October 23, 2016

We’re On Our Way!

It’s been an interesting week for me, beginning with my decision to watch the final Presidential debate on Wednesday night. I watched the entire debate and came away with the feeling that I had seen all I needed to see and went to bed. The next morning, I woke up feeling that some kind of major completion had occurred and I was “done” with that part of 3D reality. I experienced something like I was turning to face in a different direction, similar to Stone’s report about feeling the timelines split. I felt I was turning my back on the past and turning my face forward, toward Midway and beyond.

Other shifts showed up, as well. I had seen my freelance work dwindling and had been actively seeking new contracts. In the course of two days, I had received 4 invitations to interview for a job and submitted 2 proposals for other jobs. I am selective about the jobs I work on because it’s important to me to care about what I am contributing my energy to. At the time these jobs surfaced, I did feel that I would enjoy working on them, and responded accordingly.

However, after that experience of turning to face in a new direction, I found that there was no energetic support for my taking on those jobs. In looking at them, it was just like looking at gibberish. They were just words on a page and held no significance or value for me. I secretly hoped that I would not be offered a contract on any of them, and that is exactly what happened. This is similar to what Rinda just reported as taking place in her life:

“I have felt since the first of the week quite silly trying to drum up more business for myself. It just feels off. Though I know it is important for me to keep busy. Hopefully something new will come along and that would be quite appreciated. Something more in line with the OP would be fantastic.”

When I did the research for the previous article and found Patrick Wood’s information about the Trilateral Commission, a completion of another kind took place. It had the feeling of putting the final piece of a jigsaw puzzle in place and then being able to step back and see the entire picture, complete. That also contributed to my sense of being complete with everything I need to gain from journeying through 3D.

Like so much else in this journey, pieces of the puzzle showed up at intervals, separated by periods of time that made it difficult to recognize the connections between them. They seemed to float independently in time and space. I could recognize that they carried some sort of significance at the time, but could not see how they were related to anything else.

For example, in 1998, when I heard that the IMF was pressuring the US to bail out Brazil, I “knew” that the US was going to be used as a cash cow and bled dry until there was no more that could be harvested from it and then the plug would be pulled altogether and a new arrangement would be put in place. I wasn’t actively following financial or geopolitical news of any kind at the time, but that bit of information popped up somehow and I recognized its significance even though I could not see how it fit with anything else.

Similarly, in 1975, when I was working in a job at Cornell University’s Graduate School of Business and Public Administration, Jimmy Carter made a speech there, just after he announced his candidacy for President of the United States. The timing was such that I was leaving the building on my lunch break just as he was standing outside the building where I was working and I passed within a few feet of him. In that moment, I “knew” that he was going to be the next President, even though he was a relative unknown at the time.

He had seemed to come from nowhere and I couldn’t understand his place in things until this past week, when I became aware of Patrick Wood’s material. I HAD previously noted that he was the one who had issued the first 20 Executive Orders that granted massive emergency powers to any sitting President to suspend the normal operation of government, but that seemed at odds with his humanitarian work after he concluded his time in office. However, now that I understand that the Trilateral Commission put him into office, everything else about his presidency falls into place and makes sense.

I first became aware of the elites when I was guided to go to a daylong seminar in the late ’80s. At the time, they were referred to as “the secret government.” When I was homeless in 1993, a friend and I made the trip to Santa Rosa, NM where I had received approval to apply for subsidized housing. As we passed the Santa Rita copper mine, I had an epiphany about how that copper was used everywhere and I “saw” the “tentacles of the beast” that made it nearly impossible for me to not contribute to supporting it unless I could live totally off the grid (either by becoming aboriginal or attaining mastery such that I could manifest anything I needed at any time). I declared my decision to seek mastery and willingness to do “whatever it takes.” It has certainly “taken” everything I had in me, but this week it all came to a head and I feel free to chart a different course — the one that leads to Midway and beyond.

Many pieces have surfaced in the years since then, but it was not until this week that the pieces all fell into place and I could see them clearly as they related to each other as the arms of an octopus are connected to the head and are all part of the one body, guided and governed by the head. And, in seeing them, I felt free to walk away entirely, and by Friday, I had the clear sense of actively being in motion toward Midway.

Last night, in speaking to my husband, I articulated something else — my experience of the reciprocity involved in how the universe works. It is talked about a little in the Message, “A Guided Tour of Terra”:

“… everything on the surface of the planet — its trees, animals, birds, fish in the oceans, but also the trees and flowers, even the air itself — is radiant with beauty, peace, and harmony. It is the crowning of Earth’s own exploration of her theme of “seeking harmony in diversity.” Every atom of this reality is in full consciousness, is fully aware of every other atom in that reality and consciously cooperating with the whole. It is like many voices merged into one glorious song.

To grasp an inkling of how pervasive this level of cooperation is, suppose that at some future moment, you would experience the desire for a piece of fruit from some particular tree that you will pass. That tree would put forth a blossom and form that fruit in such a way that it will be at its moment of perfect ripeness just as you pass by and put up your hand for it. Actually, a measure of the same thing happens to you now, but there is so much “static” on the line, so to speak, that you are not aware of it. Everything always is and has been coordinated perfectly… .”

Last night, as I was talking about this kind of reciprocity, I was able to “see” (using subtle vision) an area around my heart chakra where I saw the light fibers spoken about in the Message, “On Becoming a ‘True Human’”:

“If one could see the light bodies of animate forms, one would also see a web of infinitely delicate light fibers interconnecting all things, all the way back to the Source.”

I recognized that I am becoming directly aware of my connectedness to everything that exists and its interconnectedness with me. I simultaneously realized that my ability to see these light fibers indicated that I was very close to being in full connection again, where I would experience this interconnectedness as my permanent and natural condition.

Back in September 1997, I was told, “It isn’t until you have let go of everything you have taken your identify from that you can receive what is coming next.” These days, I don’t even know which name to use when I sign anything. I don’t identify with any of the names and feel more in touch with a much vaster self that is beyond all names.

Putting all of this together with everything that I can observe going on in the outer world, I have concluded that we are now finally “on our way” to Midway. I feel I have finished up with the “finishing up” part of “finishing school,” and feel that most of my energy is now becoming focused on preparing myself to fully receive and accept what is coming next. I am less called to be busy with “doing,” and more called to be listening within at all times. Much of my energy is being used to process information and integrate the shift that kicked in this past week. Maintenance tasks still need to be done, but I can do those almost automatically and mindlessly, with no sense of effort involved in dong them.

In closing, it appears that things are coming to a head elsewhere, too. I no longer feel a need to engage with any of it, although I do observe it for the theater it is. When I began to think about writing this article, the most obvious place to begin was with an analysis of all of the drama playing out on the world stage, but then I revisited the moment back on June 28, 1999 when the Hosts had said, “We suggest that, instead of focusing on the world that is dying, you offer a vision of hope that people can carry with them to sustain them in the days ahead.” (page 54, The Collected Works)

I realized that, by focusing on the ongoing developments in the outer world, I would be focusing on that world that is dying, and once again, I chose to focus on what is going on within me, which tells me more about where I am in the journey to Terra than anything in the outer world could. This seems to be a much more positive use of my time and energy, so that’s where it went. I DO feel that we are “on our way” to Midway and beyond, and while all of this theater in the outer world is interesting to observe, the real “show” is our journey and where it is leading us.

Love to all,

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4 Comments on “We’re On Our Way!

John V milewski
October 23, 2016 at 3:05 PM

Taveler we all love you and hope to see you soon at the midway station
John and the rest of us travelers

October 23, 2016 at 6:36 PM

Thank you for this confirmation. Love & Blessings upon you and all on our travels.

October 23, 2016 at 11:22 PM

lots of concurring points:

October 24, 2016 at 5:48 AM


Thank for sharing this, I do so hope it is now really coming to pass as you perceive,

Love, Peace, and Blessings,



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