June 12, 2016

The Costume Party—Part 2

To continue the discussion of “The Costume Party,” I would like to emphasize a brief passage in the Message, “The Harvesting of Souls”:

“If you were to look at reality from the perspective of the Oversoul, you would see all of your “lives” going on simultaneously. You would see that you had created them and you would have very little interest in what was happening to them because you created them WHOLE, i.e. containing everything they needed to complete the life “design” you intended for them. It is a little like the oak tree inside the acorn analogy.” — The Collected Works, p. 97


Our “costume” is not just the clothes we wear, the shape and features of the physical body we walk around in, the sound of our voice, or even our particular scent (whether natural or artificial). It is also our personality, our interests, natural talents, and skills we choose to develop somewhere in the unfolding of our potential. The above image represents the “face” that one carries in the world, wrapped in a theme of sheet music and adorned with roses, all of which convey features that the artist included in creating that sculpture. Our Oversoul is the “artist” that creates us as its living, animate sculpture.

Our costume is also a vehicle that is designed to operate in a particular space/time environment. Note that both time and space are involved in defining exactly when and where that environment exists. I have “remembered” lives lived in the “past” and in the “future,” because they all exist simultaneously. I have experienced “bleedthroughs” from other lives that appeared in my present time and space and I could observe them and interact with them. In one particular case, the interaction in the “present” influenced and changed what had happened in the “past.” When I asked how that could be, the person in the past replied, “We go on.”


Quaternicus is another example of “costume.” I “saw” him so clearly, I was able to create a drawing of him (above). He had no physical eyes. His entire body and skin was a sensing mechanism. I put red in the background to indicate his ability to “see/sense” into the infrared portion of the spectrum of visible light. This ability to “see/sense” infrared enables his people to act as excellent navigators under conditions where there is little or no other visible light to see by. Those antenna-like protrusions at the sides of his head picked up more than just sound waves. They picked up vibrations that were outside of the auditory spectrum, but carried information that was useful to him in his environment and role within the larger drama.

His world (a planet in Constellation Hydra) was covered by water, and his skin protected his body from the differences between its internal and external environments, as our does, but it was more leathery in texture. I was particularly fascinated by his clothing — a jumpsuit made up of silvery linked facets, similar to the scales on fish, but manufactured and serving him as a second skin. (By the way, if you have even looked at an actual fish scale, you can see it is shaped very much like a small feather, complete with ribs radiating out from a central stalk.)

Quaternicus did not have a mouth and teeth like we do. Speech was totally telepathic, so no apparatus for forming words was needed. He had a single proboscis structure on the front of his face that allowed for the ingestion of foodstuffs. The food was basically liquid, so no teeth were needed to reduce it to a digestible state. I believe his food was entirely plant based, similar to algae that grow abundantly in aquatic environments.

In August 1987, when I was told to “go outside and stand in [my] driveway, facing north” at 4 a.m., it was Quaternicus’s ship that appeared above the roof of my neighbor’s house, clearly illuminated so I could see it in the darkness. It was also Quaternicus’s ship that flew across the sky as I stood looking out at the horizon on the first morning of Harmonic Convergence, August 16, 1987. He passed by Orion’s belt and Lord Michael Andronicus’s command ship was stationary to my left, so I could see both of them at the same time. (see p. 610-612 in The Collected Works for the details of these experiences.)

In Gary Zukov’s book, The Seat of the Soul, he says that we can’t tell a soul’s purpose for a life by looking at the appearance of the person that is living that life. He gives the example of a drunk lying in the gutter as we pass by, and says that we simply can’t know the true purpose of that experience for us. It could be that the drunk is really a living master, providing a lesson for us that will help us grow in our understanding. I would go even further than that, and say that appearances tell us very little about what is going on. The experiences with my cats are an example of this.

One of my cats was just a cat. She had no particular intelligence that I could detect and was very “animal” in every way. Another cat was “almost human.” She had the ability to reason, figure things out, and plan ahead with intention. When she died, I “knew” that she was going to incarnate as a human in her next stop within linear time. Another cat was a close member of my spiritual team and when he died, his spirit re-entered his body as Lord Amador, one of the “lion people” on a planet in the Sirius star system.

My cat Geronimo was never a true cat, although he engaged in many cat behaviors. He was always more human than cat, and when he passed out of his body and his spirit traveled upward over my body and stood on my head for a while, I could not distinguish his vibration from that of Sananda. There has never been any other entity that carried that vibrational signature, so I had to conclude that Sananda had entered a cat costume to be that presence in my life at that time. Given the central role that Sananda has played in my life for the past 35+ years, that doesn’t totally surprise me, but it does demonstrate that one can’t tell the purpose or nature of a life by the costume it wears or its behaviors while wearing that costume.

I would like to come full circle in this discussion of “The Costume Party” to focus on the paragraph in “The Harvesting of Souls” that follows the one I quoted above:

“When a “life” is created, it contains “codings” — very similar to computer programs and subprograms — that will unfold the life perfectly. These codings are contained in the DNA and the various parts of the cells and tissues that make up the body. They are only contained in the brain to the extent that they exist in the cells of the brain. The brain does not “think” or direct. It is merely a switching station that coordinates signals or information exchange between the many different parts of the body and interprets the data coming in from the sensory input mechanisms.”

This is how the “acorn” unfolds itself into becoming the oak tree. However, those codings do not express except in response to an environmental condition. I have spoken of what I have named “the sentinels” — those portions of our coding that look for the appearance of a given event or condition that has been programmed to occur as part of our script. The sentinels keep asking the question, “Has it happened?” (referring to the event or circumstance that they are programmed to recognize) and when the answer comes back “no,” they just keep asking the question. However, when the event or circumstance does show up and is recognized, the sentinel then throws a logic switch that launches a subroutine or program that was dormant until the condition was met.

When I was growing up, my father placed an entire electric train setup on top of the ping-pong table in our basement. My brother and I would work together to guide the train as it raced along the track. One of us (usually my brother) would control the speed of the train, and the other (usually me) would race around the table, throwing the switches that determined which way the train would go when it reached that junction on the track. If no switches were thrown, the train would just go endlessly around the outer oval of the track, but if the train encountered a place where the switch had opened a different part of the track that was not normally accessible, the train would take that opportunity to “explore” that region of the table.

The sentinels perform that function in carrying out the script for our lives. OTHER sentinels in OTHER individuals are doing the same thing, so when the circumstances of MY life led to my agreeing to be the messenger for the Hosts, when I made the Messages available through the Internet, other people found their way to them and their sentinels were activated by the light codes that were embedded in the Messages. Their subroutines that said “it’s time to go this way” were activated and their lives then took a different course, and here we all are today.

Looking back in time over all the things that lined up and affected the course my life took and how my responding to my script led to others being affected by what I did, to me that demonstrates just how “big” the picture is, how complex it is, and how interconnected everything is. And when you add in the understanding that every form that exists is precipitated Light, shaped by intelligent intention and guided by a “soul” of some kind, then one can begin to appreciate just how Infinite Beingness emanates, populates, and interacts with every possible expression of Itself.

In his book, Stranger in a Strange Land, Robert Heinlein coined a word for which there is no external definition: “grok.” The general definition given by various sources is “To understand profoundly through intuition or empathy.” One of the definitions offered at The Urban Dictionary goes further and is closer to the sense I have of it:

  1. Martian word meaning literally, “to drink.”
  2. …To grok means to understand and empathize with something or someone to the extent that the object or person becomes part of ones’ sense self.
  3. To become one with.

(This is similar to the way the expression “I see you” is presented in the movie Avatar.)

For me, my present process is taking me into a much more direct experience of “how it is,” so that I am beginning to “see” or “grok” the whole, rather than the parts. When the blinders come off, the blind men can see and appreciate the whole elephant. However, in order for them to truly SEE it, they have to let go of their previous beliefs and attachments to those beliefs. In order for us to see properly, we have to let go of our previous beliefs and attachments, and that is the process I understand as “waking up from the dream.” It is ALL a dream for Infinite Beingness, and we are waking up from one dream and moving into another dream, one that more closely resembles “how it is” for Infinite Beingness. More on this the next time.


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7 Comments on “The Costume Party—Part 2

June 12, 2016 at 11:42 AM

Bravo, what a great two part write up this costume party topic is! I enjoyed it and it helped to deepen my understanding, or review it. I am finding that I am shedding beliefs to the point where I am in a kind of present time void of just living, being, having less doubt but also less faith and trust, just an “I don’t know” state. It will pass as everything is aways in motion. And “I don’t know what will take its place”.

Jo Knox
June 12, 2016 at 7:54 PM

When I am swimming, I sometimes inter into a muse state that expands my awareness of here and there…I become for a time everywhere. The connection to everything is intense and I feel into the experience..proof, needs are not important. I have felt and recognized the light signature of fellow travelers…it is this recognition that for me, goes beyond our costumes and environment. I so appreciate your blog especially when I experience some of it’s content.

June 12, 2016 at 7:57 PM

I second your appreciation Linda ~ “Bravo”
There is so much to digest, And yet overall. ~amongst all the disharmony and fear projections bombarding from the ever intruding media~ It is truly consoling to have this source – that feels & rings Truth – to relate to; to put it all into perspective..
It is helpful to have your reinforcement of such key points as “There is no such thing as “re”-incarnation. There is only “incarnation.” & Reminding “Surrender is not passive. It is an act—a decision to let go..” from your The Collected Works.. for getting through daily existing.. . Happy to see it (“Operation Terra: The Collected Works”) is available on Amazon..
It appears you feel more at Peace than last week.. I/we hope this is your Truth … & As always, Thank You for being the “Messenger” .. Love & Blessings “Traveler” & “Fellow” travelers

June 14, 2016 at 11:47 AM

Beautifully written with so much to absorb I will read again and again. The last part was especially positive for the what we have to look forward to in the near future
It is ALL a dream for Infinite Beingness, and we are waking up from one dream and moving into another dream, one that more closely resembles “how it is” for Infinite Beingness. More on this the next time.”
I look forward to reading more on this.

The information you shared about the wonderful cats you had was very enlightening. As a pet lover, owning many pets, my adopted Calico is an amazing soul offering so much comfort to so many in my family including my dog Molly who was in grief after losing her best dog friend. My Callie Cat adopted two years ago at around 6 years of age immediately upon arriving at her new home adapted as if she was here forever. She acts very much at times like my dog Minnie who passed over right before we adopted Callie Cat. My family never having cats before was completely shocked on how she was so easy going, never hid, greeted everyone who came to the door and sat on the lap of whoever needed her the most . She also sits closely with Molly our dog when we are gone to make sure her anxiety is controlled. She communicates and is very verbal. Because of all she has shared a few of our friends have went out and adopted cats into their family. They were ” dog” people only and realized that a cat can be more accommodating to work schedules. The energy Callie Cat has touches others who visit our home. I always love when others share pet stories as they are a great example on how we should be helping others and sharing love. I loved hearing about your cats and how much they shared with you.

William Haley
June 23, 2016 at 8:15 AM

Interesting info , thank you.

There are many videos of human souls occupying animal suits. There are two lightning shaman that can briefly inhabitat an animal to he can experience how the animal spends his incarnation .

There are videos of a Beluga whale playing with a little boy just like another child, an owl
holding the man with his wings who saved his life and healed him , a gorilla interacting with humans and such. Behavior so profound and obviously human in environments that are not suitable for teaching such behavior.

Buffalo bill

June 23, 2016 at 8:29 AM

Well, I have not seen any of those videos you refer to, but none of that surprises me. I have spoken of Geronimo and Amador as humans in cat suits. I also had a profound experience with a dolphin in a petting zoo in Florida. It was totally zonked by people touching it unconsciously, so I wondered what would happen if I touched it with awareness and intention, like I had been trained to do in massage school. I touched it that way, and its eyes flew open in shock and amazement. It jumped into the pool and just as quickly came out of the water, laid on the side of the pool and presented its body to me to be touched again. It was as if it was starved for “good touch” and wanted more.

On another occasion, I had to kill some time during a visit to Florida, so I went down to the Florida Keys and booked a ride on a catamaran that took people to see dolphins. I was able to tell the skipper where they would be because I saw a cluster of cloudships off to one side, and sure enough, the dolphins were there, feeding.

I came back a second time the next day, and we encountered a single mother and baby, isolated from the pod. I asked what I should do, and the skipper said, “Whatever you feel like doing,” so I sang a song to the baby dolphin, “I love the sunshine of your smile.” In response, the baby dolphin turned on its back and shot a literal beam of energy from its heart into mine that was absolute pure love and joy in being.

On the plane ride home from that visit, I was told that dolphins were my “kin,” so I am looking forward to knowing and exploring more about that on Terra. I think it’s possible that there are “mer-people” who are kin to dolphins, too, because when I saw the mermaids depicted in the first Narnia movie, I recognized the joy in their leaping and skimming through the water as a very “dolphin” thing.

William Haley
June 23, 2016 at 8:37 PM

My research into the miraculous interaction and healing that has been recorded between humans and dolphins was extensive. Their body’s are highly evolved
along with their spirits. There were several accounts similar to yours and even encounters on an unbelievable level.

The beam you felt was scalar energy used for reading your soul, noting any needs, fix them and if they chose making you forget you ever had a disorder if they deem the erasing of the action to be part of the healing.

I believe every word of your journey. Most would not. The healing story’s were extensive, they can scan you for energy blocks and fix them. There use of scalar energy is beyond our current science. The rings they make while playing are made with scalar energy. They find food and can stun the fish with the scalar energy and then go get it.

One lady had a paralyzed left arm for 11 years from a car wreck . While swimming with wild dolphins off the Hawaiin coast three dolphins positioned their self around her and looked up at her while she floated next to the tour boat. She became a little nauseated and ask the captain to help her get in the boat. She crawled up the ladder, laid down and went to sleep for 2 hours on the front of the boat. When she woke up she stretched both of arms straight up for the first time in 11 years and didn’t even realize that her left arm hadn’t worked in years. All relatives were stunned. Watch some of their ring making skills.

Joan Ocean has some of the most facinating dolphin story’s of anyone . She has been providing doplhin tours in Hawaii for many years. She swims with them almost every evening. She has been on ventures and places with them most people simply would not believe it.

She had a highly specialized and totally engineered swimming adapter custom made for her legs to fit. The attachment looks and functions just like a mermaid tail and enable her to swim encredibly fast and literally join the pod for evening swimming. The fish tail attachment is 16 feet long and works on the same complex physics principle as the muscles of a whale? It was expensive to make but allows her to travel great distances and depth with her friends. They are a major portion of her soul.

Thank you for sharing that . I enjoy everyone I read.



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