June 24, 2016

We’re “in it”

Well, I had said that it seemed that we would be “in it” around June 20 and now that the Brexit vote has been cast, the first contractions are being felt around the globe.


What’s weird for me is I feel like I am sitting in a front row seat and all of this is pure theater. I can’t take any of it seriously, although I am sure that most, if not all, of the people involved, at all levels, are very much caught up in the drama. To them, it is very real, but to me, it is just a holographic show.

Other things are different, too. Back on June 6, I really noticed that it was my birthday. Then I went through some intense clearings that began on June 19 and lasted for around 3 days. On Wednesday, June 22, I got an email reminder that the following day was our wedding anniversary. I sent my husband an e-card that evening, but it felt very strange because although he appreciated the sentiment, it didn’t seem to make sense to either of us. The date was just another day to both of us. I was outside of that experience, too.

It is clear to me that the ramifications of the Brexit vote have just begun. I have to wonder if this chaos is part of the plan for a global solution, but I don’t feel to explore that question deeply because I don’t feel it applies to me or to those of us who are heading to Terra.

Linda has posted that she lives so much in the now, none of the outer news has meaning or impact for her. I feel that way, too, right now. It’s been just over a week since that peg dropped in the hole for me and I felt I was settled in my seat, ready for the rest of the ride. Now, only a week later, I feel fully in motion and traveling so fast I can’t measure it anymore. Perhaps that’s one reason why dates have lost their significance.

One of the things that is striking me about all of this high drama is just how predictable and “in character” everyone is being. It makes it all that much more like watching a movie than something one has to believe in as real. As each pronouncement is made, more of that person is revealed and yet, at the same time, it is all totally consistent with how they have been all along. It does seem that the acorn knows how to become an oak tree from its beginnings, and it also seems that the acorn doesn’t know how to become a rose or an elephant. I can sense the unfolding of a plan — of a script that was already written, cast, and recorded — and I am very glad I don’t have a TV set or have to work in places where the “news” is being broadcast constantly, with no opportunity to tune it out.

I feel that this is just the beginning of the collapse. When I look at the lack of candidates who might make a difference, I see that it’s already “game over.” I feel like I am watching this from inside some kind of bubble, and that’s fine with me. I spend much of my time working during the week, and I haven’t felt to write anything recently because I didn’t have anything to say and there seemed to be a lively amount of posting going on, so I just kept working, eating, sleeping, steadily moving forward without having any idea how this will play out or when the real change will occur and we will find ourselves “there” instead of “here.”

I have an almost overpowering sense of leaving all of this behind, even while I go through the motions of daily living. The closest association I have with how this feels is what it feels like when the movie screen shows the word, “Intermission,” and one gets up from one’s seat, moves around, and returns later to see the rest of the show. It’s a kind of twilight zone between one act and another and that’s how today feels to me today.

Love to all,

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June 24, 2016 at 7:05 PM

Everything feels accelerated, a big jump in speed. It feels like the boiling beneath surface has finally begun to manifest at the material level, & according to the messages–when that happens– it won’t stop until the process is complete. I’m watching in awe (with my bowl of popcorn) seeing it all unfold before us. I’m reminded that the Creator loves surprise.

June 24, 2016 at 8:48 PM

Robin, good to hear from you! One of the sayings I picked up from someone somewhere along the line is, “I am willing to be totally amazed,” and I am! You put it so well (and as usual, take many fewer words than I do to say it). 🙂

June 24, 2016 at 10:27 PM

As always, it’s interesting to read Traveler’s perspective on the upheavals taking place in front of us, and similarly Robin’s comment. From a vantage point half a world away from the UK (in Australia), it looks to me like the start of a revolution (a peaceful one, we all hope). Maybe on one of the timelines it will lead to a more consensus-based and authentic world. On ours, perhaps it’s collapse and “Terrexit”. Time will tell, maybe sooner than we think.

Best wishes,


June 25, 2016 at 8:42 AM

Jeff, good to hear from you! I love your term, “Terrexit.”

Your characterization of this being the start of a revolution doesn’t ring true for me (although I can understand your desire for it to be that). Rather, I see it as the beginning of a great cleansing, like a cyst or boil that has become ripe and bursts, spilling the festering contents it contained so that new tissue can replace the old and a true healing process can occur. The stuff that comes up is putrid and ugly, as the “cover” gets pulled and more people have to sort out their feelings about it all. This idea is threaded throughout the Messages, but I felt to zero in on a passage from “The Time of Sorrows” as being the most relevant here:

“Many losses are coming now. We ask you to hold forth where you are, with all of the love you can muster for the entire process, independent of the details of each calamity. For calamities will be so numerous, it can and shall overwhelm many.

We ask you to understand the real purpose being served by the calamities, to see them as a healing for the planet and a release from the conditions that have occurred over the millennia. We ask you to stand where you are and continue to sound your note. We ask you to do this until the time comes when the portal arrives, and when you move through the portal, to not look back upon the calamities you are leaving behind. You are moving to a place where you will let go of any sorrow you carry, to prepare yourself to offer comfort at a later time, when it will be of some use.

You see, at this time, the cleansing of the sorrows has just begun, and many are destined to depart through the portal of “death.” Your time to be of use is not until this time of sorrows has come to an end, and you will extend a helping hand to those who have been transformed by going through them.

Remember that a higher purpose is being served through all of this, and therefore, there is nothing to fix and nothing to stop. It all must come to pass. You can always pray for as smooth a process as possible in keeping with the highest good, but it is important to detach from specific outcomes, and most importantly from seeing any of it as either a judgment or punishment. It is none of those, for everyone is just being who they came to be, in keeping with the Creator’s desire to experience everything.”

As for “sooner than we think,” that is the term the Hosts always used when something was quite imminent. (“soon” has proven to NOT be as soon as we thought it would be, but “sooner than we think” turned out to be REALLY soon.” Again, this is a process and, in my view, a process proceeds through a series of specific events or markers. I began a clearing of profound and sickening grief on June 19 that lasted around 3 days. The only time I can remember feeling that specific energy before was when I channeled a book (never published) called Starseed. I experienced it as if it was happening to me, and that feeling I felt beginning on June 19 was the same feeling I had when I (as part of the story being told) was safely tucked away on a ship and watching the Pole Shift take place. That clearing preceded the Brexit vote, and I not only feel we are now “in it,” but I do feel that the time of sorrows has also arrived. I think your “revolution” is really the “release from the conditions that have occurred over the millennia” that the Message talks about, and I feel that is a helpful perspective to hold as it all plays out to its conclusion.

June 24, 2016 at 11:55 PM

I haven’t been following this Britexit but isn’t it a referendum? Doesn’t the government needs to approve it? Maybe they, ‘the powers that be’, want a collapse, or not, the certain thing is they don’t want to lose control. They sure don’t want the people to decide things and they will twist any fall out in their own favour no matter what caused it. They surely have their plans. This news has not really affected me in anyway in my little corner of the world. I live a very quiet life, simple, limited in many ways, not a highly quality life, it just feels like I am existing, living, making the best of it, at my own intersection of whatever shows up. If this Britexit means I will exit soon…..good.

June 25, 2016 at 8:25 AM

Linda, from what I know of the past behaviors of the power elite, they always play both sides and make a profit by doing so. They create problems (problems for other people, not themselves), allow the problem to go on long enough for people to beg for a solution, and then step forward with their “solution,” in which they end up with even more control and power.

In a recent show, Jim Sinclair said that each of these prominent people who were predicting a crash were just announcing their position — they were “shorting” (placing bets against) the market, so when everything came down in the aftermath of that vote, they profited from everyone else’s losses.

I usually agree with what Bill Holter says, but when he identified this vote as a blow to the globalists, I do not think so. I agree with you totally: “the certain thing is they don’t want to lose control. They sure don’t want the people to decide things and they will twist any fall out in their own favour no matter what caused it. They surely have their plans.”

Greg Hunter put up a special report on the Brexit vote, in which he identifies the “problem” as too much debt and the banks not wanting to take a hit. I see it quite differently. Back in 1998, when the IMF pressured the US into bailing out Brazil (you see how much good that did!), I had one of my “flashbulb” moments. I “saw” that the US would be bled as a cash cow until there was nothing left to take and THEN the plug would be pulled and everything would be owned by those banks that created this mountain of debt. The entire world economy is totally based on debt creation. ALL of the currencies of the world are debt instruments, backed by nothing except the promise to pay. The level of debt in the world is beyond being able to be paid, and the current turmoil (in which people think they have a vote in any of this) is the “reaction” part of the problem, reaction, solution Hegelian dynamic. The chaos serves to move the plot forward, and the “solution” that gives the globalists more control and power will be the response to the predictable outcry for someone to “do something.”

You are correct, too, that this was only an advisory vote. It is not binding on parliament, and even if they do petition for the UK to leave the EU, the details still would have to be negotiated and that could take years before (and if) it became “fact.”

Yesterday, the Hosts rang my ear and, in very even tones, told me that we had nothing to worry about — that we would be fine no matter how things played out, that we would not experience a power outage that lasted long enough to defrost all of the food we have stored in those freezers (which they had guided me to buy almost two years ago), and I could FEEL the truth of what they said.

My first response to all of this Brexit stuff was that it is pure theater, not something I need to get caught up in. Yesterday, I felt as Robin expressed: watching in awe as it played out on the screen and placidly munching on my popcorn. However, I AM an empath, and I pick up on energies and today I am picking up on fear beginning to build up. As several sources have said, it has only begun. Before this vote occurred, I felt anger building up, and as I have often observed, at its root, anger is really an expression of fear of a particular thing continuing, and the anger is an e-motion (energy in motion) that says that thing must be stopped. Outrage is really a protest against a particular thing continuing, and the underlying fear is about what will happen if it does.

We can expect greater turmoil and chaos as time proceeds. That’s why I titled this piece, “We are “in it.” This is what I had expected to happen around June 20 and it did. My next expectations center around July 20 and August 10-20 (approximate dates) for the next milestones in this overall process, and my feeling is that I will not see the end of October, but I have had that feeling before, so I am still living one day at a time, and responding to what shows up as best as I can, WHEN it shows up. Thanks for sharing your tboughts.

Marissa Carter
June 25, 2016 at 10:43 AM

Linda, a UK exit from the EU is triggered by submission of article 50. It is not likely to be done until Cameron’s replacement is agreed upon, so could be the fall until this happens even though Ms. Merkle wants it done yesterday. It will take at least 2 years before complete disentanglement is achieved.


June 25, 2016 at 1:53 PM

Seems like everytime I start a reply I fall on my face and the words just blabber out lol

So I guess other than saying June 24th was my 34th birthday and I have been ‘waiting’ for all of this for ages, knew that my birthday would somehow be special this year (even though it was the most ‘normal’ birthday i’ve ever had) and am very excited to sit in the theater with you all and watch the world stage play out the ending act to the crescendo that is our world becoming exactly what it needs to, I don’t have much to add.

Other than everything that has been discussed here resonates deeply within me. This is the finale we have been waiting for and the more deeply I ‘know’ this, the more deeply I am guided to stay out of ‘it’. To remember that “One day at a time” isnt just some quote. It is the only thing we can rely on to get us through the rest of the ‘act’. Since we have nothing other than each and every ‘now’ anyways. That and our own inner guidance systems which hopefully are well honed.

As I write this, the song “It’s the end of the world as we know it” keeps replaying through my head.

Hopefully I can get my thoughts together and post something more interesting next time lol

William Haley
June 25, 2016 at 5:15 PM


Thank you for the thoughts. You will search the entire cyber and not find anything more enteresting than the events, symptoms and wonder of the closing hours of this earth age. It is this travelers opinion that there is not a more dynamic topic so thank you for your input. As the events begin to unfold in earnest there will not be a single soul uninterested in your topic.

You resonate with these travelers because your soul picks up the truth in not just their words but the messages from the Host and OT. Your heart leads the way and that’s your soul.

White buffalo

June 25, 2016 at 10:27 PM

White Buffalo,

Your name inspires beautiful images that run through my mind. Thank you for sharing of yourself.

I have always been drawn to the Hosts, OT and now, more into myself… as it should be!

While I always considered myself very good with words, when it is new subjet matter, I am at a loss many times. So please, bear with me here.

Since forever I have always known what is truth and what is not even when I can not explain it to myself. This has caused me a lot of heart ache because what is truth tends to go completely againts the grain lol. I have just NOW learned to listen to my truth and nothing but my truth, in all things. With this I have been able to predict when OT message were to be posted, knew the site was going to be down and back before either was enacted. and the list goes on to infinity.

I LOVE to come here and see exaclty what was in my heart, written in these comments and main posts. It spurs me on and I could never ask for more. I only hope that in some way I can be of assistance here. But, for now I seem to be in the backround, which is totally fine by me. When I have some more relevant to share I will do so accordingly and with plenty of good wording if possible.

For now, bless you one and all
Follow your heart, where ever it may lead you. It does truly know best!

June 26, 2016 at 7:54 AM

While I’m glad that it looks like world events are finally entering phase of “beginning of active end” I find myself not interested in them anymore. I guess these events are so long overdue that meanwhile I progressed to the point where human-initiated activities are no longer inspiring. Even “enjoying theater show” approach is no longer desired, unless there is some grand cosmic events, but none so far.

Actually I caught myself finding much more comfort contemplating what my path may look like and what options I would be free to choose from after my 3D part of the op is concluded (successfully I “hope”). What circumstances of what “prior life” shall I return to. I suspect I might have chosen to participate in war/battle intended to “clear planetary airspace” of STS influences as Hosts called it (had some “training maneuvers oriented” “dreams”, not sure if they are related but I like the concept and adventure). Huge task of preparing, colonizing, building and organizing the new World, this so much needed multi-cultural/multi-racial center, is very appealing and inspiring. This I definitely want to be part of! Not sure if I “signed” to stay and live on Terra long term, I guess rather not, do not like to be “planetary bound” long term, i.e. “cosmos calls”.

As I find myself standing today, looks like nothing really holds me to this world but the op.I’m already eager to “leave the theater” with it’s dull repeating plays, but still can’t…

(I suspect my approach may sound quite drastic among others’, but feels pretty natural to me!)

William Haley
June 27, 2016 at 1:05 AM


Thank you. The legend off the white buffalo given to the Sioux nation is where the name came from. It was the creators way of giving them their prophecy for this closing chapter.basically their book of Revelation you might say.

I am impressed with your intuitive skills. Wish I had a fraction of intuition. That is so neat how a person can feel something before it happens to the point of almost expecting it. Your gift is truly inspiring for this one.

You are being a huge assistance being a part of this blog . People need to communicate with their like kind and you are helping make that possible. And as this
slow motion wreck proceeds people will need you more. There will come a time when everyone uninformed will looking for answers. They will not have a clue that the totally predicted final days are really here. As this sets in with the world people will desperately be seeking answers.

Thank you for all of your comments.

Wankan tanka

William Haley
June 27, 2016 at 1:16 AM


There is a chance your not interested in the events any more because this has been such a slow motion exit most of the original pod of us just kinda gave up and lost interest. In the last years I have had to use the patience of Job, Lot. Moses and David combined to keep going and it is my understanding that the majority of us are right there with you. It has been a long glitch filled slow motion ending. We don’t think your wanting something to happen is drastic at all. We deeply share your feelings and receive them as normal for traveler.

White buffalo

Please keep sharing your views with us. We are truly a unit.

White buffalo

June 27, 2016 at 6:59 AM

White Buffalo, I personally have lost interest in outer events, but it has come about naturally, as a reflection of the loss of identity I have been experiencing. It isn’t because I either gave up or lost interest. I am feeling very much “in between” worlds and identities, and that outer world is just part of what I have left behind. It simply doesn’t feel like it has anything to do with me, and at times it seems surreal to the point I just can’t take it seriously. I am also living in the “now” so much that doing anything that takes me out of the “now” makes me either anxious or spacey. I think it’s just a natural outcome of the journey we are collectively making. What Storm describes is actually a good thing, although it feels strange because we think there’s something wrong when we don’t care about the things that used to engage us.

June 27, 2016 at 3:30 PM

White Buffalo,

I was a member of the local village of the Lenape Nation. In short I didnt relaize that it was not what I had been looking for. But not before I received my name of Fleeting Butterfly. I’ve cherished this name since. Such names bring a special power with them that one does not often find in everyday living.

Iv’e come to understand that each one of us has the perfect set of gifts for each individuals life purpose. I may not agree that not being able to move things with my mind is simply not MY gift… but I do accept that it is possible.

You seem to have a very discerning way of going strait to the heart of a matter about you that gives the impression that you have wisdom beyond your years (what ever years that may be) or at the very least some good intuition 😉 You have a steadiness and grounded energy that will be just as important to the whole. On this blog and in real life as the world comes into this, as you put it, slow motion wreck.

The blessings of sharing go far beyond the words on a page.

na në lekèch

White buffalo
June 30, 2016 at 12:06 AM

Fleeting butterfly,

What an honor to meet you. Thank you for the kind words. Your name makes me think of the freedom these Indian nations had before we discovered America.

Doesn’t that sound funny. 100,000,000 human beings living here for thousands of years but we discovered it. We got on a ship on the other side of the world, landed at Plymouth Rock, slaughtered 110 million Native Americans and called ourselves discovering a new land ! It was a new land to us but there were 110,000,000 people already living here ! And the majority of the warring going on today is because we didn’t stop with y’all . We are still conquering, and we’re still using the same old Wounded Knee war plan where you go all over the earth claiming people are going to attack you so you can slaughter em all.

My study into the North American Indian prophecys was interesting but limited.
I know almost all of the prophecy given to these native Americans has come true.
When the sacred white buffalo was born in Oneida Wisconsin in June of 1994 it was the most magnificent day in recent memory for not just the Sioux nation but the indian souls from around the world. Indians came from all corners of the globe to see her and many of them just could not believe that the sacred buffalo had finally been born . Many of the younger Indians begin to make fun of the legendary prophecy and gave up. Many of the Indians felt the birth on the other side of the earth and then found out later what they had felt . The buffalo began to change colors just like the prophecy said, the sacred pipe is still used and every aspect of the sacred buffalo’s arrival was as exactly as predicted. I don’t know if she is still alive today or not but it was considered and still is considered by this one as a direct indisputable sign that the creator never abandoned the North American Indian people, has been watching over them and is back for Great Purification to take his people home.

One of the things I found consistent among the North American Indian prophecys was that the creator ask every tribe of every nation here to just try to have patience with the heathens from the other side of world while they destroy your land, your life and your Liberty. What a thing to ask of a people. He ask the same thing of the Sasquatch people. Just please try to have patience with the white hairless people. It won’t last forever. The Sasquatch people didn’t know we were so heartless as to shoot one of them just to say we killed one. The Indians wouldn’t dream of treating the Sasquatch people like that. Nor did the Indians know that when the creator told them we were heartless souls that we would ride right up to unarmed men,women and children on a horse laughing with a whiskey bottle and shoot them at point blank range with high powered rifle. They thought why would the creator allow this ? Why ?

Not any where on the surface of this continent was there living such a cruel heartless human being until we arrived. The Indians here had no idea the creator was referring to monsters when he referred to us as savages. They really thought we were from another star system because of the depth of our lying and evil ways. Even when Indians settled their differences with fighting, the warriors shed tears for their own pain and tears for having to take the life of a fellow man. This is a characteristic of honor and love for all of life even in the mist of anger and chaos that we don’t have . Laughing while you drink fire water and shoot defenseless human beings with a rifle is a state of barbaric madness that never should have been allowed on the planet much less run it !

It is a pleasure to have met.


White buffalo

June 30, 2016 at 12:08 PM

White Buffalo,

Always wonderful to greet family, in every way! : )

There have been so many signs of the times lately it is nearly overwhelming for me at times lol. I find that I am so in the flow as it were that there are times when I pull back just to ask if this is really happening. The excitement is quite profound.

There have been tales of so many, the white man being the most recent, in a global history of destroying everything we can as humans. To dwell to long on it would only perpetuate the thoughts that lead to such things. I can not do that to myself. At least not for long… I go on tangents in my own head at times and then have to stop myself and realize that I can do nothing other than choose to be in the moment. To help myself, and others. It simply can be no other way. To take ones mind away from the moment is to allow fear to enter, in all its various forms.

I choose love.

I googled your closing “Wodakote”. In doing so the first link I came to was of a “2016 Transformational Conference” Made me giggle how that totally fits in with this site… Then I clicked on the link for the conference. It had two links that I further clicked on because they jumped out for me. One with a piccy of a woman named Adona… hahaha, this cracked me up. What are the odds eh? Your closing would bring me to a link that would give me the pic of a woamn by the same name as the creater of OT? oh yeah, it gets better even. The site has crystal wands which is womthing I have been guided to consider making… again. I made one for myself years ago and was totally not ready at the time so it ended up taking itself apart. There was no set time ‘when’ I should make this one.. looks like now, maybe. or not.

The second link was for andromeda council. Talking about the same things from OT, in a slightly different way (I only read the first small bits of it though, so not sure how similar)

WE are all certainly on the right right path… as if we could NOT be LOL!!


June 30, 2016 at 12:32 PM

Rinda, for clarification, her name is not the same as my name. It is spelled differently and it came to her differently.

I do not personally resonate with what has come through Tolec of the Andromedan Council, but for that matter, I do not resonate with much of the material that is channeled from other sources. It always feels “off” in some way to me, but I recognize it has its place in the larger scheme of things and is there for others to experience. I do find the Hathor material (through Tom Kenyon) helpful in confirming many of the feelings I pick up on in the general energies, and their information nicely complements my own understanding. Their concept of the Chaotic Nodes has been useful to me in seeing the unraveling taking place right now.

I saw that Simon Parkes is going to be part of that conference via Skype. The Hosts had told me that his truth was not my truth and I should not engage with it. In glancing at that site, my sense is that that conference and those people are connected to some other path/timeline. I do not feel that they are connected with OT, but the OT material contains a lot of wisdom that is true across many paths and perspectives, so I am not surprised that there might be some commonalities.

Each of us finds our way and there are no accidents. If you were led to the crystals again, that’s because they have significance for you. Like the Hosts have said, everything that arrives in our life is a gift that will enable us to complete our life in the way that our Oversoul intended.

Your last sentence says it very well!

— Traveler

June 30, 2016 at 3:50 PM


Thank you for the opportunity to clarify myself better!! When it comes to intuition I do not always put everything that I get into proper context. Practicing a bit of wait & then type would do me some good 🙂

I didn’t mean to imply that you two were one in the same, my apologies. The name, even with only one ‘n’, as yours has two, jumped out at me as a result of my very quick search in glancing around the conference page. I believe it was only because it would catch my attention. Crystals have always played a part in my life. I will have to see where this particular one leads.

Also, on the Tolec site, The only thing that seemed to jump out at me was the only sentence that I quickly glanced at “your planet Earth/Terra and all of your people are about to go through major changes, a major stage of growth”. Which is nothing more than confirmation of something that is obvious so not sure why that particular sentence jumped out at me. Possibly because I never see the Terra name any where else? The rest of the site holds no interest whatsoever. Actually after reading that I didn’t really want to stick around or read anything else.

I’m not going to waste words agreeing with you on the rest because I feel the same. I don’t have much experience with other channeling but I can say that OT are the only ones I have ever been drawn to. I will point out that I also have always felt most channelings were off in some way or another.

Never heard of Tom Kenyan I looked at the date of his last post of this year and noticed that it was posted just one month after OT was taken down. Might see if I find anything else of interest.

One thing I did not realize that I picked up on was the fact that the “conference and those people are connected to another timeline”. I usually ‘get’ that and missed it this time.


June 30, 2016 at 4:08 PM

Rinda, I quoted from Tom Kenyon’s last channeling in “Shopping for Shoes.” I also discussed the concept of the chaotic nodes in the October 3, 2011 Update, about halfway down the page. I feel Kenyon is a fairly clear channel, and I rarely say that about anyone.

I WAS surprised to see the word Terra on Tolec’s site. I don’t remember seeing it there before. Whatever. There’s room in my universe for every expression of Infinite Beingness, and the further I go, the easier it is for me to “allow, allow, allow.” I don’t even care about HOW or WHEN I get to Terra. I just know that I will.


White buffalo
June 30, 2016 at 8:40 PM

Fellow travelers,

Good evening fellow travelers.

The only reason I used the word ” wodakote ” to exit is because it was my understanding that the word meant ” walk in peace “which is a good way to end any conversation and say good by. It could mean, get lost. Don’t have a clue. It is probably like most other ancient words, they have acquired various meanings like ” wantan tanka ” and many other words. Traveler is correct on the majority of the comments including the Hathors and Tom Kenyon. I brought up that conquering behavior so all of those believing in the function of karma will better understand the storm they catch their self in. History may show that the lack of dwelling on it is the reason it kept going. Who knows.

Simon Parkes and many others like him are held in deep admiration by this one because him and many more just like him have everything to lose and nothing to gain when they bring the world some truth like they do.Think about, they have everything to lose and very little to gain. How could that be wrong ? Some of these valiant men and women put their life on the line and ended up losing it. Over the years I have been studying under people when their costume was disabled and terminated. These truth bringers are my heroes of enlightenment and don’t consider it important at all what timeline their on. Don’t even know why I should care. Their life . Their calling.

I am familiar with the Andromeda council and Tolec. It is true that they are trying to bring truth to the world and they have similaritys in their expectant journey. I do not visit other sites of channeling with any type of searching for a different truth, path or
understanding to replace what I have learned from the Host or find a new leader. Traveler and the Host are my only guides for this ending and I am not searching for a substitute while traveling in cyber world and don’t approach any site with fear. Positive or negative sites. And while I’m on the subject of my hobby ( learning ) let me remind my friends that I am still seeking enlightenment about the universe in these last days because no body will make anything happen. It is not my fault or my wish that I am still here. I am Just filling time . I view all material and information, channeled or not just like what the traveler described. And about the only thing I disagree with the traveler on is she inplied that she doesn’t care ” when ” she goes. I can’t say that.

Traveler is my number one consultant on all esoteric and channeled material. I am solidly connected with OT and everything else is just filler. It doesn’t matter to me if any or all of the andromeda council or any of these other truth tellers are part of OT. I know that we have the information we are suppose to have and our team of overhead advisors have a good perspective on what’s going down.. I trust the traveler and the Host to lead me. It is my lack of intuition that enables me trust them to the degree that I do in these types of issues.

Rinda, I am envious of people like you and travelers ability to pick up slight differences
in a persons journey and no that they are not on our timeline. I only note the similaritys and differences in the different messages and can’t really identify with their different destinys or timelines.

The good news is, I don’t need to ! I have y’all to guide me !

I love you all immensely,

Peace be with you,


June 30, 2016 at 9:25 PM

Bill, I followed Simon Parkes for quite awhile and saw many YouTube videos of him. I recognized early on that he was on another timeline, but I still found him interesting and his comment about the decrease in chemtrails has certainly proved true. (For those who don’t know, Simon organized some psychically talented people to pool their abilities and prevent the Hadron collider from opening a portal that would have allowed reinforcements and supplies to come through to the reptilians who are trapped in 3D. They succeeded, the window to create the portal passed, and the reptilians abandoned their ground crew to their own devices. Funding was cut for the chemtrails, which MIGHT have been to change the climate here to make it more hospitable for the reptilians. In any event, they have been cut WAY back, in this area, at least, and I was impressed with that.)

I do agree with you that Simon has been very selfless in telling the truth, with nothing to gain from doing that. It’s just that his associations were with those I do not resonate with or have a kinship with, and he is certainly not talking about the journey to Terra when he talks about his version of the transformation to another system and frequency band. I salute him, but do not engage with him anymore, after the Hosts told me not to.


White buffalo
July 2, 2016 at 6:45 PM

Have you ever wondered the Host wanted you to disengage with your world with Simon ?


July 2, 2016 at 6:57 PM

No, their reasons seemed pretty clear and I was not so attached to him that I questioned what they said. There is so much that is simply not “mine,” and I have been told from the very first moment I was called to this path that I walk a narrow path. I have had repeated instructions and demonstrations to not get caught up in side trips or distractions. I like Simon and I found him very interesting, given his heritage and the choices he had to make. That being said, I knew from the get-go that his information was not part of OT and did not have anything that helped me in regard to OT. It was always peripheral to OT, so it was easy to let it go.

White buffalo
July 2, 2016 at 10:28 PM


Thank you for adding some more clarity to our cyber world learning and sharing with us your advice from the Host on Simon. I am assuming the Host would want us to use the same logic.

Research is my only hobby. I have a lifetime outdoors. I am not artistic and cherish learning in the ac. There is absolutely nothing on TV for me and I don’t do politics or sports. Out of default I do research.

I am in my second year of studying the Sasquatch people. I was asked to research the Bigfoot/Sasquatch phenomenon. I estimated it would take about 3 cyber hours to prove it was just myth, folklore and hillbilly talk but exactly like my 911 investigation, the 3 hours turned into 3 days then 3 weeks and then 3months and so on.

I have spent a lifetime outdoors hunting and fishing and never saw or heard a Bigfoot. So how can they exist in total stealth ?

The answer to the stealth was made absolutely clear along with an entire cache of evidence and solid proof that includes totally real pictures and videos, DNA verification, and 112 familys communicating with them on a phenomenal level of understanding. They are highly evolved spiritual beings. The Sasquatch people are just one of the many fields of fascination I have found and researched. For anyone wanting to learn the truth about the encredibly unique Sasquatch people let me save you a lot of meaningless time.

Use professor Kewaunee Lasperitis, Dr. Matthew Johnson and Arla Williams . These three have been enteracting with the hairy people a long time. Kewaunee 51 years, Arla all her life, Dr Johnson 3 years. Dr. Johnson is making history up in the southern Oregon mountains. Dr Lloyd Pie has already been deleted for his effective teaching about the Sasquatch people but his DNA knowledge is still on the web and is well known. Any one wanting an encredible enlightening venture to examine the Sasquatch data.


White buffalo
July 2, 2016 at 9:12 PM

We’re in it.

It was written long ago that no man would know the hour of the end but for people with eyes to see and ears to here there would be signs in heavens and on the earth. There could not be more signs of the closing of this earth era than there are now. No body on this forum wants and prays for the final days. This is a function put in place ages ago and is maintained and guided by life forces much older and powerful than us 3D beginners. This closure was given to many people of many languages many years ago. Everybody received the same ending for this earth age . Don’t doubt it.

Back to the signs. Everybody balanced knows it is impossible to make a perfectly trilaterally semetrical 3D imprint on the earth in a grain field of such size and perfection humanly. Where the actual micro make up of the individual grain stalks are also complexly woven also with a micro stitch pattern. It is even more impossible to makes an imprint of such size and uniqueness in snow. You will not get more signs put on the earth than crop and snow circles. All balanced souls know these are exterestial creations.

You do not have to be a seismologist or geologist to look at the earthquake data
and realize that something, some force is totally and mystically shaking the tectonic plates on this planet are not just unnatural but catastrophically and soul jarring when properly noted. Like something is trying to tell us something. The known volcanic, seismic, and meteorological parameters of behavior have not just been expanded into unknown zones but this activity is of such stark oddness that it has to be viewed as biblical.

We barely escaped the floods of north Louisiana a couple of months ago. Haven’t been that scared in years. We were the last couple to get out. Everyone else had to rescued.

07:30 before a warning was issued I had processed all of the available data and information and decided we needed to grab only priority stuff, the emergency survival bag and leave with both vehicles. 08:00 we are a half a mile out of the subdivision and the water is already water 8″ deep on the road and all phone services are jammed. No incoming or outgoing calls. I found some comfort in knowing that the jammed phone system was an indication that the problem was huge so someone had probably already ordered relief. The jammed phone system was maddening in self.

I’m in front, wife behind me in her vehicle. Raining with dark sky’s. We have 4.5 miles to go before we get to a higher road. We are going 4 miles per hour so it may be an hour before we get to higher ground. The double yellow lines under the water is the only way to know you are not just on the road but on the highest part of the road because of the parabolic curve of most roads. Keep it between the lines is just song.

2 miles down our journey the water has gotten so deep the yellow lines are barely visible. One of the details that helped save us was the fact that the road was curvey so the double yellow lines made with light reflecting glass beads were continuous otherwise the asphalt itself would be totally invisible under the now 14″ of water. My tail lights lit up my wife’s face through her windshield. A face of fear and tears as we putted forward 2 mph. 1 mile to higher ground we are now 2 vehicles in a vast sea of water and we could not see land in any direction. The only thing you can see are flooded houses, flooded cars and the tops of signs, utility poles of all kinds roughly outlining a right-of-way ahead. It was only the absence of stuff sticking out of the water that lead you to believe that there may be a road there. The curves in the road that provided the yellow lines is now working against because it is much easier staying on a straight right-of-way with only poles for guidance than curves.

Because I was exhausted, horrified and lost in a water world and the yellow lines had completely disappeared I decided to just stop and think about what I should do . I am totally briefed on the final days and did not know if I had been caught up in it or not. There was no fear of drowning because the water was not flowing. I could have saved both of us from drowning. The national guard was already on the way. I didn’t want to be caught up in any type of being ” rescued “. The reasons are many. So the concern for me was being inconvienced, my wife scared for her life.

We are now stopped in unison in the middle of an ocean of water and I don’t really know what I should do. I asked for guidance, prayed and knew for at least the next 48 hours the water would be rising so if I think to long I’m only making my situation worse. I looked up through the windshield, located and noted the signs, fence post and utility poles sticking out of the water and new I had to let my foot off of the break and go forward or we wouldn’t make it. Time was against us. The tops of vehicles were sticking above water on both sides of the road where others before us had not made it. The drivers and passengers appeared to have got out of there vehicles and were just standing in driveways in shallow water waiting to be rescued.

No yellow lines, just water and the tops of a world of pedestals of all kinds sticking out of the water. Here we go, one mile to go. Only the Angels for help. I am monitoring the dashboard for levelness and feeling my truck for the slightest lateral tilt indicating that I am drifting off of the center of the road to one side or the other so move your vehicle over back to center and try to keep going. My eyes are watering as I constantly stared through the windshield , through 18 ” deep water asking the Angels to please let me see a yellow line. Just darkness. 1000′ feet from hwy 71 a slight yellow tint showed up under water just in time to give us a reason to just keep going. The ordeal took about an hour and it seemed like a day.

As you approach the highway you can only see a railroad track because it is between you and the highway and is 4 feet above the ambient elevations. When we crossed over the railroad track there were national guard people showing up to start a rescue operation and had covered the Exxon station with vehicles. To my amazement the water level was only 8″ from coming over the main highway.

To exhausted and confused from nothing but stress we pulled over, held each other and tried to think if where we should go, how long we would have to
dislocated, how I would keep doing my job and many other questions.

The reason for this story is just to let my loved ones on this blog that this
chaotic in-the-field triage will eventually be global, encompass all of humanity and include every type of natural disaster known and unknown. The rainfall was biblical. The seismic, volcanic, climatological and social chaotic noding along with a completely disintegrated global banking system and war will bring all of humanity to stand still. That is by design.

Then there will be a new heaven and a new earth.


Wankan tanka


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