May 19, 2016

The Nature of Divinity—The Implications

The implications of what is written in the previous post about the nature of Infinite Beingness and Its creations could easily qualify as the most unorthodox statements being made on this entire site. The idea that there is NOTHING that is NOT an emanation of Infinite Beingness contradicts almost everything that is taught in the Judeo-Christian heritage.

It implies that everything that exists and everything that occurs is caused by Infinite Beingness, which directly gives rise to it. What we might label as good or bad, sin or blessing, are human judgments, projected onto human experience. Since those human thoughts also arise from Infinite Beingness, we must quickly come to the conclusion that everything we perceive and experience is subjective in nature.

The only Absolute is Infinite Beingness and, as we have seen, Infinite Beingness is completely and utterly dynamic in nature. There is nothing fixed about It except Its infinitude. Infinity, by definition, indicates a condition or parameter of absolute boundlessness — the complete lack of limits or a finite descriptor.

This also means that concepts like sin, Heaven, Hell, devils, angels, and the “meaning of life” are human attempts to make sense out of our lives. They have no fundamental reality except in our minds, thoughts, and beliefs. I do not know why or how I did not accept what I was taught as “truth.” I certainly was exposed to a lot of traditions and accepted values. I was taught what “being good” looked like and I certainly have a well-developed conscience and sense of personal integrity that would make it very uncomfortable for me to deviate from those values, and yet there is something greater than those personal and subjective perceptions.

It is often said that “God is love,” and yet the objective evidence does not support that view. We project human wishes, qualities and desires onto Infinite Beingness and make It into our likeness and similitude, the reverse of “how it is” in actuality. We are emanations of Infinite Beingness, and we are each fashioned in such a way as to provide a unique experience for Infinite Beingness, and in interaction with all of Its other emanations. We are result, not cause.

Love is many things: an emotion, an opinion, and—when it is spelled with a capital L—it also refers to an ordering force that opposes the force of entropy. In that sense alone, Love is the glue that keeps the manifest portion of the Creation bound together and evolving toward more complexity. In the absence of that ordering force, entropy would break down everything to simpler forms. Entropy is counter-evolutionary.

The force of Love propels the Creation into ever-increasing complexity, so it is understandable that it would be equated with Infinite Beingness, but that is human error. The force of Love arises from within Infinite Beingness, but it does not define It, any more than the light that streams onto the Earth from the sun defines the sun.

In all of the formal schooling I have gone through (more than 20 years’ worth), there was only ONE class and one teacher that taught critical thinking. Most education was directed toward getting us to fit into a particular mold of thinking and behavior. The more prestigious the school, the greater the pressure to conform to the “accepted” values. In many ways, most people are the product of repetition from one generation to another, like the story of Grandmother’s Ham:


One day a woman asked her daughter to go to the store and buy a ham for dinner. “And don’t forget to ask the butcher to cut the end off,” she reminded the young woman.

The young woman did as she was told, but when she came home with the ham, she asked her mother why she wanted the end cut off.

“I don’t know. We’ve always done it that way because that’s what your grandmother did.”

“Why did grandmother do it?” the young woman asked.

“I don’t know. Why don’t you call her up on the phone and ask her!”

The young woman called her grandmother and asked her why she always had the end of the ham cut off.

Her grandmother was surprised by the question because the answer was obvious to her: “Otherwise, it wouldn’t fit in my pan!”

This little story has stayed with me over the years because it illustrates something that happens so often that, for me, “Grandmother’s Ham” has become a kind of shorthand for behavior that is mindlessly and unquestioningly repeated from generation to generation, even though the original reason no longer applies.

How many people believe in “sin” and that “God will punish you”? I once read about a primitive society that believed that a woman got pregnant from passing by a certain large rock on a moonlit night. Since they did not connect the act of sexual intercourse with the pregnancy that only became evident months later, they made a certain connection between a behavior that was common and could be observed. and they assigned causality to it.

How many people believe that when “bad things” happen to “good people,” it’s because they are somehow being punished? Even outside of the Judeo-Christian traditions, with their heavy emphasis on sin and punishment, there is another tradition that implies this, too. The idea of “karma” comes to us from the Eastern religions, and yet it, too, says that we are rewarded for “good” behavior and punished for “bad” behavior, across multiple lifetimes, but is that what is really going on? I personally don’t think so.

In my experiences with the godhead, the Elohim, and my Oversoul, one thing stood out loud and clear that went against all of that conditioned thinking. Neither Infinite Beingness, the Elohim, or my Oversoul had anything but the very mildest interest in their creations. They created because it was their nature to create. They didn’t judge their creations because that would mean that they had made a mistake.

Infinite Beingness continually streams forth Its emanations and reabsorbs them. It does this solely for the experience It gets from doing that. The Elohim are created beings — vast, nearly infinite fields of self-aware intelligence, without form or gender, yet gifted in ways that they join together in groups to precipitate various sectors of reality directly from their beingness — a step down from Infinite Beingness, the product of Its First Thought. I was given the phrase, “Sons of the Beginning” to identify their place in the larger scheme of things. Oversouls are created by the Elohim. They are the projectors through which the movie of life streams forth and provides the experiences called forth by Infinite Beingness.

Each of the Elohim is unique. It carries a slight distortion or bias that distinguishes it from the totality of Infinite Beingness, so each of its creations reflects that bias. It’s what gives rise to different “angles” from which to perceive, and THAT gives rise to a richness of experience for Infinite Beingness that is their entire reason for being. It is similar for the Oversouls. They also provide experience for Infinite Beingness. However, that level of experience is much more defined than the vast creations of the Elohim, so it really comes down to the fact that EVERYTHING that exists and occurs only does so to provide experience for Infinite Beingness. That is the sole reason that ANYTHING exists or occurs.

There is no “sin.” There is no Heaven or Hell in the absolute sense. Those are just constructions of human minds and we have very powerful minds, capable of creating things “out of thin air.” I have done so myself, and shall speak of that at another time, but for now, as Krishnamurti titled one of his books, “Think on these things” and realize that you are not bound by the dimensions of Grandmother’s pan.

— Traveler

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8 Comments on “The Nature of Divinity—The Implications

Susan Christopher
May 20, 2016 at 2:06 AM

I loved this! It was like reading the story of my life–except that I was brought up as a Presbyterian. I have, over the years, developed a strong connection with what I call my “Soul Family”–which defines Itself as “All that you are everywhere in and out of time.” I have come to the conclusion that it is the voice of” God.” I define God as “a great Spirit of Unconditional Love and Unlimited Creativity evolving through all life everywhere.” I am currently writing a book called “Finding the Still, Small Voice Within.”
I have never “fit in” anywhere and have few (but good) friends. I’m now 84 and feel like I have finally gotten off the busy wagon. I love this time of my life! I live completely in the Now and don’t have to do anything I don’t want to. Many days I just
enjoy the Silence.

May 20, 2016 at 8:05 AM


Thank you for sharing all of that. I like your definition of God. The only thing about it that I’m not sure about is the unconditional love part. From my experience of the godhead, it just IS, and it is just BEING what It is. It does not have any emotion toward anything It creates. It just experiences Itself through Its creations, and there is such a complete unity with everything else, I don’t think unconditional love exists in that condition.

Unconditional love implies an “other” that is separate from oneself. Unconditional love is something that WE wanted to receive from those we perceived as “other than ourself.” The greatest example of unconditional love that I have experienced occurred when Christ/Sananda fully entered my body and let me see others as he saw them. I wept for hours afterward. I “saw” everyone as perfect, but I also saw them as separate beings from myself, including Christ.

God/Infinite Beingness does not experience separation from anything. It is PRESENT in EVERYTHING, and I don’t think It “loves” anything. Everything just emanates from It and reabsorbs back into It, continuously. I think it is a human projection onto Deity to attribute ANY emotion to It, including love in any flavor. Deity is also not wrathful, judging, punishing, merciful, etc. Those are all attributes projected onto Deity by those who experience themselves as being separate from and dependent upon It. If there is one trait I would assign to Deity other than what I have already described, it would be ISness. Infinite Beingness simply IS. It is just being what It IS, by Its nature.


Pamelinda O'Keefe
May 20, 2016 at 7:41 AM

Hello, Lyara!

Nice to hear from you.
I will continue to read your current thoughts.
Just curious what has become of “Operation Terra”?
Be well, my friend,

May 20, 2016 at 7:50 AM

Pamelinda, the visible part of Operation Terra had a life cycle that came to an end on January 5, 2016. Like every “moment,” it had a beginning, a middle and an end. It peaked in 2005 and had been declining after that. The entire process was aimed at awakening us to who we are and then differentiating into who we are as distinct from everyone else in the group. We were being asked to move from how we were to becoming more sovereign and more like the Hosts.

I feel that the period since then has been a kind of “finishing school” experience. “Finishing,” as in completing unfinished business from the past, and “finishing school,” a process of refining our skills and preparing for what will come next in our lives. I know it has been that for me, and creating this blog is part of that process for me.

Good to hear from you!

May 28, 2016 at 5:33 AM

How can one practically discard the idea of sin or karma? I always perceived it as a kind of natural law, like when you drop an apple it falls down, when you eat unhealthy your health degrades. I also heard from other sources, like the youtube channel Rich2150x, that karma is a construct we do not need to follow.
But it contradicts with what I learned about karma. I know it as the law of cause and effect, which I for me seems to be an integral part of this world, like other natural laws. And that one does not need to be good in order to dissolve karma, but acting selfless, without ego-agenda. And creating karma for me means deviating from our inner voice, and not to refrain to do something which is considered bad by some religious viewpoint. For example there could be some situation where killing another (human) being is totally appropriate while it is totally unappropriate to do it in another situation. BUT if one is so far away from hearing this voice it may be better to follow some guidelines, like Moses gave the 10 commandments to his people.
So I would be glad if this could be clarified.

May 28, 2016 at 10:21 AM


That’s a good question. I also have looked at different perspectives on this issue. Anything I can say will be from MY current perspective and understanding. As I have already said, there is only ONE Absolute Truth, and it is Infinite Beingness. Everything else is subjective, including any belief about karma or sin.

That being said, you say that karma is “the law of cause and effect.” According to my understanding, there is only ONE Cause (Infinite Beingness) and everything else is Effect. As Azekiel pointed out in his experience of Ocean (Infinite Beingness), “EVERY single thing that happened was an EFFECT or a RESULT of OCEAN’S ACTION.” So how can there be a “law” that regulates Ocean/Infinite Beingness? If, as has been presented here so far, we are simply projections from our Oversoul and our Oversoul has “scripted” or written every detail for our life, then one must turn to the Oversoul’s intentions for our life. Even our thoughts do not originate within us, according to this model.

(One of the most interesting definitions of karma I ever heard was that we create karma by not fully being and doing what we “came here” to do, leaving unfinished business that carries over to another lifetime in the form of an exploration that is not yet complete.)

My position on this issue is that everything serves. Everything serves Infinite Beingness’s desire to experience Itself through Its creations. The idea of karma or sin contributes to discussions like this one, and modifies the experience that one offers through exploring the implications in their “life,” but the life itself is an illusion. Nothing about it is “real.” It is a localized expression of the unending emanations from Infinite Beingness, so one could regard it as an externalization of Infinite Beingness Itself. In fact, many people have commented on this and I love a particular story that reflects this:

A woman was watching her son drinking milk from a glass. She realized that the milk, the glass, and her son were all God-in-expression, so she said, “I see God drinking God out of God.”

Personally, I regard the idea of karma and sin as the product of human thought and the experience of separation from Infinite Beingness. They are both intimately bound up with the ideas of “crime” and “punishment.” When one is in full connection consciousness, everything is seen for what it IS, and how it is perfect just as it IS. The idea of judgment comes out of the idea of injury, and humans have projected that idea onto Infinite Beingness as if humans could injure or offend Infinite Beingness through their actions. However, since their actions proceed directly FROM Infinite Beingness, how could they injure or offend their source?

As for listening to our inner voice, I have been doing that without knowing that I was doing that since before I incarnated. When I did NOT listen to that tiny voice whispering in my head, the pain I experienced from not listening and instead pushing through and imposing my ego-will on the situation taught me to listen to it, and now I have learned to both listen better and pay more attention to what feels right in a given moment.

However, all of that is just me following my script. I have never deviated from my script, and neither have you. Your questioning these concepts right now is part of your script. You are being exactly the way you are supposed to be in this moment, and we are having this conversation between us because it’s in our scripts to do so. To quote Azekiel again:

“… nothing happens or manifests that isn’t a result of Ocean’s will and action. It’s extremely simple: everything I saw was Ocean in action and NOTHING ELSE. There were people in the street, but they were Ocean in manifestation, not some kind of separate entities that have free will. Free will doesn’t exist; the only thing that exists is the will of the Ocean, whatever the manifestation is — human or a mountain.

I saw that all the motion that was happening was scripted and I (in the connection with the Ocean) knew the script, and how everything moves on the scenes. Every single detail is simply just happening as the Ocean wants it to; it’s a total impossibility for anything to happen that isn’t part of the script.

… What fascinated me the most was that a single hair doesn’t fall off anyone’s head if it isn’t part of Ocean’s Plan. The feeling was one of total safety because I was connected to the Ocean intimately, and aware of how EVERYTHING is being orchestrated. I was being one with this Ocean, I was literally wearing it and feeling its internal tides.

… Ocean is not a human being and therefore doesn’t perceive like humans do. It doesn’t have emotions or a moral code — it is everywhere and in everything and it is everywhere and everything. Everything is under Its total, absolute control at all times, and there are no uncertainties or surprises because Ocean knows everything and is everything. Ocean is the CAUSE of everything at all times — this is extremely important to keep in mind. What we might perceive as uncertainties or surprises are nothing but the effects of Ocean’s actions.”

So there you have it — the “unorthodox view” that challenges every single thing that conventional religions and spiritual practices teach us so that we remain mired in separation and in need of their leadership and solutions. But, that, too, is part of the script for all of those who participate in that interaction. It’s really quite simple (as Azekiel pointed out at the end) and as one astute person whose screen name was Brownangel repeatedly pointed out: “It’s the script.” It is ALWAYS the script and we do not have free will in this at all. There is no wiggle room. Every detail is scripted. There are no accidents or coincidences. One can infer significance from synchchronicities, but even there, it’s all still scripted. I had intended to speak more about this in my next post, so you anticipated me. I still have more to say on this subject, but I hope this is enough for now to get you to examine your beliefs more closely within this context.


May 28, 2016 at 11:49 AM

Thank you so much for your clarification! This is huge! When I get your point correctly, practically this means karma is real but it does not need to be part of our belief system. Wow, this is freeing and this sheds a whole other light on religion. This is very unorthodox 🙂

May 28, 2016 at 6:39 PM


Karma is only as real as someone’s belief in it. The same with sin. What is all comes down to is providing the particular experience for Infinite Beingness that results from believing those things. In other words, if your behavior is conditioned by your belief in either karma or sin/Heaven/Hell, then your beliefs affect the way you “choose” to behave in a given moment. You might think that you should or shouldn’t do something in order to avoid a certain punishment or or earn a certain reward. Likewise, for people who think that their life is full of lessons that will test them in some way before they can advance up the spiritual ladder, that belief will lead them to respond to life as a test. It’s ALL scripted and I will be talking some about all of this in my next posts.

Infinite Beingness creates all of these situations in order to explore what it’s like to experience Itself through these lenses. It desires to experience everything possible within the parameters of a given Creation, and when It exhausts those possibilities, then It does away with that Creation and puts forth another one, with new parameters and new possibilities, so It can continue to explore Itself through Its creations. As Azekiel pointed out, Ocean/Infinite Beingness is not human and does not have either emotions or a moral code. It is WE humans who judge things as good or bad and create laws that, through their creation, create/define crimes and the punishment that should be inflicted when the law is broken/crime is committed.

Think about that! The one single cause of ALL crimes is the man-made laws that define them as crimes. One of the definitions of “unorthodox” is “heresy.” Think of all of the people who were labeled as heretics and punished severely for daring to criticize the established authorities of their time. Christ himself was accused of blasphemy and crucified for the crime of heresy. HE claimed to uphold the Jewish law, but those in power saw it otherwise, in part because he pointed the finger at them for their own hypocrisy. Lots of food for thought here!


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