December 24, 2016

The Spectrum

In finding out that my and my husband’s “Host” names are Oriole and Galen (respectively), the first thing that struck me was that they were totally “level.” In all of the communications I have had with the Hosts, from actual transmissions to signals such as wall or ceiling pops, it was always a group that was communicating with me, never an individual.

In reflecting on our names, they clearly indicated that every member of the group is totally equal with every other member of the group. There is no leader whatsoever. There is no splitting up into teams or a hierarchy of command and communication, as will exist on Terra. There are no titles and no ownership of any kind. The “we” in “We are the Hosts of Heaven” is all-inclusive of the entire group. They always speak as one.

This is in strong contrast with how things will be structured on Terra, whose principal activity is (as is this current planet’s, also) “seeking harmony in diversity.” Although the Hosts are definitely individuals, have gender and personalities, they could not be considered diverse. They all look pretty much alike, wear similar clothing, and otherwise look very much the same. They have common values, and a common understanding of their purpose, both as individuals and as part of the entire group.

On Terra, the opposite will be true. There will be tremendous diversity across all expressions of it, from physical appearance, cultures and customs, clothing, personalities, skills, natural inclinations, etc. etc. etc. There will be different races of beings, from different planets and different star systems. There will be different communities that interact with and affect one another. Housing, habitat, the arts, and public facilities will vary, also.


So, if we consider the “spectrum of being” as a series of frequency bands, we can then see and understand how — as one progresses upwards through the different densities and planes of existence — there is also a series of traits that are characteristics of each band.

At the lower end of the spectrum, there is the greatest physical mass and the least spiritual mass (they operate inversely to each other). At each succeeding level, there is more spiritual mass and less physical mass, until one reaches the upper levels, where there is almost no form or absolute formlessness.

Related to this is how things are structured and defined. At the lowest level, things are at their most defined and separate from one another. Moving upward, this progresses through finer and finer material until everything becomes pure flow, which is how Infinite Beingness is — endlessly emanating streams of content that swirl, flow, and blend into a constantly varying liquid of some kind. I see It as a sort of self-luminous plasma.

Infinite Beingness contains and expresses Itself through all of it, which is why I think that one of Its other names (“All That Is”) is so apt. It really IS “all that is.” There is really nothing else, but being inside the illusion of existence is where all the drama occurs, and there are varying degrees of that, too, depending on where one is putting one’s attention within that spectrum.

Every band has its own parameters and inherent qualities. There are no “hard edges” that would lead to feeling you were leaving one band and entering another, but the parameters act like invisible fences that keep things contained within them. However, once one has attained (or re-attained) the state of full connection (or Christ Consciousness or Cosmic Consciousness, etc.), then one can plug in at will to any portion of that spectrum and express in the forms that are native to that frequency band.

As the elohim, we are residing in the upmost frequency band of the entire spectrum. We actively emanate realities in a similar but more limited way than Infinite Beingness does. The elohim are the first step down in a “step-down transformer” model of reality. I have found this metaphor to be easy to grasp in coming to understand how the infinite power and formlessness of Infinte Beingness gets stepped down and made available to different entities that exist in each of these frequency bands (sort of like a high voltage current that gets stepped down to be used by local appliances).

Each frequency band has its own parameters and it’s those parameters that define what can exist in that frequency band. As one goes lower down, those parameters become even more limiting, so that behaviors and phenemona that would seem “normal” within one frequency band might appear to be “paranormal” or “magic” within the ones below it.

For example, when the Hosts have talked about how they form a kind of mind meld with their living ships and teleport from one location to another, that’s the totally “normal” way of doing things for them, but such a method would seem like something out of science-fiction within the 3D frequency band, where transportation takes place much more mechanically, in part because the scientific methods and thinking are themselves so mechanical. Newtonian physics looks at the universe as some kind of clockworks, and is totally incapable of embracing simultaneity or uncertainty principles that say something can have certain properties AND other properties at the same time.

Terra is the “next step” upward from 3D, and it preserves some of the features of the 3D frequency band, albeit in a more glorified and perfected state. 4D humans look like perfected 3D humans; 4D plants and animals look like perfected versions of 3D plants and animals.

When one speaks of the “glorified body” that Y’shua attained after his crucifixion and ascension, the body he displayed to his followers was a 4D body. He could come and go from a locked room, eat, and be felt by them when they touched him, but he was somehow perfected from the form that had been removed from the cross after its vital processes had stopped.

I have seen the 4D bodies that will express on Terra as Lady Adonna of Sirius Star System, Lady Lyara of Antibula (in the Pleiades), Lord Michael Andronicus of Sirius Star System, Lord Michel Adir of Sirius Star System, and Lord Amador of Sirius Star System. They all appear as perfected versions of 3D humans, although Lord Amador is definitely from a feline human race.

I have now seen myself in my Host body as Oriole, and my Host mate is Galen. We don’t look anything like 3D humans. We don’t feel or think like 3D humans, and we most definitely do not rely on mechanical technologies. On Terra, there will be very advanced technologies (as compared with 3D technologies), but they will not be as refined or capable as the technologies we (as the Hosts) use in our own frequency band.

Once we 3D humans have re-attained full connection and adapted to that condition, we will be able to dial up and down the entire spectrum of being, at will and under full conscious control. It is from THAT state that we will complete the evacuation and preparations for the colonization of Terra. This will all proceed under the Hosts’ guidance and oversight. The elohim will actually be emanating all of it, so in a sense, all levels will be participating in it, but not all levels will be visible to all participants.

The Hosts are the ones who will carry it all out, but the ones that are directly perceived will be the 4D expressions of their Oversouls. Since 4D is the next step for the evacuees, it makes sense that the beings they perceive will be 4D beings. The Hosts also will not be physically present on Terra because that is not their native condition/frequency band and they do not fit in with the diversity that Terra requires to fulfill ITS purpose within the galaxy.

I am delighted to reconnect with my Host self, and it brings me great joy and delight to anticipate what lies just ahead for all of us. Once we are back with our soul family, the joy will be palpable and we will have many good times to share with one another as our project moves forward toward completion.

I will have more to share, I am sure, but would like to stop now and will continue later, when there is more to say.

Love to all,

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15 Comments on “The Spectrum

December 24, 2016 at 4:15 PM

I love todays write up, The Spectrum, it’s perfect. So much detail. Thanks so much for writing it. Great positivity emanates from each paragraph. It sheds lots of light on oneness, on diversity, it makes so much sense there would be both. I will be reading The Spectrum again, but out for a long walk in nature now then some Christmas Eve cooking with some friends. Enjoying the beautiful diversity that is right before me and the harmony of little world.


December 25, 2016 at 7:45 AM

Happy Christmas to my OT family! Much love to you all

December 25, 2016 at 11:34 AM

Happy Christmas Starfinder!! And a happy New Earth!! <3

Jo Knox
December 25, 2016 at 9:21 AM

There is much joy and awareness in this post and I am so glad to be a part of this! As I read it, the images and feelings I experience are so affirmative I find myself smiling and nodding!
love to all

December 25, 2016 at 10:16 AM

”It is a paradox that Terra already exists and yet you have to align with it for it to manifest for you. It is a reciprocal relationship, like a mirror of sorts. Terra calls to you, and you seek Terra. In the aligning with the vision, it is a little like a “lock” in a missile guidance system. In reading these Messages, you “lock” onto the “target” of Terra, and Terra attracts you by her presence in your perceptual field.

We welcome you into our midst. Our love for you showers you at all times, like the sun is always radiating light toward the Earth, and all you have to do is open yourself to receive it.

Peace, peace, peace. That is the “pearl of great price.” Be peace. Be at peace. Be peace.

A beautiful light will beckon to you and you will follow it. You will be going home.”

Glorious New Year

December 25, 2016 at 10:42 AM


Thank you for posting that. I am getting rushes of recognition and joy in reading it, particularly the part that says “You will be going home.” We ARE and it IS going to be a “glorious new year”!

For all that is NOT in keeping with the spirit of Christmas (like the rush to buy things, chop down trees, etc.), this morning I woke up filled with joy, happiness and peace, which (for me) are the true gifts of this holiday. I wish the same for you.

Love and wishes for a very happy holiday season to you all,

December 25, 2016 at 11:51 AM

Feliz Navidad Oriole!

Tú eres la luz en que todos nos reconocemos.
Magnífico post. Mirado desde esta perspectiva como no puede ser TODO perfecto.

Gracias por continuar escribiendo por puro amor.

“Blessed are those who know how to read in the rainbow, for they are in the way”.

Feliz Navidad a Todos.

December 25, 2016 at 12:50 PM

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God long before.

December 25, 2016 at 1:13 PM

I know!! Es triste ver un árbol cortado. Los invito a soñar despiertos como niños y abrir los regalos que cada día tenemos. Los invito a vivir el momento, a recordar su esencia. Los invito a brillar, porque son luz. A imaginar esa vida que les llenará y hacerla una realidad. A no rendirse jamás. Todo puede pasar. Los invito. Yo invito, sólo déjense llevar…

[Google translation: “It is sad to see a cut tree. I invite you to daydream as children and open the gifts that we have every day. I invite you to live the moment, to remember its essence. I invite you to shine, because you are light. To imagine the life that will fill them and make it a reality. Never to give up. Everything can happen. I invite you. I invite, just let yourself go …”]


paul joseph
December 25, 2016 at 12:56 PM

Thanks Oriole for your latest post as this 3D reality moves us towards the next wonderful scene in the God game.

Merry Christmas to all that celebrate this occasion and to those that do not Happy Holidays till we meet again!

Love, peace and happiness.

paul joseph

Klaus Lathe
December 25, 2016 at 4:24 PM

thank you for all this informaton..Oriole..looking forward ……feliz navidad…y nos vemos pronto…

Sheri Lee
December 25, 2016 at 10:09 PM

Thank you Oriole, for keeping us up to date on your process. This is wonderful news! I feel the joy coming from this process. I’ve been laying low and mostly focusing on my passion, which is music. When I sing, I feel my higher being (Host self?) come closer and closer. Sometimes it is so intense I have to stop and just let the energy ebb.

I made a video of my theme for the coming reunion of our Family. Merry Christmas to All!
Much Love, Sheri Lee

December 26, 2016 at 9:32 AM

Sheri Lee,

Thank you for sharing that with us. The part that grabbed me was when you sang, “Let your heart be light. Next year, all our troubles will be out of sight.” I feel this is coming to pass already. It was also lovely to be able to see you as you sang. I look forward to when we can ALL be together again, face to face!

Much love back to you,

Jo Knox
December 26, 2016 at 10:00 AM

Thank you Sherrie Lee! I think of you and all the other of our team often and with love

Puss in Boots
January 6, 2017 at 7:53 PM

I don’t know how, but it just happens to be the Christmas Eve on the Orthodox Christian calendar. I’ve just realized that when I finished reading the message and the posts. Very Merry Christmas to all Terra fellows from the East!

Yours always,


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