May 26, 2016

The Nature of “reality”—The Oversoul


I experienced my Oversoul in one of Robert Shapiro’s classes, back in late 1984. Interestingly, the topic of that particular class was “time,” and we were given two opportunities to explore the nature of time, so it came as quite a surprise when I found myself experiencing “myself” as my Oversoul, which exists and operates outside of space and time.

When I experienced the perspective of the godhead and of myself as one of the elohim, there was no sense of having a body. I could perceive as if I had eyes and other senses, but there was only the sense of looking at and observing what I was looking at from a particular location and focus.

When I experienced myself as my Oversoul, it was as if I had a “head,” middle, and “feet,” although there was still no sense of having a body or gender. Those were relative locations within me. I could look “down” from the “head” area and I saw what looked like a pool of gold-colored light in my middle, between my “head” and my “feet.”


In the middle of the pool of light, there were translucent golden fingers wiggling around, and I “knew” that those were the “lives” I was creating. I also knew (while I was having this experience) that if someone had come up and asked me about each one, I could have told them all of the details about each of those lives: what location in space and time they were being projected into, what the theme of that life was and what experiences were being explored, and any of the myriad of details that would play out through that life, including how long it would last and what others it would interact with.

As I watched these various lives, I became aware that they weren’t going anywhere, learning anything, or doing anything except what I had created them to do in that particular environment. There was a sequence inherent in that life and the timing of its intersections with other lives that were also being projected into that environment by other Oversouls. The environment I had projected each of these lives into was determined by what environment would best support the plan for that life.

None of these lives were conditioned on any of the other lives. They each were a unique expression and they were projected into the planetary location, time period, local culture, etc. that would fit with and support the full expression of what that life was about. Each life only created once. “I” (the Oversoul” contained them all. I created them, projected them into a particular environment, and I absorbed them back into myself when it was time for them to end. This is exactly the same kind of movement that I had observed when I had asked to see “the Mind of God.’ It’s also the same kind of movement that David Bohm described as the holomovement of the universe — an endless unfolding and reenfolding, without end.

As the Oversoul, “I” had created each of these lives to have a particular experience. Every detail of that life was “written” as part of my having created it. In the metaphor of “life as a movie,” each life was a character in the overall drama and it had its script to follow. All of these ideas go against the generally accepted notions that we are supposed to learn lessons and advance by doing so, but that apparently isn’t the case, according to what I experienced in terms of how the Oversoul operates.

The idea of the script totally overturns the notion that we have free will. As Azekiel reported in his experience of Ocean (Infinite Beingness):

“Free will doesn’t exist; the only thing that exists is the will of Ocean, whatever the manifestation is — human or a mountain.

… What I’ve realized by having a glimpse of it is …that there is only one BEING in action at all times and EVERYTHING happens according to ITS plan.”

I would like to conclude this article with some passages from the Message, “The Harvesting of Souls,” pages 97-99 in Operation Terra:The Collected Works:

Today we shall be introducing a new idea or concept — the existence of multiple “selves” all at the same time. If you were to look at reality from the perspective of the Oversoul, you would see all of your “lives” going on simultaneously. You would see that you had created them and you would have very little interest in what was happening to them because you created them WHOLE, i.e. containing everything they needed to complete the life “design” you intended for them. It is a little like the oak tree inside the acorn analogy.

When a “life” is created, it contains “codings” — very similar to computer programs and subprograms — that will unfold the life perfectly. These codings are contained in the DNA and the various parts of the cells and tissues that make up the body. They are only contained in the brain to the extent that they exist in the cells of the brain. The brain does not “think” or direct. It is merely a switching station that coordinates signals or information exchange between the many different parts of the body and interprets the data coming in from the sensory input mechanisms.

Each “life” is actually a projection of the Oversoul into a particular space/time environment. It is connected to the Oversoul by the “silver cord,” a filament that directly connects the physical body to the Oversoul and which acts as a communication link between the Oversoul and the body or “life.” The Oversoul exists outside of linear time, and so from its perspective, all of its projections are going on simultaneously. It is free to terminate a life, in which case it simply disconnects the silver cord, or create one, in which case it extends a silver cord into a developing fetus. Time is a vector quantity, associated with material reality. Since the Oversoul exists in non-material reality, it is outside of linear time.

…from outside of time (which is where the Oversoul resides), all of its projections are simultaneous. But from within time, each life is experienced as being separated across time. You speak of “past lives” and sometimes “future lives,” but those are expressions of the experience of being bound by linear time. You can “remember” these other “lives” by accessing the information in the Oversoul. The Oversoul is the repository of all the personal memories, from all of the “lives” it creates. When it is appropriate, one of your subprograms kicks in and you “remember” something from these other “lives,” to assist you in unfolding your “program” for the “life” you experience yourself as living.   

There is no such thing as “re”-incarnation. There is only “incarnation.” The Oversoul projects itself into a space/time locus and clothes the tip of that projection in a “body.” It is like putting a finger in a bowl of pudding. The finger is part of you. The pudding represents the space/time environment into which you put your finger. The fingertip can feel the pudding. It can tell if it is warm or cold, soft, wet, dry, or firm. Just so with you. You are the sensory tip of a “finger” of your Oversoul, thrust into the “pudding” of your present space/time environment. You interact with your environment, which includes the presence of “fingers” from other Oversouls, each sensing and interacting with the same environment, but from their own perspective.

The experience of reality is totally SUBJECTIVE. There is no “objective” reality that everyone can agree upon, because each point of awareness has its own perspective, and sees things from a slightly different “angle.” That is how the Creator gets to view Itself from all possible “angles” at once.

…The “soul” is actually like a bead on the silver cord, between the Oversoul and the “body” of the life. It is like a local supervisor and only has that one “life” to contend with. Its job is to closely monitor and interact with that “life” and to assist it in fulfilling its purpose in being. When the silver cord is withdrawn by the Oversoul, the soul is pulled back up into the Oversoul and merges into it. All of the experiences of the “life” flow up the silver cord during that life, so the soul does not contain anything other than its capacity to assist that life in fulfilling its purposes.

In my next post, I plan to go further into the implications of everything I have said so far and share some of the experiences I am having right now and what I think they imply about the overall process and what is happening now for those who are destined for Terra, the new earth spoken of in Rev. 21:1.

— Traveler

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2 Comments on “The Nature of “reality”—The Oversoul

May 27, 2016 at 5:51 PM

Great teaching on the oversoul, Sara. Consistent also with the Seth material,


May 27, 2016 at 8:27 PM

Robert, it’s interesting that you brought up the Seth material. It was that material that led Robert Shapiro to become a channel. I learned to voice channel from Robert Shapiro, so the Seth material indirectly led me to becoming a channel, too. Robert Shapiro mentioned the book, The Education of Oversoul Seven to me, so I read it and that’s where I first encountered the term Oversoul. I had the experience first and later found out what it was called.



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