May 18, 2016

The Nature of Divinity—Current Perceptions

When I was 14 and graduated from both elementary school and Sunday School, I became busy with the stuff of growing up and moving out into the world on my own, so I did not put much emphasis on spiritual considerations until I was called to my present path and it became the center of everything else I did. I will detail that journey in a separate series of articles in The Journey category.

Right now, it seems most appropriate to lay the foundation for everything that follows by describing the actual experiences I have had that showed me the nature of Divinity and of the Creation itself.

Originally, I used the term “God” to refer to the person or being that I thought of as the Creator of the universe. However, over time I felt that that term was too burdened with religious ideas and doctrine, so I began to use the term “Creator” instead. That was certainly a progression, but I was still bothered by two ideas around that term.

The first was that it still referred to an entity that was separate from us and seemed to operate within linear time. This reference to time is present in the very first word of the very first sentence of the first book in the Bible: בְּרֵאשִׁ֖ית (B’rayshees, which translates to “In the beginning.”) So I wondered, what existed BEFORE the beginning? I also wondered what had created the Creator. Something was missing from this picture, so I put it on the back burner and waited for more information to arrive.

I have only experienced the perspective of the godhead once, many years ago. It happened quite spontaneously and I can’t remember what the context was or what led to the experience, but I can still tap into the experience itself at any time and describe it.


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In that experience, “I” was perceiving and experiencing as if I were Divinity. I was everywhere at once. Everything I could perceive was part of me. There was no place for me to go, because if one is already everywhere at once, where else is there? There was nothing in particular for me to do, because I was already doing it all. Everything that happened was a direct emanation from within me — continuously flowing forth and continuously returning to be reabsorbed.

In another experience, I had asked to be shown “The Mind of God.” I was shown an undulating, self-luminous surface that had no perceivable boundary. It was truly infinite. As I watched, various things would bubble up from beneath the surface, perform some actions for a period of time, and then sink back below the surface and disappear. Sometimes two things would bubble up, interact with each other, and then each of them would sink back below the surface again. I noticed that I could not tell when something would bubble up and become visible. There was no indication that it would happen or when. It just appeared when it was “supposed” to, which implied a complex intelligence that dictated that behavior.

Physicist David Bohm has described a holographic concept of reality in which all things exist simultaneously, either in the implicate (hidden) order or the explicate (overtly expressed) order. He concluded that there were layers within the implicate order and that events/outpicturings moved upward from the deeper layers toward the surface, where they manifested for a while (explicate order) and then resolved back into the implicate order (returned to a potential state).

From the perspective of the godhead, ALL things are equally good or valid. Nothing exists that wasn’t directly created by this “Creator,” and It creates because that is the purpose It fulfills. It creates everything else.

However, I still wasn’t satisfied with the term, “Creator.” I recently began reading Eckhart Tolle’s book, The Power of Now. Tolle was also uncomfortable with words such as “God,” and referred to this indwelling presence as “Being.” That felt better to me, but it still wasn’t dynamic enough, so I ended up coining a term, “Infinite Beingness” for what I used to refer to as “God” and then as “the Creator.”

This term conveys exactly what I am referring to as Divinity. “Infinite” means to be without limits or boundary, either within space or time. Beingness is actually made up of three elements. “Be” is the action of existing. “Being” is a progressive state of “Be.” It expresses a dynamic, rather than a static state. “Beingness” expresses the quality or state of “Being” It comes as close as words can come to expressing this Beingness that is continually emanating and resorbing everything else.

This Infinite Beingness has no beginning and no end. It has always been and always will be. It is the only thing that there is, which is why I am comfortable with the alternative term for it: “All That Is.” If you put those two terms together as a sentence, it would read “Infinite Beingness is All That Is.” And the logic of THAT indicates that there isn’t anything that ISN’T Infinite Beingness.

Throughout human history, people have struggled with trying to understand their relationship to something that they sensed had created them. Myths sprang up. Writings were written. Religions attempted to codify their views and impose them on everyone as the only view that was true. At this point in time, while I recognize that there is some value in most religious teachings around the world, I have moved beyond ALL religion as being too limiting. Infinite Beingness forms me and is an indwelling Presence within me at all times.

Nothing exists except Infinite Beingness. Everything else is an emanation from It and flows back into It again — infinitely. One of my colleagues has given me permission to share HIS experience with Infinite Beingness, whom he refers to as “Ocean.”


October 18, 2011

To all,

I’ve had an interesting experience today that I need to share. In the early morning hours (around 2 a.m.), after only two hours of sleep, I woke up from “something” that wasn’t a dream. I don’t know how to call it, but it was an experience unlike any dream state that I’ve ever experienced. In that unnamed state I was a point of awareness fully embedded in what felt like a very fluid Ocean of consciousness and I was having a bird’s eye view of the street from my childhood. What is interesting is that I had a full perception of dozens of the versions of that same street that somehow coexisted, but were also separate.

As that experience continued I sensed that there was HUGE activity going on in the Ocean and that EVERY single thing that happened was an EFFECT or a RESULT of OCEAN’S ACTION. This is hard to explain, but nothing happens or manifests that isn’t a result of Ocean’s will and action. It’s extremely simple: everything I saw was Ocean in action and NOTHING ELSE. There were people in the street, but they were Ocean in manifestation, not some kind of separate entities that have free will. Free will doesn’t exist; the only thing that exists is the will of the Ocean, whatever the manifestation is — human or a mountain.

I saw that all the motion that was happening was scripted and I (in the connection with the Ocean) knew the script, and how everything moves on the scenes. Every single detail is simply just happening as the Ocean wants it to; it’s a total impossibility for anything to happen that isn’t part of the script.

As I was grasping all of this, I saw that scenes of my street started to change, especially the one that was somehow my main focus. First the extremely strong winds came and people were running around seeking shelter, then there came strong earthquakes that had cars that were parked rolling down the street like they were children’s toys. As I was witnessing all of this happening in this one scene that was my main focus, other scenes of the same street at the same time happily coexisted and not much was happening on them — the weather was sunny and people were normally walking and cars were passing by. They were totally unaffected and unaware of the apocalypse from my main scene. However, before the cataclysms started to occur in my main scene, there was a huge energetic sorting out happening below the surface. I don’t know how to explain it, but it was like people were energetically multiplying and splitting up.

For example, there was one man who had two energetic copies of him come out and separate/be pulled to 2 different scenes. He didn’t stop [existing] when his copies were extracted; he was still doing what he was doing, totally unaware that this was happening. Therefore, I don’t believe that people will simply disappear when the timelines separate. They will continue on other ones, but their versions/bodies on our timeline will be killed in the cataclysms. Their spirit might even be instantaneously transferred to their embodied version on some other timeline, but I don’t know, as I wasn’t drawn to explore this. What fascinated me the most was that a single hair doesn’t fall off anyone’s head if it isn’t part of Ocean’s Plan. The feeling was one of total safety because I was connected to the Ocean intimately, and aware of how EVERYTHING is being orchestrated. I was being one with this Ocean, I was literally wearing it and feeling its internal tides.

Today, October 18th, marked a huge internal shift for me and this experience I’ve had still lingers on. What I’ve realized by having a glimpse of it is …that there is only one BEING in action at all times and EVERYTHING happens according to ITS plan.

(He added the following on October 20th)

I know that to “normal” people what I have said here sounds crazy and I would not even try to attempt to describe to them what my experience was like. I believe that at least some people have benefit from me sharing this because of the clearing work that has enabled them to understand it at some level. Full understanding and the “A-ha” moment will come only with direct experience. There is no way around it.

What strikes me as ironic is that once one is experiencing this Ocean of Consciousness, one realizes that Its nature is baby simple, but to the veiled entities it appears mysterious and complicated. [Christ] didn’t say in vain that to enter the Kingdom, one has to become like a child. Ocean’s basic nature is the most simple and most natural way of being there is. Complexity comes in Its creations, but the base on which all of it is built is extremely simple and there is this childlike simplicity to it.

Ocean is not a human being and therefore doesn’t perceive like humans do. It doesn’t have emotions or a moral code — it is everywhere and in everything and it is everywhere and everything. Everything is under Its total, absolute control at all times, and there are no uncertainties or surprises because Ocean knows everything and is everything. Ocean is the CAUSE of everything at all times — this is extremely important to keep in mind. What we might perceive as uncertainties or surprises are nothing but the effects of Ocean’s actions.

I’m not yet in direct connection with the Ocean and I still have preferences. I would prefer pleasure over pain and suffering, etc. and this is normal for human beings; there is nothing wrong with it. However, when one is experiencing itself as a point of consciousness without a body and shaped identity, things are perceived vastly different. This is where the “no preferences” hallmark can be applied, in my opinion. I don’t want my body to be tortured in any density, but from this higher unincarnated level, all is good at all times and the point of consciousness is not affected by pain or emotions. I don’t know yet how to conciliate those two perceptions.

That’s it. I hope that some of you will have your own glimpses into these matters of the Ocean. I really prefer the word Ocean for the Creator because there is this malleable, fluid quality to it that kind of reflects the properties of water. — Azekiel

The next topic I will explore the implications of this perception of Infinite Beingness as All There Is.

— Traveler

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15 Comments on “The Nature of Divinity—Current Perceptions

Marc Perel
May 20, 2016 at 8:18 AM

Wow, what a lovely post, very eye opening

May 20, 2016 at 8:34 AM

Marc, a special welcome to AUV. You are the first “outlander” to find your way here. I hope you will stay with us for the rest of the journey, however long it lasts and wherever it goes.


Jennifer Tritch
May 21, 2016 at 3:09 PM

Thank you for this wonderful blog. I only learned of OT last December from a friend. I could not stop reading, it was if I was talking to myself. After stating you were closing the site, I ordered your last book which I have been reading and re reading since. I understood you were not saving emails so I did not sign up. Perhaps I misunderstood. I was delighted when the same friend, having lost contact with, forwarded your email of this new site.
There is so much I want to say to you, and will over time. I know I am living my script and when the pupil is ready the teacher appears. I appreciate continuing to grow with your guidance and support. I have felt like a misplaced zygote most of my 68 years. Thanks to OT and your book, I realized it is normal to feel I know less now than years ago when I thought I understood. You help me realize there are chapters in my script, and then I move on. I will never be FINISHED. I think about Terra all the time, a great visual gift.
You are blessed with wonderful gifts, thank you for sharing them with all of us.

May 21, 2016 at 4:04 PM


I am so glad you found your way to Operation Terra and now here to where we are gathering for the final round of 3D existence. I know that some of what I write here is “preaching to the choir,” but there is a lot I have never shared publicly and—most of all—I want people to reflect deeply on the concepts I am presenting here. We can hear a term like “All That Is,” without fully grasping what it really says.

So much of our conditioning and the places where we are not yet whole again keep us from really grasping and embracing the perspective that is being offered here. People make assumptions without questioning them and that’s why the logo for this site shows a magnifying glass inspecting a piece of paper from a different angle than it would normally be seen from. My friend and colleague, Jean-Claude Koven authored a wonderful book with a wonderful title: “Going Deeper: How to Make Sense of Your Life When Your Life Makes No Sense.” That’s what I hope to do on this site: to go deeper and look at things from a different (unorthodox) perspective in a way that makes sense of things that don’t normally make sense.

Welcome! If you know of others who might resonate with this material, please tell them about this site.


Kachina Bluestar
December 15, 2016 at 8:11 PM

Ah, no coincidences dear Traveler, Jean-Claude is a friend to me as well, and I appreciated Going Deeper, it came at the right time,

Blessings from Big Sur,
Kachina Bluestar

Jo Knox
May 29, 2016 at 8:49 AM

Traveler this is wonderful! If I remember correctly, when your book was first published you were told by the Hosts that someday, people would find their way to Terra beyond the book itself…and this is it..Love Jo.

May 29, 2016 at 12:29 PM


Well, I don’t know WHAT this is, to be honest with you. The Hosts told me to “write every day,” and this is what is coming out from within me. I’m glad you are enjoying it. One of the things I hope it will do will be to encourage people to deepen their own understanding of “how it is.” I think that will help us to receive and align with our next steps back to where we came from originally. Good to have you here!


John Afton
May 30, 2016 at 3:34 PM

I just wrote a comment aand tried to send it. I added my name and email address, both of which were correct. When I sent it, a statement instantly appeared saying use a valid email address. When I went back to check the address, my comment was erased.

May 30, 2016 at 8:20 PM

John, I don’t know what would have caused that. However, I see that you did manage to post on this page after that happened, so all is well for now.


John Afton
May 30, 2016 at 3:44 PM

In defining Infinite Beingness, you state as folows:

“This Infinite Beingness has no beginning and no end. It has always been and always will be. It is the only thing that there is, which is why I am comfortable with the alternative term for it: “All That Is.” If you put those two terms together as a sentence, it would read “Infinite Beingness is All That Is.” And the logic of THAT indicates that there isn’t anything that ISN’T Infinite Beingness.”

You incorporate in the definition of Infinite Beingness the term “All That Is.” I have seen “All That Is” expressed in an expnaded form as “All That Is, Ever Was and Always Will Be.” Do you think that the additional words add value?

May 30, 2016 at 8:25 PM

John, for me they cloud things, not clarify them. Energetically, I resonate with ISness, and while I have less trouble with the “ever was” part, the “always will be” part feels like a projection onto Infinite Beingness — sort of anticipating something that isn’t appropriate to assign to It. On a subtle level, that last part seems limiting. One of the things I find difficult to grasp is the DYNAMIC quality of Infinite Beingness. While we might be able to say what it was in the past, I don’t think we can say what it will be in the future. I like staying in the present and appreciating the ISness of everything. From outside of time, it all exists simultaneously, but from within the experience of linear time, “will be” doesn’t seem certain. Just words, I know, but you did ask, and I answered.


May 31, 2016 at 7:20 AM

John, I have thought more about your question and was able to put my finger on what feels “off” about the “Ever Was and Always Will Be” additions to “All That Is.” Those references to the past and future are describing a perspective that is rooted in the experience of linear time. Time is a feature of the manifest Creation and partners with “space” to define a location within space and time. Time exists WITHIN Infinite Beingness, but does not DEFINE It. Therefore those terms that describe Infinite Beingness in terms of linear time are — once again — a projection of the human experience of linear time onto Infinite Beingness, and that is not a correct perception. It is a valid SUBJECTIVE perception, but it is not “true” with a capital T.

In thinking further on this, I think it’s a good example of how we tend to project our own experiences onto something that is beyond those experiences. Until we are back in full connection consciousness, we are essentially blindfolded and do not see or perceive correctly. That is about to change.


May 31, 2016 at 12:23 PM

This description of what some native aboriginal cultures call ‘the great mystery’, that John posted, the “All That Is, Ever Was and Always Will Be” sounds vaguely familiar to descriptions in Sunday school lessons of my Catholic upbringing. Even though we may not call it ‘the great mystery’ at some point of not being in separation consciousness anymore I do like that description better than any of the descriptions attached to the major monotheistic religions earth has had and still has. At the end of the day its just words and not feeling, and when the experience of feeling is felt it needs no words.

June 20, 2016 at 9:30 AM

I have always been totally drawn to the explanation given about Ocean. It is what my understanding has been for many years. Gratefully I have recently been able to share this with others… with varying degrees of success. I have really been so energized to have the words to express what I have felt for so long and this post was the catalyst for this!

There is nothing quite like the wonder you find when you witness others open to things they had never previously considered. Something akin to a pure state of fluidity in that observing their reaction changes everything around them and to be able to see those ripples… totally awe-inspiring!

To be here, in these times and to be available to those that need and to need those same people just as much for the clarity and new perspectives they bring with them is quite the adventure. To say the very least.

June 20, 2016 at 9:50 AM

In your last paragraph, you have described your own discovery of the principle of “reciprocity” at work. As it says in the Message, “The God Game,” “:

“There is a RECIPROCITY that is inherent in the God Game. God supplies all of the needed players and is both teaching and learning at the same time. Each player is a teacher for the other and is also learning from the other. Each person is a mirror for the other one to see him/herself more clearly, to know him/herself more deeply.”

I have found it helpful to recognize this in action at all times, and it also fits with the notion that when a need arises, so does the solution for that need. They mutually call each other together. “When the student is ready, the teacher appears” is one way of seeing it. I like the example given of how it will be on Terra, where when one reaches up one’s hand to pick a piece of ripe fruit, the blossom appeared earlier so that the fruit would be there at the perfect stage of ripeness when the hand reached up for it. Lots to explore in this concept! Thanks for mentioning it.


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