May 22, 2016

The Nature of “reality”—The Created

“What fascinated me the most was that a single hair doesn’t fall off anyone’s head if it isn’t part of Ocean’s Plan. The feeling was one of total safety because I was connected to the Ocean intimately, and aware of how EVERYTHING is being orchestrated. …

Ocean is not a human being and therefore doesn’t perceive like humans do. It doesn’t have emotions or a moral code — it is everywhere and in everything and it is everywhere and everything. Everything is under Its total, absolute control at all times, and there are no uncertainties or surprises because Ocean knows everything and is everything. Ocean is the CAUSE of everything at all times — this is extremely important to keep in mind. What we might perceive as uncertainties or surprises are nothing but the effects of Ocean’s actions.” — Azekiel (my emphasis added)

These few sentences (from a quote in an earlier post) sum up Infinite Beingness (Ocean) in very profound ways. In addition to the implications I have already mentioned, there is another aspect that is implied in this: Infinite Beingness is autoerogenous. This is a fancy word for saying that it is stimulating Itself, although not sexually. It provides stimulus/experience for Itself by projecting Itself through Its manifest creations and then having those creations interact with each other in complex ways.

Autoeroticism usually carries a connotation of sexual self-stimulation, aka masturbation. In ancient Egypt, there were various creation myths and in one of them (from Memphis, Egypt) it portrayed the Creation as having come into being through the monad (which was all there was) masturbating (deity is typically thought of as male), and the droplets of semen became the pantheon of the Egyptian gods, which created everything else. I mention this here because, in reality, Infinite Beingness gave rise to the Elohim, and they gave rise to “everything else.”

As I have already stated, the only reason that anything (or anyone) exists is to provide experience for Infinite Beingness. I (and others I have been in touch with) have gone through several episodes of being angry at Infinite Beingness for creating me so that it could “get off” on what I experience, including my pain, sorrow, anger and grief. I was angry that Infinite Beingness was vicariously living through me, and that felt like it was a violation of some kind.

Having that perception was a subtle form of “victim” thinking, because I did not experience unity with that which was creating me and felt like I was a victim of Its desires and Its power over me. This kind of thinking/perception has led to various behaviors that were/are believed to gain favor with “the gods” or “God,” such as animal and human sacrifices, offerings of fruit or flowers, etc. So much of what has been and is practiced under various religions serves this purpose: to seek the favor and avert the wrath of whatever one perceives of as being the Deity-in-charge.

At those times when I felt so separate from that which created me, I most definitely did not feel gratitude or appreciation for serving Infinite Beingness’s desires and needs. However, when I moved through my resistance into acceptance, I could simply rest in the knowledge, maintain my inner peace, and be more at home in the nature of “how it is.”

This is the first article in the series, The Nature of “reality.” I spell “reality” with a lowercase “r” and place it between quotation marks to underline that fact that what we normally call “real” (directly perceivable with the physical senses and cognition) is really NOT real. The only true reality is Infinite Beingness. This is one of the reasons why Hindu sages encourage us to differentiate between the REAL and the illusion. It is also part of the term “self-realization,” which was popularized in the West by Paramahansa Yogananda, who founded the Self-Realization Fellowship.

To REALIZE one’s Self (with a capital S, meaning one’s true Self carries two meanings. The first is to realize (make real or tangible) what is normally hidden from or unavailable to us. The second is to realize (recognize consciously) who and what that “true Self” is. Eckhart Tolle has written extensively about the distinction between the self that we think we are and the Self that permeates, creates, and informs us. That true Self is Infinite Beingness, and as Azekiel has expressed so eloquently, “… It is everywhere and in everything and it is everywhere and everything.”

Everything we normally consider real is an illusion. It’s actually a hologram being projected directly from Infinite Beingness and filtered through the various lenses it passes through in order to materialize on one’s perceptual screen. (This would be a good place to discuss how the hologram works and how the Elohim and the Oversouls create what we perceive.)

A hologram is created by the intersection and interaction of two beams of coherent light. Coherent light is different than the light we perceive of as illumination. Lasers produce coherent light. (I will create a separate article that quotes the relevant portion of Michael Talbot’s seminal book, The Holographic Universe.)

Everything I have written (and will write) about the way Infinite Beingness operates was first described by physicist David Bohm in his work, Wholeness and the Implicate Order. When we can understand Bohm’s conclusions, we can understand more about our own true nature and how/where we exist. For now, though, please accept that we are no more or less “real” than the hologram of Princess Leia that was projected from the robot Artoo Detoo, begging for Obi-wan Kenobi to come to her assistance (Star Wars).

The elohim are projected directly from Infinite Beingness and share some of Its qualities. They are the first “step down” in the hierarchy of forms that make up the Created Universe. The emanations from Infinite Beingness are stepped down, similar to the way electrical energy is “stepped down” from its source at a power plant through various transformers, until it is in a form that can be utilized by the end consumer. Like Infinite Beingness, the elohim are not human and don’t have either physical form, gender, emotions, or moral codes. Unlike Infinite Beingness, they ARE finite, do not contain “All That Is,” but ARE CONTAINED within “All That Is.”

When I experienced myself as one of the elohim that precipitated this sector of reality out of our Beingness, I was positioned as one part of a circle; each of the 144,000 of us existed in a different position around the circle than the rest of us did. The closest human experience I have had to that phenomenon was when I watched some skydivers join hands in a circle in freefall. “I” saw myself in that circle and I also saw the entire circle. I didn’t just see it; I felt it and was totally unified with it, even though I was distinct from it as a unique identity among the others.

We made a pact with each other to be responsible for and participate in our creation, and that pact would last for more than 4.5 billion years, until it was time for a new creation and a new set of elohim to take part in it. We are currently near the end of the existing creation and the birth of the new one — an interesting time to be in a body, for sure!

The word “precipitated” has special significance here. In the last of my classes with Robert Shapiro (June, 1985), the five of us were asked to select an object that we would then re-create with our minds. We were being guided through these steps by an ET named Zoosh, who was coming through Robert as the channel. Robert was in full trance during that time and his phrasing and pronunciation strongly indicated that someone else was doing the speaking, as it did not sound like Robert at all.

We chose a cluster of amethyst crystals as the object that we would re-create. We were told to place the object in the center of a circle that we had formed by sitting on the floor, and we did so. We were then told to access its “cellular memory.” At the time, I had no idea that crystals had a “cellular memory,” or any conscious knowledge as to how to access it, but somehow we were being assisted to do just that, without knowing how we were doing it.

Once we had accessed the cellular memory of the crystal, we were told to remove it from the center of the circle and put it down somewhere else. Then we were told to re-create the crystal in the center of the circle, using the power of our minds and the cellular memory as the template for what we were about to re-create. It took all five of us, working together, to re-create the amethyst cluster, but we did succeed at doing so.

The first thing that formed up was an amethyst-colored mist that sort of hung in the air. As we maintained our collective focus and intent, we could see the edges of the crystal forming up within the mist. It was literally being precipitated (or densified) in much the same way that liquid water precipitates or densifies from water vapor. It gradually became more dense and less like a mist and “hardened” in front of us as a solid object. It took effort to maintain it, and our untrained minds couldn’t hold the energy for very long, so once we had convinced ourselves that we had indeed re-created the cluster, we let go of maintaining it and watched it soften, dissolve back into a mist, and then the mist itself evaporated as we watched.

I haven’t tried that exercise in materialization since then, but I do know there will come a time when I will be able to materialize anything I want to, if it’s in keeping with the needs of the whole. The reason I shared this story with you right now was to give you a tiny glimpse into how what we think is solid reality is precipitated by the Elohim and the Oversouls. In the next article, I will share the relevant portions of David Bohm’s insights into the holomovement of which we are a part. Then I will go on and speak about my experience with my Oversoul, and where it fits within this particular cosmology.

— Traveler

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