t need to “call down your Light Body” because you are already walking around in it. You don’t need to (nor do I think you can) adjust your DNA because you are the result, not the source, of its design, which was created by your Oversoul in creating YOU as its projection into this space/time location.

As for erasing karma, that is just one perspective, although a widely accepted one among those who have absorbed and accepted Eastern religious traditions. It is part of an overall concept of linear progression—going from point A to point B to point C within linear time—that is taught in almost all religions. However, as the Hosts have discussed, the Oversouls that create our “lives” operate outside of linear time, and they simultaneously put their projections of themselves—their “fingers”—into the “pudding” or environment of whichever space/time intersection can provide the necessary conditions for the “life” being created by the Oversoul. There is no linear progression as such, and my recall of other lives that were created by my Oversoul bears this out.

The Oversoul creates “lives” to provide experiences that serve the Creator’s desire to experience Itself through Its creations. It is pure “experience for experience’s sake,” not to “teach” or “learn” or provide “lessons” that will enable one to “progress.”

Each “life” is an exploration of various aspects of archetypes, or “life themes,” as we might call them. The archetypes themselves reside within the elohim. They are available to the Oversouls as a sort of “menu,” from which they can choose various elements to use in the “lives” they create. Life themes are explored from all of their aspects, and an Oversoul will create multiple “lives” to fully explore those aspects.

For example, one life created by an Oversoul may experience being a victim and another life may experience being a perpetrator of that same life theme. If the life theme of sexual abuse is being explored, the same Oversoul will create “lives” that act as both the abuser and the abused. If asceticism is being explored with one life, another life will explore its opposite.

These explorations do not necessarily occur in a particular sequential order within linear time, but rather take place in those space/time locations where all of the necessary conditions will be provided through the combined interactions of ALL of the Oversouls whose “fingers” are being projected into that particular location, defined by the coordinates of space (where) and time (when). (More specific information on time as a “locator” is discussed elsewhere in this book.)

According to the Hosts, there is nothing we need to do to either “earn” or “deserve” our passage back to Terra. Our individual journey has already been written by our Oversoul and our primary responsibility is to release resistance to the process itself. Our upstairs team is providing the necessary support to get us “there,” and our job it to let go and let “God” handle the details. It does require that we move beyond the beliefs of those around us who are not making this trip at this time, and it does require us to surrender up everything that is not making the trip within us at this time.

Letting go and surrender are the way through the process. Surrender is not passive. It is an act—a decision to let go of trying to be in control, to listen within, and to respond to what presents in a given moment in ways that simply feel “right,” without asking for external proof of that rightness.”

To be continued …


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7 Comments on “The Costume Party—Part 1

William Haley
June 23, 2016 at 4:20 AM

There seems to be some fine tuning of research needed in the reincarnation/incarnation debate.
The birth mark studys that were done years ago proved beyond a doubt that some portion or part of us reincarnates . The birth mark studys were conclusive. Some aspect of the 3D body comes back. I really think some closer analyzation of those studys combined with spiritual incarnation knowledge could possibly shed light on this in the future.


June 23, 2016 at 8:09 AM


When you look at these bodies from the perspective of them being a direct projection from our Oversoul, it would be the Oversoul (and the patterns it creates) that is the part that incarnates repeatedly. I have not been aware of the birthmark studies, but I do know from photographs and illustrations of some of the other lives that were created by my Oversoul (what we incorrectly refer to as our “past” lives) that there were certain facial characteristics that were common to those lives and the way I have appeared in this life (before aging took its toll). If you think of “us” as expressions of the Oversoul itself, then your statement “some portion or part [of the Oversoul] reincarnates would be accurate. It’s when we think of “us” as these bodies that the distortion comes into play.

We are not really these bodies. Each incarnation is unique, and this incarnation is also unique, although it may share traits that were expressed in other incarnations created by the same Oversoul. The individual who is replying to you carries knowledge, experience, and memories from other individuals who were created by the same Oversoul and projected into different locations in space and time. However, each of those individuals only incarnated once. It was the Oversoul who repeatedly expressed itself through repeated incarnations.

Where it gets trick for me is when I consider that all of these incarnations existed simultaneously and could interact with each other across space and time. I don’t think I will fully understand any of this until I am back in full connection consciousness, and I suspect that by then, it will be so self-evident, I would just live it as a truth and not need to explore it as a question to be answered.

I hope that helps. It’s difficult to grasp these ideas when our evidence is physical and the realms we are talking about aren’t.

William Haley
June 23, 2016 at 9:17 PM

I consider you a highly informed advisor in this field of reincarnation and such and agree with most of your reply.

Try to explain the results of the birth mark studies.

In brief it was a rather simple type of testing.

An add was run in the local area of the university. I thought it was Berkeley but it could be the other side of country. Who knows ?

The add said the school would be paying anyone willing to be hypnotically regressed and has a sizeable birth mark $ 25 for a thirty minute session at their convenience.

Nothing else was given in the add or the pre hypnosis conference . Every subject was regressed back to their life before this one and every one of them described in detail a form of death for the preceding life that completely explained the birth mark. No question.

For instance the woman with a 2 in round birth mark on the right side of her abdomen gave a complete story in detail of being in stage coach when an arrow came through the fabric and hit her. In the side. A man described his last life before this one and described walking in the snow in Germany during a war and feeling something hit him in the back of his neck and laying there in the snow and slowly going towards the light. 3 in diameter birthmark on the back of his neck. Every participant, same accuracy.

Every participant described the cause of their birthmark as the ending of their life before this one. I don’t see how this could be if no part of your old costume or its making is connected to your previous one. I am so void of understanding about the spiritual nature of this topic I have never even understood any type of religious aspect of reincarnation.

The percent of people with birth marks is the same as the number of people who die of this type of skin puncturing physical death that leaves a birth mark. Drowning, old age, heart attacks and such dont leave a birth mark . The ratios are the same for both categories.

There is a reasonable amount of evidence to support that everything except your costume is recycled. There are abnormal phobias and manias neutralized in ridden people simply by regressing them to the lifetime that included the trauma that caused the disorder and neutralizing it.

I have so much faith in you, I know you can shed some light on this portion of my understanding or misunderstanding of The Return.


June 24, 2016 at 8:24 AM

Bill, I replied from my present understanding. I did not know about the birthmark study and do not have any explanation for the results they found. My main emphasis is that THIS body and personality only happens once. I also don’t think that it’s important to either understand or evaluate phenomena unless they contribute to understanding something that is currently “up” for us. I have only recalled those “past life” and “future life” instances when they provided some insight into my present experience. I did not recall them all. It was selective for what was of value in the moment.

In terms of birthmarks where the skin was punctured, that might be a way to call attention to that other life. I healed one man of a congenital deformation of his rib cage, just using acupressure and a single finger. When I triggered the release and his rib cage reformed into a normal shape as he lay on my massage table, it was accompanied by a full memory of the time when he died from a sword being inserted into that same spot on another body. There was no obvious mark like you describe, only the deformation of the rib cage.

For what it’s worth, that man could not accept the healing and shortly after that, a psoriasis condition appeared on the bottom of his foot on the opposite side of his body. I think it’s all quite complex, and I leave you to sort through these issues if they are important to you. Right now, I have my sights on what lies ahead and whatever happened in other lives has little or no importance for me at this time. I don’t even have any curiosity about it anymore. I am slightly curious to see what happens over the course of this summer and exactly HOW we get from “here” to “there,” but even with that, I try to remain over my feet and just watch the drama unfold as it needs to and when it needs to.

William Haley
June 23, 2016 at 7:43 AM

Will Quaternicus’s kind of people be on Terra ?

June 23, 2016 at 8:17 AM

I hadn’t thought of it before, but it wouldn’t surprise me at all. The degree of human diversity on Terra is something we have not really addressed or explored very much. When I saw Lord Amador (the 4D being whom my cat Amador merged back into), he was clearly of the lion people from Sirius (Murry Hope has written about them, but I don’t know if her descriptions are accurate). I think it’s quite possible that at least some of the statues of Egyptian gods were representations of actual ET races that visited during ancient Egyptian times.

I think it will be quite interesting when all of the galactic civilizations that will colonize and/or visit Terra come together and are known. I certainly look forward to that, and I also think it’s why we need so many years to plan and coordinate the colonization. There will be a great deal of diversity that has to be accommodated in ways that have never been explored, which is why so many civilizations are participating in the emergence of Terra. It will take galactic cooperation to an entirely new level, one that will be a step upward for the entire galaxy, not just the direct participants in Operation Terra. Pretty exciting!

William Haley
June 23, 2016 at 9:31 PM


Very exciting.

The man named Ray I was telling you about is a third generation contactee
and has described a being somewhat like Quaternicus being on Terra.

Ray seems to be off a little bit on this ending because he has been told that the those pole shift type events were neutralized and weren’t going to happen. I believe I have been told that the pole shift is on every time line and that the time lines don’t use a different earth. The time lines are different times for different ending on the same earth.

Don’t really have a fraction of your information on this and would put my bet on you being correct before myself. You have more knowledge of the off world kingdom than any one I know and consider you my most trusted consultant on this entire spectrum reality.

Wankan tanka


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