April 12, 2017

We’re Not In Kansas Anymore!

I have not had much to say lately, although there is a lot going on inside of me. With each passing day, I feel more and more removed from the world I knew and operated within. It is clear to me that we really DID enter a new creation on December 17, 2016. I may look similar to how I looked back then, but I am most definitely NOT the same person and I most definitely feel like my surroundings are more and more alien to me. Every day I feel I have penetrated more deeply into a different space than what is revealed by my physical senses. I can FEEL it, though, and it is where I most want to be.

Today is April 12, and I feel we have entered the transition period I wrote about in “Ramping Up,” around 5 weeks ago. I am working my way through what could very well be the last book in my freelance efforts. It should be done around the end of next week and in every way, I feel my old life is winding down and I find it is easier and easier to surrender to the flow. I have no sense of importance, identity, purpose or “mission.” It’s as if I am suspended in the air like a bit of fluff that is carried on the currents without effort, direction, or desire for a particular destination. There is an inner quiet that nourishes me deeply. I can FEEL that everything inside of me is “getting ready” for something that lies just ahead. I continue to shed old energies and memories, but there is also a gathering of forces taking place within me that is like a building wave.

I almost totally ignore the outer world these days, particularly with regard to “news” or data. It’s as if it has nothing to do with me and I am content to let it run its course without my participation.

While my physical surroundings may LOOK very much the same, they don’t FEEL the same at all.

I called this piece, “We’re Not in Kansas Anymore,” borrowing from that famous line in The Wizard of Oz, because while my physical surroundings may LOOK very much the same, they don’t FEEL the same at all. I am perceiving everything differently in a way that’s difficult to describe with words. I tend to see essences more than surface details, but even there, it’s as if the totality of the physical appearance communicates a STATE of being and consciousness that is far more than just how it looks.

For example, we took last week off from work and one afternoon, we went to a nearby recreation area we had not visited before. The energy of the place did not feel particularly good to us, but what really struck me was that we encountered 4 different people and they all felt like “pudding” to me — thick, opaque, heavy, and slow-witted. I was in an alien landscape and was glad to leave. Nothing about it called me or asked me to explore it more deeply.

I know that I am no longer who I was. I know that even though we occupy the same house, WE have changed and I also know that this is the “end of the road” for us in 3D. I don’t expect to move again except onto Midway. We just renewed our lease and I am comfortable waiting to see what shows up from now on.

I can’t bring myself to even talk about what’s going on “out there” because it all is just noise to me, even though it could very well have real consequences. None of it surprises me because it’s all just “more of the same.” Back in 1999, the Hosts referred to that outer world as “the world that is dying.” It certainly seems that way to me, and yet I know that it also contains all of the seeds for all of the different futures. Whether I am able to see them or not, they are there somewhere, perhaps on a different timeline, but the train has definitely left the station and I am glad to be just a passenger, looking out the windows at the scenery, but knowing that my journey is taking me somewhere else.

I am glad to be just a passenger, looking out the windows at the scenery, but knowing that my journey is taking me somewhere else.

Until the next time …

Love to all,

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3 Comments on “We’re Not In Kansas Anymore!

Daniel Novotny
April 13, 2017 at 12:06 AM

hello Oriole and all,

Thanks for your article. Now I am in some kind of “zen mode” focusing only on the present moment. There are also some clearings and untanglings taking place.



April 13, 2017 at 7:06 PM

What you write resonates with me,
“With each passing day, I feel more and more removed from the world I knew and operated within.” This is also true for me. Despite I am working in a job and are able to function somewhat “normally”, I just do not operate how I did operate. “My life” feels open end and when I see what assumptions people make ( and I still to some extent ) about the future it just feels like a hardened self-reinforcing structure (on a personal and collective level), which does not have any ultimate reality and is dysfunctional.

I would like to share my experience this morning: I had some kind of dream that was not a dream. I cannot describe it in detail but I think, enough to get an impression:

I was with a group of people with whom I felt familiar (but I don’t remember who it was). We were somewhere outside in the green there was freshness and an aliveness/exitement and the spirit of creation. We were communicating (not with words, it was a blend of perception and communication).

It is hard to put in words, there was a harmony between what we envisioned and what is possible. The creation of our own reality just seemed natural and in harmony with each other. Not comparable to the state of affairs in this world, where one has to “earn” a living. I felt calmly energized and totally present as my essence. I felt like I was the emanation of pure light (the word light is not accurate because it/I does not have color or attributes like brightness. In a way it is brighter than light, hotter than fire and more colorful than anything I experienced, while not having the attributes of temperature, contrast or color at all).

Interestingly having to recall it while writing about the experience brings me closer to how I was. It was not dreamlike, I remember it felt very real when I woke up, until what is left of the veil descended. I carried this experience with this me this day and still feel the energy of it.
I feel like the gap between inner and outer perception/experience is closing.

I am not able to just ignore outer news, I feel a bit worried about what is playing out.


Mary Estrem
April 13, 2017 at 9:23 PM

Hello everyone,

I am in total agreement with you, Traveler. Most things don’t matter much to me anymore. What happens in the 3D world is not my reality (at least it doesn’t seem to be). Each day feels lighter and happier than the last, although my body has been incredibly tired the past week. Yesterday I saw a sun halo. It lasted well over four hours. I’ve never experienced the sight and it was breathtaking. I had an elated, blissful feeling for the remainder of the day. I woke this morning feeling as if I ran a marathon overnight and remembered a dream. I was driving
home when the road suddenly became lost in a fog. I couldn’t see a thing. I let go of the steering wheel, curled up in the seat and said, “Jesus get me home safely”. There was complete silence and I felt a sense of peace, but at the same time I waited for something to “hit” me. I woke up to the sound of my radio alarm playing Fleetwood Mac’s Gypsy…well I have no fear, I have only love… Wherever my journey is taking me, I’m sooooo ready. It has become very enjoyable the more I let go and simply be. I dare say I’m rather enjoying this! :o) Have a great evening!

Love and light,


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