October 16, 2016

The Harvest


(masthead image from the home page of the first version of the OT web site)

The theme of the very first version of the Operation Terra web site was “the harvest,” in keeping with the Biblical passage, “…the harvest is the end of the world, and the reapers are the angels.” —Matthew 13:39.

The seeds that led to this harvest were sown over time. One can go back to the very beginning, 4.5+ billion years ago, when 144,000 of the elohim joined together to precipitate this sector of reality out of their beingness, and made a pact with each other to take responsibility for their creation until Terra was established near the beginning of the next Creation and a new group of elohim would incarnate there and take over responsibility from that point forward.

That new group would be externalized as the first generation that will be born onto Terra through us, who are the embodied “seeds” that will bring forth those who will populate Terra and bring forth the generations that will follow.

So, in that sense, we — as the embodiment of the elohim that were responsible for this sector of reality — are both the fruit of the prior “sowings” and the seeds for what will follow. Other key events and players were sown over time. When I had the experience of going back in time to when I was among those elohim, I “saw” history flash by in reverse, with later time periods appearing before earlier ones did. I was able to see myself and the friend who was making the journey with me through a telepathic link between us, and I recognized that we had often incarnated as “ordinary” people and also as people who had influenced the course of history at a particular nexus.

With each succeeding era, more seeds were sown that prepared the way for further developments. Millions of years ago, the reptilians overcame the “guardians” (a race of beings who resembled dragons) and set up many of the conditions that led our planet to become what it is today. Many of us who had incarnations during the dragon times are here today to turn things around and the establishment of Terra will mark a turning point in which the negative polarity will gradually be done away with altogether, over immense spans of linear time, thus reversing the trend that began so long ago.

Another key seeding took place over 2,000 years ago, with the incarnation of Y’shua bar Yosef, commonly referred to as “the Christ.” I have remembered a life during that time when I was part of his inner circle and made prophecies of my own about the times in which we now live. I personally believe that the OT Messages are a new dispensation of the teachings from that time, stripped of dogma and expressed in modern languaging that is congruent with more advanced scientific understandings about the nature of reality, including holograms, quantum physics, simultaneity and nonlocality.

We are now living in the time of the harvest, during which everything will resolve across the 12 timelines that will emerge from this one shared reality. The seeds of those 12 timelines have now been sown and are visible to those with “eyes to see.”

In preparing to write this article, I went back to a book that, when I had read it before, had confirmed my sense of multiple “futures”: Mass Dreams of the Future, compiled and edited by Chet Snow (it’s now out of print). Three clinicians (the late Helen Wambach, Leo Sprinkle, and Chet Snow) used a standardized protocol to take 2,500 subjects forward in time under hypnosis and asked them to report what they saw and experienced in the time periods 2100 AD and 2300-2500 AD. They then organized that data into groups, according to what was being reported.

In reviewing their findings, I “saw” that several different, mutually exclusive, futures were being described. ALL of the futures evolved over the time periods that were sampled, and each of them arose from around 5% of the current population. No explanation was given for this reduction in population, and by the period of 2300-2500 AD, they uniformly had repopulated to around 11-12% of the current levels. In the descriptions given, I did not recognize Terra as being one of the “futures” in their sample.

The main value I found in reviewing the data was to recognize that each of these timelines provided a certain subset or environment in which certain kinds of experiences were possible, whereas others were ruled out. That is why I regard these futures as being mutually exclusive to each other. For example, in the “rustic” category, people lived off the land and had breathable air. In the “Hi Tech” category, the air on the planet was not breathable and life was carried out under protective domes and/or underground. Clearly these were separate planets entirely. All of the futures appeared to be continuations of the 3D frequency band, and while some of the futures had highly developed technologies, none of them appeared to have the consciousness of full connection with Source.

In looking at each of those 3D environments, I can see elements in the present environment that are the seeds for those particular “futures.” For example, some of the new “disruptive” technologies (Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), 3D printing, Big Data analysis, cloud computing, etc.) could clearly lead to some of the Hi-tech environments that were described. They also can (and probably will) be used by the elites of the present world who are heading to “anti-Terra, the 4D negative-polarity equivalent of Terra. The current groups of people who have become “preppers” and have turned to homesteading and living “off the grid” could very well be the seeds for the futures that will be largely agrarian, pre-technological environments.

Every harvest yields the fruit of what was sown in the past, and it also produces the seeds for the next sowing, which will take place when it is time for that to occur. WE are the harvest from the centuries that preceded these times, and we are also the seeds — the progenitors — for what will be sown on Terra. From what the Hosts have told us, when they gather us up out of the 3D environment, we will be taken onto the ships and prepared to take up life on Midway Station, where we will remain until both we and the planet are ready to seed Terra with its initial inhabitants.

It is now a little less than 3 months since I wrote the Apocalypse article, in which I quoted from the Message, “The Best Medicine”:

“The entire process that is unfolding now on the planet will expose the underbelly of the “ship of state,” as it were, and the “creatures” that have been hidden on that underbelly will be seen more and more openly as the days proceed toward the conclusion.”

The past week or so has seen the Wikileaks release of thousands more emails related to the close collaboration between the US Department of Justice, the Democratic Party, the mainstream media that are the hired hands for the elites, and in fact the entire rigging of the US political process, which is now being blamed on interference by Russia. The elites appear to have stopped caring about who knows what they are up to, and are blatantly pulling out all of the stops in order to steal the upcoming election in favor of their puppet, Hillary Clinton. When actual facts are not sufficient to accomplish their ends, lies and fabrications are employed.

More concerning, the US administration has broken off negotiations with Russia over Syria and made the announcement (through Vice-President Joe Biden) that it is now instructing the CIA to carry out a covert cyberwar against Russia. Russia, needless to say, is neither pleased nor willing to stand down against such an overt threat to its integrity.

I find it hard to accept the stubborn insistence of the current US administration on their aggressive provocation of Russia and their willingness to instigate a global war, but that appears to be their goal. However, if such a conflagration is what is needed to produce the chaos that provides the conditions necessary to lead to each of the futures that will emerge from this one shared reality, then even that serves the needs of the whole by providing those circumstances through which everyone and everything will go to their “right place,” in keeping with their script.

In the next article I plan to write, I will explore the subject of “the needs of the whole” and comment upon some of the differences between how it will be on Terra versus the various 3D experiments that have been conducted in trying to satisfy the needs of some at the expense of others. For now, I just want to say that THIS time, I feel “this is it,” and expect things to come to a head shortly.

Love to all,

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3 Comments on “The Harvest

eric langerman
October 16, 2016 at 8:06 PM

Hello Adonna/Sara/Traveler,

Thanks for posting this article. It was interesting and I had been thinking about some similar ideas that you posted in this article even before you posted it that I was going to ask about.

I was going to ask about a list of all the known futures of the 12 future paths and which of those were covered in the book “Mass Dreams of the Future” you talked about.

I was also wondering how all the inner earth beings (advanced beings living in special domed cities miles underground such as the Telosians under Mt. Shasta, California, etc.) and also the hollow Earth beings (Agarthan civilization living on the inside shell of the Earth with a central sun at the inside center and tropical like land and ocean like areas similar to the outside shell where we live but much cleaner and paradise like with no disease or other problems associated with the current outside surface) would play into this shift into the 12 futures?

I was also wondering about the structure of Midway Station that you mentioned where we would be on for a time to make our shift to 4D especially the inside structure where maybe it is also a hollow type of rigid shell structure with various environments on the inside shell that would simulate the hollow structure of the current Earth with a small central sun and as are all our solar system planets including our own solar sun which I believe is hollow also with higher beings living on the inside shell. My interest in science has led me to research these ideas regarding the structure of the Earth because it will have to be taken into account regarding the structure of Terra and how living things with live on both the outside and the inside I would think depending on it’s structure.

I think the Hosts articles mentioned somewhere that the 7 billion+ people on the outside surface of the world will be the ones affected by either the pole shift or other outcomes on the remaining timelines for those who survive the changes but no mention as far as I know of these advanced inner earth and hollow earth beings.

I have heard some channeled and first hand information from an interview with former U.S. Air Force colonel Billie Woodard regarding there role in the future of the earth. This may be part of one of the future timelines when the time comes. (If you think his information is valid).

I also found interesting that he mentions that there will be a big Gathering happening before the end of the year 2016 involving 3 types of people, inner earth, hollow earth and off world people (which we would be a part of I would think according to his interview questions and answers he gave.)

So I was just curious about all these ideas I mentioned above and was wondering about your thoughts on all this regarding OT. Thanks.

Love and Light,
Eric L.

October 16, 2016 at 9:01 PM


I have been aware of writings and channelings that asserted the hollow earth civilizations you refer to and have never felt they were “mine,” so I assume that they are part of some other timeline entirely. It has also been my impression that they MIGHT be interpenetrating our reality, and may not really be part of the present Earth. I am aware of Admiral Byrd’s accounts, as well, and none of it felt like it had anything to do with me or my path, so I set it aside entirely.

When I went back and reviewed the material in Mass Dreams of the Future from my present perspective, I found that it was impossible to tell how many different timelines might be involved. Certainly none of it described either Terra or “anti-Terra.” In 2100 AD, there were initially 4 categories:

Type 1) Off-planet (52% in Earth orbit in an artificial space station; 26% aboard interplanetary or interstellar space craft; 5% in colonies on Venus or Mars; 17% on another planet or asteroid).

Type 2) “New Age” marriage of technology and nature. All lived on a planetary surface and had unrestricted contact with a natural environment; while they were in different locales, they had a temperate climate and fresh, breathable air. They were highly spiritual; spaceships and ETs came and went.

Type 3) High-tech survivalist cities, either under artificial bubbles/domes or partially underground. Air not breathable, no contact with natural fresh water (lakes, rivers, rain); cold, mechanical lives; food dispensed by computers; spaceships and ETs were possibly enemies or dangerous.

Type 4: 27 rural, 6 urban settings of a primitive, non-technical or post-disaster type; rural farms, urban ruins; all natural foods

In the period 2300-2500 AD, these 4 Types had evolved to three different kinds of Type 1, one kind of Type 2, two kinds of type 3, and 2 kinds of Type 4.

It should be noted that although 2,500 people went through the experiment, only around 200 were able to see themselves in any of these “futures.” The rest were still in spirit and had not incarnated again.

I am not familiar with Bill Woodward at all and know nothing about that gathering at the end of 2016. I have not followed anything that has to do with anything except OT and the elites that are part of the context for OUR journey.

As for your questions about Midway Station, it is a hollow sphere that is partitioned off into sections to accommodate supplies, operating and climate-control systems, docking bays for ships, plus the living areas that include people, plants, and animals that are heading to Terra. It is around 80% of the size of Earth.

The information from the Hosts indicates that the Pole Shift will displace/throw off everything that is not bedrock into space, leaving the present planet a totally barren and lifeless rock, with no water on it at all. They have not said anything about the planet being hollow or containing any civilizations inside of it. They have said that the greatest number of people currently living on the planet will exit through the portal of “death,” and they have said little or nothing about anything except the path that leads to Terra and the conditions that will lead up to the evacuation.

I hope that answers your questions from my perspective. There’s a lot I don’t know and don’t feel a need to know. The path to Terra is my sole focus at this time.


Jo Knox
October 17, 2016 at 5:15 PM

I have a feeling about this last post Traveler that makes me think of a boarding pass…the energy is so strong that I felt and flash saw the “underbellies exposed” and conditions more firmly in place than ever before to take us home. In the movie “On The Beach, then last scenes show a small group of people waiting for the end,,,while trying to use the remaining time the best way they can. I can relate to that. Thank you
love standing oak


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